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The Guidance Counselor and Ogletree's Dress- Some Trial Testimony Bits from Joelle Ogletree's Criminal Case of August, 2004 (salon) Anyone who is a regular reader knows that when I first posted some snips from the A-AS article some months ago, I did it merely because it was Glen Rose related news. Didn't know Ogletree, wasn't fami.....- 12/15/2007 9:29:52 AM
Not enough tax dollars? Exactly why not? (pstern) Not enough tax dollars? Exactly why not? So, "Is there is, or is there ain't" enough tax dollars?Texas taxpayers are told the same old, same old story by the governor, legislators and variou.....- 12/14/2007 3:33:31 PM
So... All Criminals Had to Tell Huckabee Is that They Had been *Saved*? (salon) Warning. This description following is pretty harrowing. It's one of the many that Huckabee freed... NOT because the man expressed remorse for what he did, but because one of Huckabee's minister pals .....- 12/14/2007 1:23:08 PM
Um. Taser Home Parties? Sold Like Tupperware? (salon) via SloggerShe has had parties in Phoenix and Scottsdale by invitation. Guests have the opportunity to shoot the Taser for the first time at a cardboard cutout during the parties. For safety reasons, .....- 12/14/2007 12:50:22 PM
Contracts in Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) District in 2006 (salon) Thought I'd look up how the money was spent in our district on the new government transparency website.Fiscal Year: 2006Total dollars: $48,417,125This Congressional District is ranked 328 among distri.....- 12/14/2007 12:46:05 PM
How's Congress Spending Your Money? New Government Website Lets You see (salon) USASpending.govHave you ever wanted to find more information on government spending? Have you ever wondered where federal contracting dollars and grant awards go? Or perhaps you would just like to kno.....- 12/14/2007 12:40:17 PM
Cursing at Your Toilet is Protected First Amendment Speech (salon) - 12/14/2007 12:32:29 PM
E Tu Brute? Rick *39 Percent* Perry Disses George Bush (salon) I'm reminded that the Republican *debate* from the other night had the candidates mention George Bush... exactly... ZERO... times. What is he, like the PLAGUE? Rick Perry jumps on the Let's Trash Bush.....- 12/14/2007 12:19:42 PM
Oh, NO! They're ENRICHING URANIUM in NEW MEXICO! (salon) Remember this when you see hysterics talking about countries such as Iran seeking to enrich uranium. Why? Because if you want nuclear power, you have to ENRICH URANIUM. The question ALWAYS has to be, .....- 12/14/2007 11:54:49 AM
On Bernie Kerik (Guiliani's Pal) and his attorney-Should Attorney be Bounced for Conflict of Interest? (salon) More on scumball Guiliani's pal that he pushed forward to be Homeland Security boss.Federal prosecutors and Bernard Kerik's defense team traded barbs in court filings leading up to a possible showdown.....- 12/14/2007 11:51:39 AM
FCC Chairman Martin Says Screw You! I'm Having the Vote on Media Ownership, NYAH! (salon) I don't know why we even are ARGUING this anymore. The majority of people in this country have spoken loudly and vigorously against media consolidation-that is, do you want the same people that own yo.....- 12/14/2007 11:47:32 AM
Short Cuts Dec 14, 2007 of Court News (salon) Galveston newspaper wins case to open court proceedings against Landry's restaurant. (Judge, who had also been accused of sexual misconduct, had sealed the records.)Government's absestos case against .....- 12/14/2007 11:39:55 AM
A Few Notes from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper Week of December 13, 2007 (salon) Have to say, I'm really looking forward to next week, which is my favorite Glen Rose Reporter issue of the year-where the kids write in to Santa. Anyway, great picture of the courthouse all lit up on .....- 12/14/2007 11:13:36 AM
For Your Amusement- Scared of Santa! (salon) - 12/14/2007 12:54:52 AM
TxDOT Making Advisory Committees for the Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Part of buying off the public with PR-it's not like anyone gets to say WHETHER they want TxDOT to friggin take their land, but the extra special advisory committee people will be shmoozed and get some.....- 12/13/2007 4:29:11 PM
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