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George P Bush has Overreached in Role as Land Commissioner- Bosque River Chapter of DRT Expresses Disappointment (salon) via Bosque River Chapter of Daughters of the Republic of Texas. The following release is regarding custodianship of the Alamo. Wrote about this before in August of 2015, of George P Bush attempting to.....- 11/15/2015 9:32:53 AM
Paris Attacks- Still Processing but my heart hurts for the terrorism that killed so many (salon) President Hollande, on the attacks and who did them. “It is an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, Daesh, against France,” Mr. Hollande told the nation.....- 11/14/2015 10:32:47 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 10/12/2015 (salon) Cold weather coming in, was so hot yesterday. Ah, Texas! Dan Patrick doesn't like Dallas anti-gay discrimination ordinance. Of course.  Esquire on the Dem forum  - Bernie Sand.....- 11/12/2015 10:34:18 AM
Hey, Somervell County- Reminder that the Hospital District spending YOUR tax money in Hood County (salon) for the benefit of the Pecan Plantation people who live in a private gated community.  From the agenda for a meeting that took place yesterday Based on the actions previously of Somerve.....- 11/11/2015 11:00:45 PM
GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation (salon) Received my open records request for Liz Morgan's police record. LINK TO POLICE REPORT  This is with regard to current Glen Rose Medical Center employee Liz Morgan, whose title is Direct.....- 11/11/2015 9:15:16 AM
Recipe Collection and how it has changed for me over years (salon) I'm in the middle of scanning books and also clearing out stuff that I no longer need to have. That includes some small index card boxes with recipes. Although I"m going to look through to ma.....- 11/12/2015 8:05:18 AM
Fight for 15 - Waffling *Evolving* Hillary Clinton- What do the Polls Say? Bernie? she'll be Following (salon) In Mid October, Hillary Clinton did not specify a number for minimum wage. Both Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley did- $15 per hour. Sanders and O'Malley have thrown their support behind.....- 11/10/2015 9:21:58 AM
More on Hillary Clinton and her ridiculous dog whistle to women based on baloney (salon) Have said before that as a woman, I find Clinton's comments intending to imply that Bernie Sanders was being sexist is insulting to women who are smart.  Clinton has “mischaracteri.....- 11/9/2015 8:26:10 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 11/9/2015 (salon) I almost cannot believe it's already November. This year has passed so quickly and soon it will be time to make some new year's resolutions for 2016. One of those resolutions no doubt will inv.....- 11/9/2015 8:45:35 PM
One of the most loathsome things about some Republicans is their use of sexism and racism (salon) - 11/9/2015 12:06:40 PM
Scanning Books- My Next Obsession for the next year or two (salon) I'm pretty excited. I got my grand uncles extensive collection of history books a few years ago, sorted through them 2 years ago, and decided last week to get a book scanner. The problem with havi.....- 11/8/2015 10:39:47 AM
Couple of Videos about the Democratic Debate on MSNBC 11/6/2015 (salon) I love Bernie Sanders Young Turks are for Bernie Sanders, here's their opinion. PoliticsUSA Sanders was asked how he would sell himself in the South, and he answered that the .....- 11/7/2015 9:15:49 AM
Video-Hillary Clinton's Flip Flops (salon) - 11/6/2015 10:26:16 PM
Hillary Clinton's Utter Hypocrisy about Guns and Smear Attempts on Bernie Sanders (salon) Not only is she the biggest hypocrite in the world, sounds like she's trying to smear Bernie as a racist by conflating the word "urban" with "black". Shame on her.  .....- 11/6/2015 9:43:31 PM
Netflix and FIVE MORE MINUTES!!!! haha (salon) - 11/6/2015 1:37:21 PM
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