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Quick Perceptions from the Ohio Debate on MSNBC (salon) Why was Clinton so ANGRY? She looked like she wanted to rip off Obama's head and stuff it under a pillow. I was kind of reminded of the second debate between Kerry and Bush when Bush looked like such .....- 2/26/2008 11:51:29 PM
Notes from Making Obama Calls-About the Middle Name Hussein (salon) I've been calling down the list of Obama potential supporters today and talked with a man who was a Republican whose wife was a Democrat. He asked me if I knew why Obama wasn't using his middle name. .....- 2/26/2008 4:27:35 PM
Sheesh! How many Annoying Hillary Clinton Robocalls can they make to My house???????????? (salon) I was slightly amused when, during the debates the other night, a robocall came though and some perky voice left a completely automated messsage on the answering machine.   Only a little lat.....- 2/26/2008 2:02:13 PM
Next Republican Smear About Obama-One Guy in the Military is A-Skeered of Him. (salon) Gosh. I've been SO entertained this morning! BwahahahahahToday's edition of WashTimes rolls out a fresh and newly-minted Obama smear, one we haven't seen before: Military Fears "Unknown Quan.....- 2/26/2008 1:11:38 PM
About John McCain Breaking the Law-RE: the FEC (salon) I saw yeaterday that the DNC has filed a complaint with the FEC about what John McCain is doing. Below are a couple of letters from the DNC regarding both the original complaint AND response to John M.....- 2/26/2008 12:56:09 PM
HOW TO CREATE AN ANGRY AMERICAN (deedee) - 2/26/2008 12:53:16 PM
THE COST OF THE WAR (deedee) American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) has just released a new 2 min. video to help people understandthe outrageous amount of money that is being spentdaily on the Iraq war -- at the expense of mee.....- 2/26/2008 12:41:32 PM
When All Else Fails, Blame the Media-As in, WHY Don't People Like Clinton? (salon) - 2/26/2008 12:44:22 PM
Bwahahahah-Clinton Campaign Uses Saturday Night Live as an Authority (salon) This totally cracks me up. When you have a campaign, ANYONE's campaign use a friggin comedy show as their authority for how the news media should act, that campaign ought to be speared for doing on ON.....- 2/26/2008 11:57:34 AM
HELP STOP THE TTC (deedee) Independent Texans www.indytexans.org have provided a sample letter to help everyone do their part to stop the Perry and the TTC.  We all need to do everything in our power to stop this huge.....- 2/26/2008 11:51:47 AM
Which Hillary Will Show up to the Debate Tonight? (salon) Today everyone asks, Which Hillary will debate tonite? The Hillary where Barack Obama is compared to Jesse Jackson? The Hillary who is proud, real proud, to be on the stage with Barack Obama? The Hill.....- 2/26/2008 11:30:11 AM
Heh! Stephanie Tubbs Jones on Obama's Wearing the Clothing of his native country (salon) - 2/26/2008 10:04:17 AM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) on the Media Market In this District (salon) and his support for Obama."I spent $3 million in each of my last two campaigns, and I didn't even buy media in Houston and Dallas in those campaigns," said Edwards, whose recent endorsement .....- 2/26/2008 11:32:52 AM
Some Primary Election Tidbits for Thought... (pstern) Some little heard news discussion:Who is winning on the Democratic side, Obama or Clinton?Whether or not you believe in them, it seems that in most polls including CNN that Obama is holding a lead ove.....- 2/26/2008 9:15:01 AM
*Your Vote In the Primary Doesn't Count*-Hillary Surrogate Contines Anti-Democratic Screed (salon) Sheesh. I thought it was bad enough for all Sore Losing Clinton to harp on how she wanted to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates AND push having superdelegates overcome the popular vote as well as.....- 2/26/2008 6:08:02 AM
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