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PBS-No Respect for the 1st Amendment's Establishment Clause- NOVA's teacher's guilde (salon) Well, I quit, for the most part watching PBS anyway when I saw it was being politicized by the Bush administration. Maybe this kind of crap is purposely intended to make people quit contributing to pu.....- 11/18/2007 4:14:25 PM
Nuclear Plants Corporate Welfare-14 Energy Companies to get Loan Guarantees Spend 48 MILLION on Lobbying (salon) Co-op America Urges Citizens To Oppose Waste Of Taxpayer Dollars OnNuke Reactor Loan Guarantees to Companies with $34 billion in Profits    WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Data released.....- 11/18/2007 3:52:35 PM
UNTIL Government Solves Nuclear Waste Problem, Irresponsible to Construct New Nuclear Power Plants (salon) RED WING, Minn., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A small Indiancommunity located near a nuclear waste site in Minnesota responded withfrustration today to Democratic presidential candidates who sta.....- 11/18/2007 3:30:14 PM
Texas Company INDICTED for injecting hazardous waste into an oil/gas injection well (salon) They LIED and falsified documents, according to the allegation.Two individuals including a company executive have been indicted for their roles in a conspiracy to illegally transport and dispose of ha.....- 11/18/2007 3:24:52 PM
Why did NY Taxpayers Pick up the Tab for Rudy Guiliani's Mistress-Now-Wife? (salon) I take Vanity Fair and really enjoyed the article about the woman Rudy was screwing behind his second wife's back. I also noticed this letter to the editor about the article, which shows again, the la.....- 11/18/2007 2:40:17 PM
Invading Our Privacy is Unacceptable in a Free Society (salon) from the Daily TexanSince frontier times, Texans have cherished and insisted on their privacy and their anonymity. For Texans, not only was this part of rugged individualism and innate distrust of gov.....- 11/18/2007 2:25:30 PM
My granduncle in Virginia Says He's Teaching His Descendants the ABCs (salon) Anybody but Clinton. He votes Republican, and I told him that I vote Democrat but also am not going to vote for Clinton and hope she doesn't win. What was interesting to me was that when I told him on.....- 11/18/2007 2:21:44 PM
IAEA- Iran has NOT diverted nuclear material for weapons purposes (salon) - 11/18/2007 2:14:08 PM
What If, At Christmas, WE All Decided Not to Buy and Give Gifts Coming from China? (salon) - 11/18/2007 2:09:58 PM
Rick Perry is a long-time thorn in the side of Texas Taxpayers! (pstern)  Gov. Perry: Once a liar, always a liar  Yes, I'm talking about Gov. Rick "39-percent" Perry!Several years ago Texas Gov. Rick "Special Interests" Perry put on his ten-gallon Stets.....- 11/18/2007 2:06:03 PM
Abstinence Only Program *Aim for Success* To be Presented Monday in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) at the high school auditorium at 6:00 pm-this one's for parents, the kids get it the next day. Texas Law requires that sex ed programs be abstinence-only. And the textbooks don't teach safe sex. Wonde.....- 11/18/2007 1:55:58 PM
Jon McConal has a book out that looks pretty interesting (salon) I used to read his column when he wrote for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but didn't know at the time, because I lived in Denton County, that he was a native of Glen Rose. Anyway, I like historical st.....- 11/18/2007 1:25:58 PM
Few Notes from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper from Week of November 15, 2007 (salon) Because I like to read the local paper. Article about the explosion that happened last week in Joshua. I didn't realize some of the people who were injured in the propane blast have a kin connection t.....- 11/18/2007 1:21:35 PM
Glen Rose School Board (TX) To Approve Math Textbooks at Meeting-THESE MATH TEXTBOOKS? (salon) I noticed that the Glen Rose School board is going to be meeting on Monday, November 19 at 6:00 in the Junior High School Auditorium and then go the board room at the admin building after that. One of.....- 11/18/2007 1:08:18 PM
The Senate's Surveillance Bill is STILL Unconstitutional- Warrantless Surveillance (salon) Sometimes I get a little sick of reading, once again, that Congress as a whole is so unprotective of the constitution our country is based on. Then, I dream of having responsible, tough congresspeople.....- 11/18/2007 12:57:36 PM
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