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Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) on the Media Market In this District (salon) and his support for Obama."I spent $3 million in each of my last two campaigns, and I didn't even buy media in Houston and Dallas in those campaigns," said Edwards, whose recent endorsement .....- 2/26/2008 11:32:52 AM
Some Primary Election Tidbits for Thought... (pstern) Some little heard news discussion:Who is winning on the Democratic side, Obama or Clinton?Whether or not you believe in them, it seems that in most polls including CNN that Obama is holding a lead ove.....- 2/26/2008 9:15:01 AM
*Your Vote In the Primary Doesn't Count*-Hillary Surrogate Contines Anti-Democratic Screed (salon) Sheesh. I thought it was bad enough for all Sore Losing Clinton to harp on how she wanted to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates AND push having superdelegates overcome the popular vote as well as.....- 2/26/2008 6:08:02 AM
It must seem like all or most of the posts this week are about Obama (salon) AND THEY ARE! heh. I have some other things I have to do this week but mostly the entire week is going to be focused on Obama activities at least up until March 4th (and maybe morning of March 5th). T.....- 2/26/2008 2:28:29 AM
USA Today/Gallup Poll- Obama is the Most Electable (salon) In a poll taken Thursday through Sunday, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say by 2-1 that Obama has the better chance of beating the Republican in November. Republicans agree: By more tha.....- 2/26/2008 2:14:27 AM
Who's the True Heir to Barbara Jordan? Obama (salon) Indeed, Jordan paved the way for Obama in several important ways. First, she never allowed herself to be pigeonholed as the "black" candidate or the "liberal" candidate or the.....- 2/26/2008 1:52:27 AM
Obama Campaign Update from Somervell County, Texas (salon) I listened in on the call the other day from Obama's campaign people and was surprised to hear that Hillary Clinton had, in an interview with Texas Monthly, denigrated Texas as not being as important .....- 2/26/2008 1:43:24 AM
About Hillary Clinton's Refusal to Release her Tax Returns (as Obama has) (salon) in an article about Who Will Bell the Cat?Clinton's burden is not only Obama's charisma but also McCain's resurrection. Some of the same Democrats who short months ago were heralding her as the ".....- 2/26/2008 1:13:44 AM
Olbermann on McCain's Lobbyists Troubles (salon) - 2/26/2008 1:07:41 AM
The Cheney's Snuck Into Dallas Today- To Love Field (salon) Heh. I'm guessing that maybe they want to move BACK to Highland Park, since Love Field is near there. After all, both Bush AND Cheney lived in Texas when Bush decided to run for office and since you'r.....- 2/26/2008 1:04:55 AM
So, Clinton Thinks She Must Compare Obama with.... BUSH???????? Oh, PLEASE (salon) On Countdown tonight, Olbermann played a clip he said hadn't gotten quite as much notice as others. I'm sure he means as much notice as the one where she is ranting SHAME ON YOU to Obama for exposing .....- 2/26/2008 1:02:49 AM
Ugh. Our State Senator Kip Averitt (TX SD 22) Is Having a Fundraiser for John McCain on Monday (salon) Well, THERE goes the neighborhood!Sen. John McCain is expected to visit Waco on Monday for a private fundraiser at state Sen. Kip Averitt’s home. A town-hall meeting with the Arizona senato.....- 2/26/2008 12:48:25 AM
Stand for Change Rally for Obama in Fort Worth on Thursday at the Convention Center (salon) Stand for Change Rally with Barack ObamaFort Worth Convention Center1201 Houston StreetFort Worth, TX 76102Thursday, February 28, 2008Doors Open: 6:00 p.m.Program begins: 8:00 p.m.http://tx.barackobam.....- 2/25/2008 6:33:18 PM
I'm SHOCKED-My Mother, a staunch Republican is going to vote for Obama (salon) because she just can't bring herself to vote for McCain. This is a woman who voted for Bush in the last two elections and has bought into the whole fear campaign stuff. Says a lot about the state of t.....- 2/25/2008 4:24:33 PM
Clinton- *Democrats Should be Outraged*-Yeah, we're outraged that Ms NAFTA is still in the race (salon) and that despite 11 consecutive wins from Obama, despite him having the popular vote and more delegates, not counting superdelegates, she's not uniting for the party and gracefully giving way to the W.....- 2/25/2008 4:16:41 PM
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