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What? Rick Perry's Got NOTHING TO DO in the State of Texas? Like, um, GOVERN? (salon) He's off to South Carolina. Why do we even vote in people that are supposed to be working for US when instead people like Perry are off stumping for scumball Guiliani?And lest you think I'm picking on.....- 12/17/2007 4:38:01 PM
Bush's Abramoff Connection May Become Public Soon- Federal Judge Supports Release of WH Logs (salon) also, heh, Cheney's logs. You may remember that Bush has been trying to keep people from knowing about Abramoff's visits to the White House and Cheney's house. Judge says... Cough it up!Today, the cou.....- 12/17/2007 4:19:46 PM
John Cornyn Needs to be SMACKED for what he said on the floor about Warrantless Surveillance (salon) I'll update this after awhile with a clip of his remarks. I've had the teevee on most of the day listening to the arguments pro and con about the warrantless surveillance bill that is being debates. M.....- 12/17/2007 4:11:46 PM
Scrubya Dope on a Rope- IF ONLY IT WAS THIS EASY TO CLEAN UP! (salon) - 12/17/2007 2:46:31 PM
If the GOV steps in for the telecoms in the lawsuits, wouldn't this put TAXPAYERS on the hook? (salon) I've been listening this morning to the FISA debate (on C-span2) and at least 2 senators have said that they want the government to step in, in place of the telecom companies in the lawsuits pending a.....- 12/17/2007 12:58:30 PM
Matt B's Testimony in Joelle Ogletree's Criminal Trial in 2004-Part 2 (Day 2) (salon) Here's the PDF of Day 2, scanned-best if you right click the link and save (save target as) to your own hard drive, especially if you have a slow link, as this has about 30-odd pages in it.Here are so.....- 12/17/2007 11:38:45 AM
Are there REALLY people for whom Lieberman's endorsement of McCain will MATTER??????? (salon) Sheesh. Lieberman is scum. I've thought so ever since he was such a whiny baby, publicly attacking Al Gore after his run for the presidency. He probably saw being VP as his ticket to the Big Cheese sp.....- 12/17/2007 11:05:46 AM
Rural Midlothian (Texas) Landowners Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into City Annexation (salon) I've been wondering about the letters the City of Glen Rose plans to send out re: quasi-annexation. I understand, correct me if I'm wrong, that in Somervell County no one can be annexed to the city wi.....- 12/17/2007 9:03:12 AM
*Trees Have No Value To Us*- Gas Company in Alvarado (Johnson Co), Texas (salon) In February, our family discovered that our lease on a particular property had been traded to another energy company without our knowledge. We had a lease expiring on March 15 and assumed that we woul.....- 12/17/2007 8:48:37 AM
Robert Gates Redefines the Role of the Military as Nation Builders (salon) “Army soldiers can expect to be tasked with reviving public services, rebuilding infrastructure and promoting good governance. All these so-called nontraditional capabilities have move into the .....- 12/17/2007 5:40:01 AM
More Resistance to NAIS - Plus an important point about tracking animals (salon) In December of 2003, the first case of BSE was discovered in the United States. A cow in Washington State was found to be infected. The animal was traced to a herd imported from Canada, but not before.....- 12/17/2007 12:17:16 AM
Matt B's Testimony in Joelle Ogletree's Criminal Trial in 2004-Part 1 (salon) As mentioned, I have scanned parts of the criminal trial that was interrupted by the DA calling a mistrial; later the charges againt Ogletree were dropped. Only two witnesses testified before the mist.....- 12/17/2007 12:07:03 AM
The 'Haters for Hillary' are out in full force this weekend (joe) I received an email telling me to support Hillary and in the same 10 minute timeframe I get an email from the same person telling me that Obama is some other religion and I should fear (I think o.....- 12/16/2007 6:02:55 PM
Huckabee's Kid Hung a Dog at Boy Scout Camp-Did Huck Cover It Up? (salon) (David Huckabee's mug shot from when he was arrested for carrying a gun in the airport)The Animal Legal Defense Fund got an anonymous fax that summer alleging that David Huckabee and another youth had.....- 12/16/2007 4:28:23 PM
Electric Deregulation has raised prices for you and me-but Wilder? Fattened his wallet (salon) John Wilder insists electricity deregulation is working for Texans. And it has been — for Wilder and his company.Wilder was chairman and CEO of TXU, Texas’ largest electric utility, until .....- 12/16/2007 3:27:56 PM
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