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Relief! Clinton Projected in 3rd (Losing) Place in the Iowa Caucus (salon) Yes, I've got MSNBC running in the other room. Obama, with over 70 some odd percent of the precincts in, is projected to be the winner of the Iowa caucus, with Edwards in second place. And Clinton in .....- 1/3/2008 8:41:45 PM
*God Told Me Who'll Be President... But I'm Not Telling YOU! *-Pat Robertson (salon) Let's see. Don't I remember seeing a news clip of Pat Robertson hugging up to philandering slimebag Rudy Guiliani? Did God tell Robertson that adultery is now a-ok?  Or did God change his mind an.....- 1/3/2008 6:05:05 PM
When a GPS RULES YOUR LIFE!!!!!!-heh (salon) A computer consultant apparently put too much faith in the GPS technology in his rental car: It didn't tell him to look both ways before driving onto tracks as a train barreled toward him. The dr.....- 1/3/2008 5:32:09 PM
On the CIA Destruction of Torture Tapes-A Few Updates (salon) New AG Michael Muckasey has started a criminal investigation into the tapes destruction. Sound like the Bush administration, typically, wants to control the investigation by circumscribing what actual.....- 1/3/2008 5:47:32 PM
Great Meteor Shower TONIGHT after midnight! The Quadrantid (salon) Peak about 12:40 am CST.  I don't know how many we will see here, but I'm going out to look.According to the International Meteor Organization, maximum activity this year is expected on Friday 1:.....- 1/3/2008 4:29:30 PM
NJ Republican Says Slave's Descendants Should Get On Their Knees and Thank God (salon) Michael Patrick CarrollUgh."But, on a current note, if slavery was the price that a modern American's ancestors had to pay in order to make one an American, one should get down on one's knees eve.....- 1/3/2008 3:52:58 PM
New FOIA Law does NOT *Restore Presumption of Openness* (salon) Yes. I read a few of the accounts congratulating Bush on signing the "Open Government Act of 2007", which supposedly restored the parts of the FOIA act that John Ashcroft trashed. I suspecte.....- 1/3/2008 3:06:13 PM
Cloned Food Identification- Another NAIS purpose Sneaking In Under the Radar? (salon) I was looking at the NoNAIS site this morning and saw an article in which the writer indicates that the big AG producers are pushing NAIS (National Animal Identification System) in order to get approv.....- 1/3/2008 1:43:52 PM
NAIS Video- Meeting in Missouri Against the National Animal ID System (salon) I notice that one of the commenters on this Youtube video saysI was at a anti-nais meeting in Paris TX Sept 07 where Mark Homer, elected Texas representative told a group of nearly 80 people that the .....- 1/3/2008 1:30:54 PM
Two Democratic Challengers Against Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) (salon) Ernie Casbeer of Oglesby, Texas is running for the second time. And James N Vickery of Hico, Texas is running. From the TxDemocrats website. I know Casbeer, he's a teacher but there's little to know, .....- 1/3/2008 12:42:27 PM
Bwahahah- Top Ten Texas State Stories from the Austin Chronicle (salon) Here's a taste#6 TXU Sells Out After beginning the year with 11 dirty coal plants in the queue, the wholly unpopular TXU Corp. sold itself, took on a new name (Energy Future Holdings/Luminant), a.....- 1/3/2008 11:01:12 AM
Application for 2 New Reactors at Comanche Peak to Come This Year from Energy Future Holdings Corp (salon) formerly known as TXU. The company wants to use Mitsubishi's APWR technology.Energy Future Holdings Corp., formerly TXU Corp., agreed to use the APWR technology for new reactors it builds in Texas, in.....- 1/3/2008 10:58:22 AM
Heh! On that 8 year old Kid Being Sued by Adult Skier He Knocked Over (salon) - 1/3/2008 10:47:59 AM
Mike Huckabee the SCAB- Crossed picket lines so he could go Hollywood with Jay Leno (salon) So, Huckabee says, first, that he completely supports the writer's strike. Yeah, that's why he crossed the picket line and ignored the Writer's Guild asking him not to appear.But, the union noted, Huc.....- 1/3/2008 10:30:32 AM
The REAL Reason Bush and Cheney Will Not Be Impeached (pstern) Stop scratching your heads, folks.  Here's the real reason legislators don't want to pursue impeachment:Apparently, it's more than the GOP who do not what their administration impeached. It's als.....- 1/3/2008 10:22:36 AM
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