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John Edwards Video (salon) - 1/25/2008 5:39:02 PM
Bwahahahahah- Bush Trying to Equate Himself with Lincoln -For his Legacy (salon) More like Hoover, bub!What's kind of hilarious is that Bush thinks Lincoln was hated after he left office. I guess people hated Lincolns's GRAVE, eh, because Lincoln was assassinated right after he go.....- 1/25/2008 5:26:25 PM
More Tax Breaks, More Spending? (pstern) "The more things change, the more they stay the same."As a life-long Republican I find it extremely interesting that many GOP candidates, e.g., Romney, still are locked into providing tax br.....- 1/25/2008 5:17:08 PM
Would Nuclear Power be a good idea if Drought Conditions Caused by Climate Change Dry up the Water? (salon) via Slogdrought conditions produced by climate change could force nuclear power plants to scale back or shut down later this year, "because drought is drying up the rivers and lakes that supply p.....- 1/25/2008 2:48:00 PM
Can your wife step in and do your job? Hillary Clinton claims she can (joe) I mean really...there might be certain positions where that this is possible in but the President of the United States of America is NOT one of them! Could your wife claim to have knowledge enough to .....- 1/25/2008 12:24:17 PM
Federal Judge Smacks Back Bush on the Destruction of the CIA Torture Tapes (salon) Tells the Bush administration they have 3 weeks to explain (in a written reply) why they were destroyed in 2005 and whether they also destroyed other evidence.Yeah. SOMEBODY is trying to hold the Lawl.....- 1/25/2008 11:23:58 AM
Democrats will NOT unite behind Hillary Clinton (joe) As a Democrat, I will get behind any candidate we nominate...EXCEPT for Hillary Clinton. All this chat about if people will get behind Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination, the answer is a resou.....- 1/25/2008 11:28:34 AM
TxDOT Admits To Breaking the Law by Hiring Lobbyists for Trans Texas Corridor (Hempstead, Texas) (salon) from TURFMore than 800 people packed a TxDOT Town Hall meeting in Hempstead January 22. Transportation Commissioner Ted Houghton admits TxDOT hired lobbyists and said he also personally met with every.....- 1/25/2008 11:19:21 AM
Unbelievable- Rick Perry's Pollster Asks, in TTC Poll, About Political Party Affiliation (salon) As TURF says, what the heck does what party someone votes for have anything to do with the Trans Texas Corridor (and why are WE paying for this poll to take place?) The survey on transporta.....- 1/25/2008 11:17:12 AM
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell should be pulled from the air for her obvious Clinton bias' (joe) I don't think MSNBC has a more obviously biased person speaking on TV. She is for Hillary Clinton and everything she says (including her rhetoric in discussions or debate with someone on the show) pro.....- 1/25/2008 11:17:37 AM
Senator Larry *Toe-Tappin'* Craig Fodder for Drama Television (salon) - 1/25/2008 10:57:52 AM
North Central Texas Council of Governments Wants to Include ALL of Parker County in its boundaries (salon) - 1/25/2008 10:53:52 AM
Heh. Military Can't Say What the Jets Were Doing Over Selden (Erath County) Texas (salon) I read in the last couple of days that the military, after the MUFON group did an open records request, changed their story and said there WERE military jets in the area where people thought they saw .....- 1/25/2008 9:50:58 AM
New TV Show-Fox's *Moment of Truth*-Where you get strapped to a polygraph (salon) - 1/25/2008 9:12:41 AM
Clinton Sure is NOT A Feminist-And She is NOT Running on the *Future* (salon) Bah.  As I mentioned yesterday when I said I thought Hillary Clinton ought to run on her OWN merits and quit calling in her husband to stump for her, this radio ad by Bill Clinton leaves NO DOUBT.....- 1/25/2008 8:57:28 AM
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