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Ron Paul Filed a Bill to Prevent Federal Funds for the Trans Texas Corridor (salon) Ron Paul, Republican congressman from Lake Jackson who is running a longshot bid for president, has filed a bill in the House of Representatives to prevent the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor from recei.....- 2/1/2008 11:20:33 AM
Few Bits from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper Week of January 31, 2008 (salon) because I like to read it!Voting equipment costs $300 day to lease (county). City leases $150 per day.Pipeline testing of the pipe that fills the Wheeler Branch Reservoir. Nice photo of Kein Taylor on.....- 2/1/2008 10:52:54 AM
The Stephenville HS UFO T-shirts are in! (salon) - 2/1/2008 10:32:56 AM
More jobs cut, payrolls drop for first time since 2003 (salon) - 2/1/2008 10:19:11 AM
Exxon Mobil Posts OBSCENE PROFITS- $40.6 BILLION Dollars (salon) Oh, boo, hoo. You know that we've all had to pay higher gas prices... SO THAT EXXON MOBIL CAN MAKE A PROFIT FOR THEIR SHAREHOLDERS. Just think, Van "Trust Fund Baby" Taylor has some more mon.....- 2/1/2008 10:16:50 AM
Gov. Rick *39-percent* Perry Supports Sen. John McCain? (pstern) So who cares?Leave it to "39-percent" Perry to choose another loser!Actually, you have to wonder who really gives a damn which candidate Perry supports?And why would ANY presidential candida.....- 1/31/2008 9:00:18 PM
Chet Edwards for Vets- Mileage Reiumbursement Rate Increased (salon) Mileage reimbursement rates for veterans visiting Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics will jump tomorrow to 28.5 cents per mile from 11 cents per mile — the first increase in 30.....- 1/31/2008 7:07:12 PM
Perry Doubles Down, After Failed Endorsement of Guiliani, Tries Out McCain (salon) Texas Gov. Rick Perry's national political posture was bruised Wednesday as the presidential horse he was riding in the Republican nominating process dropped out to endorse U.S. Sen. John McCain of Ar.....- 1/31/2008 6:15:30 PM
Went to HEB in Stephenville, all the checkers were wearing UFO t-shirts! (salon) - 1/31/2008 5:39:02 PM
Bwahahahah-Tracy Flick and Hillary Clinton-Separated at Birth (salon) - 1/31/2008 2:05:11 PM
Slate on the Stephenville (Texas) UFOs (salon) - 1/31/2008 2:01:05 PM
Um. Why is that Green Egg Story So *AMAZING*??? Nobody heard of Americaunas? (salon) I've been raising Americaunas, also known as Aracaunas, for the last 4 years and they LAY GREEN, BLUE AND PINK EGGS. Actually, because I don't have any white egg layers, but all various shades of brow.....- 1/31/2008 1:37:41 PM
Bill Clinton Denies Meeting With Kazakh Officials-Until He's Shown the Proof (salon) There are a couple of very troubling things about these 2 articles concerning Bill Clinton's involvement with Kazakhstan financier. One appears to be a quid pro quo after he was involved in a mining d.....- 1/31/2008 1:25:13 PM
Anti-Union Clinton-No WONDER Walmart isn't listed on her website resume (salon) (I had forgotten how there were weekly furors all the time over Clinton's hair. Now I remember why).I don't get it. WHY does Clinton have endorsements from some unions? When she worked for Walmart, wh.....- 1/31/2008 1:08:05 PM
Video from 2006- Trans Texas Corridor- Waco (McLennan Co) Tex-Lester Gibson (salon) - 1/31/2008 12:47:02 PM
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