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Clinton- Problem with NBC When it SUITS her campaign? (salon) - 2/13/2008 9:54:03 AM
Hays County Residents Will Be Taxed Against Their Will (pstern) Why Have County Elections If Commissioners Will Do Whatever They Want Anyway? 4 of 5 Hays County Commissioners Ram Through Road Bond Package  Road Bond Package a Sham and Disgrace! Hays County taxpaye.....- 2/13/2008 9:50:39 AM
One More on Clinton's Reaction to Shusters *Pimp* Comment Compared with Karl Rove (salon) I was thinking again last night about Clinton\'s reaction to David Shuster\'s ill thought out comment about the campaign pimping out Chelsea Clinton. I don\'t think it was great but I\'.....- 2/13/2008 5:40:38 AM
Chet Edwards (Us House Dist 17) Comments on Hillary Clinton (salon) Among some conservative Democratic politicians last night, there was an almost palpable sense of relief that Obama showed he could win over their constituents -- the blue-collar, rural whites who, the.....- 2/13/2008 5:16:40 AM
Um. Some Latino Lawmakers Annoyed by Clinton's Replacement of Hispanic Patti Solis Doyle (salon) I've been reading about shakeups in Clinton's campaign (because she's.... LOSING!) , but it hadn't occurred to me until I read this that, because the campaign manager Clinton replaced is hispanic, tha.....- 2/13/2008 5:12:08 AM
City of Glen Rose (Texas) Council Meeting for February 2008 (salon) Lots of agenda items that night, so it looked to be (and was) pretty interesting. Here's audio of the entire meeting MP3. In the next day or so, I'll put up some clips for a few particularly interesti.....- 2/13/2008 5:46:25 AM
Got a call today from someone in Austin from Obama's campaign (salon) - 2/12/2008 9:52:39 PM
8-0! Obama's speech in Madison was wonderful... and populist... and pushback on McCain (salon) I really have not felt like this in years about a political candidate as I have, again, after listening to Obama's speech in Wisconsin. It's like the other candidates are on a mundane, crass level, an.....- 2/12/2008 9:45:14 PM
The Texas 'establishment' Bob Slagle is already touting Hillary...as his second choice behind Richardson (joe) So I get this email from Bob Slagle telling me he wants me to join in Hillary's campaign since his first choice, Bill Richardson, is no longer running. Of course he couldn't do the email without menti.....- 2/12/2008 6:05:18 PM
Hays County Commissioners Still Trying to Force Road Bonds on Taxpayers (pstern)  Commissioners Court Meeting Today Tries to Force Vote on Revenue Bonds February 12, 2008 Dear Hays County Commissioners and Community Members: I know by now the commissioners are tired of hearing fro.....- 2/12/2008 3:07:10 PM
Baltasar Cruz, Candidate for Texas Supreme Court Place 7 (salon) I went to the City of Glen Rose meeting last night and caught the very tail end of the Somervell County Democrats meeting held at the Citizens Center. Besides all the friends (some who are also candid.....- 2/12/2008 4:04:43 PM
Went to the Stoneview presentation this morning at the Palace Theatre (salon) Very interesting. Basically, Larry Smith and Jim Gosdin have a corporation called Stoneview LLC, with plans to develop the northwest section of 144 and Hwy 67 in Glen Rose. I was curious to know what .....- 2/12/2008 12:40:11 PM
Cowardly Senate gives the Law-Breaking Telecoms Immunity (salon) - 2/12/2008 11:44:54 AM
Some Political Cartoons I like (salon) - 2/12/2008 8:52:16 AM
Hillary Clinton Doesn't Pay her Bills? Is THIS What it takes to get her to pay up (salon) - 2/11/2008 4:48:00 PM
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