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Nuclear News O Day (salon) When a nuclear reactor shut down in Canada, it caused thousands of patients to not be able to take some crucial medical tests. Why? Shortage of technitium-99. My question is this, was this the ON.....- 12/9/2007 2:12:42 PM
AUDIO of Oprah and Obama from the other day in Iowa (salon) From SloggerOprah ObamaI'm not a big Oprah fan, I think she's a gasbag. I think I have watched her show one time in the last 10 years and that was the Katrina show where she went down to New Orleans. .....- 12/9/2007 1:48:15 PM
The List of Women Political Bloggers is Now over 300! (salon) - 12/9/2007 1:09:14 PM
Perry Lied About School Tax Relief -*Wish I Had a String on My Vote and Could Pull It Back* (salon) No idea what the tax relief is for Somervell County, but here's a couple of articles from Houston and San Antonio showing that the relief is FAR FAR BELOW what Governor Perry said when Mr. 39 percent .....- 12/9/2007 12:53:46 PM
Remember how TXU Manipulated the Energy Market-And was Supposed to be FINED????????? (salon) Background - Seems that even though TXU was CAUGHT breaking the law, and even though a hearing with Administrative Law Judges was supposed to be occurring, TXU has come up with so many filings tr.....- 12/9/2007 12:42:36 PM
Religious Tolerance-As Long as You Agree With Me-One Last on Mitt The Mormon's Speech (salon) One thing that has always puzzled me is why some who believe strongly in a particular faith think that others are trying to stop them from belief simply because others would like to have religious exe.....- 12/9/2007 12:36:20 PM
HUGE Laugh O Day from Tom Tomorrow: CEOS Form Street Gang (salon) - 12/9/2007 10:32:28 AM
On Separation of Church and State.. and Mitt Romney The Mormon's Speech From the Other Day (salon) I wrote a few minutes ago about Romney's US Against Them speech, from the standpoint of watering down judeo-christian beliefs for the sake of uniting against secularism.Now I want to talk about the ve.....- 12/9/2007 12:09:30 PM
On Watering Down Theological Differences ....And Mitt Romney (the Mormon's) Speech The Other Day (salon) Mitt Romney's speech the other day attempted to overcome a reluctance (some might say an aversion) by some to vote for him, not because of his positions on issues, but because his faith of choice is M.....- 12/9/2007 9:26:14 AM
Quick Blog Note (2007) (salon) I updated the version of the blog software the other day-the programmer had changed the new version a bit, including the comments section, and, whenever a comment was posted, something was stripping o.....- 12/9/2007 2:17:01 AM
Final- Celina 70-Glen Rose 21 (salon) Celina running back Charley Waldrep scored six TDs, including five rushing and one receiving, to lead the Bobcats to a big victory over Glen Rose, 70-21, on Saturday in the Class 3A Division II, Regio.....- 12/9/2007 1:49:24 AM
Mike *Pardons for Rapists* Huckabee has opened a double digit lead in Iowa (salon) I totally borrowed that phrase from Slogger. Because it's so true!  Slogger quotes from Newsweek that despite Romney's *You And Me With Our Watered Down Religion Practicing Intolerance Towards th.....- 12/8/2007 12:33:38 PM
FINALLY Saw the Movie *Sicko* Last night and am disturbed (salon) We in this household are ones that wait for movies to come out on PPV. The last time I went to a movie theatre the film was grainy, had to notify the person running the screen (well, sort of, the pers.....- 12/8/2007 8:11:13 AM
Wise County (Texas) Residents Win Round Against the RRC and Gas Industry Re: Injection Well (salon) There's a link to the appeal decision doc in the story. Pic of Jim Popp at left.A group of Wise County residents has won a round against the natural gas industry and the Texas Railroad Commission.....- 12/7/2007 2:43:50 PM
Juan Cole:* Can a secular person even win the Republican nomination any more? * (salon) Extremely interesting article about Romney's speech the other day, entitled "Some Beliefs are more Equal Than Others*The unsavory aspects of this entire discourse are apparent in the op-ed of Nao.....- 12/7/2007 2:34:59 PM
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