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Back from more GOTV for Obama in Texas (salon) Went down into the Fort Hood area today and canvassed a neighborhood. Ran into a lot of Obama supporters, only one for Hillary (that would admit it, anyway!) There were NO Hillary Clinton signs out bu.....- 3/1/2008 5:12:27 PM
Clinton keeps money from folks at a company that allegedly victimized over 100 women (joe) I was reading this article about Clinton NOT returning $170,000 to folks from a firm that has suits against it for "sexual assaults,” “degrading anti-female language" and &q.....- 3/1/2008 6:53:10 AM
Heh! The Onion on Jose Canseco's House (salon) "Hey guys, big steroid bash at my place," Canseco said while handing out flyers at a Toronto Blue Jays spring training intrasquad game. "Nothing too fancy, just a bunch of guys, hanging.....- 2/29/2008 7:04:42 PM
Bill Clinton Says to Vote for the Candidate That Gives You Hope (salon) - 2/29/2008 6:18:38 PM
Barack Obama's Response to Hillary Clinton's 3 am in the morning ad (salon) Heh. I don't get who HIllary Clinton thinks she is going for. Are the woman who are on his side a bunch of weak sisters who are easily frightened by fear-mongering? I thought that was the province of .....- 2/29/2008 5:56:34 PM
Drunk Bush Resurfaces-Makes Fool Out of Himself in Front of Rice and Israeli Leaders (salon) from Wonkette. Here's a translation of the article from a comment.Bush Abuses Alcohol at Olmert's Residence, So Rice Says to Him: Shut Your Mouth and Stop Talking."What did Rice say to .....- 2/29/2008 5:07:41 PM
Looks Like Waco Ain't Clinton Country (salon) (and yes the *ain't* was deliberate!)People were lined up, waiting to get in two hours before U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be here. But now that I'm in the press area an hour later, .....- 2/29/2008 4:43:18 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not a remake of *Slap Shot*!!!!! (salon) - 2/29/2008 4:37:54 PM
John Colyandro and the Texas Conservative Coalition Show up in Cleburne, Texas (salon) Isn't he still under indictment?Most of the 40 people who attended Tuesday’s town hall meeting in Burleson supported stricter voter identification and spoke against illegal immigration.Texas Sta.....- 2/29/2008 4:35:57 PM
Video -Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Ad with General McPeak (salon) - 2/29/2008 11:02:09 AM
Well, THAT puts the nail in the coffin for scumball Joe Lieberman (salon) - 2/29/2008 10:56:31 AM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Is With Barack Obama at Houston Rally Today (salon) - 2/29/2008 10:54:25 AM
GOP Trying to Tamp Down Voter Turnout in the General Election (salon) In an article about whether Texas matters in the general election (and you remember that Hillary Clinton has already dissed Texas), there was this comment.GOP spokesman Hans Klingler said Clinton and .....- 2/29/2008 10:44:41 AM
Obama Beating Clinton in Texas in Newest Poll Today-48.2 % to 41.7 % (salon) Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama appears to be consolidating a lead over Hillary Rodham Clinton among most constituent groups in Texas except Hispanics, according to a new tracking poll......- 2/29/2008 10:41:02 AM
Uh-You REALLY want Hillary Clinton Answering the Red Phone at 3 am?????? (salon) The person who didn't even bother to read the National Intelligence Estimate and then voted WITH George Bush to go invade Iraq???? I don't think so. Mothers, in particular, don't want their babies bei.....- 2/29/2008 10:34:02 AM
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