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Flying in New York? No Fresh Water or Toilets for YOU If You get Stuck on the Tarmac (salon) Although the first-of-its kind bill had barely gotten off the ground, the court said the measure was well-intentioned but only the government can regulate airlines, CBS News transportation and consume.....- 3/26/2008 9:04:50 AM
So, Where are the Property Tax Exemptions for 100% Disabled Veterans? (pstern) Last year members of the Texas legislature made themselves appear to be "heroes" by approving the bill of a total property tax exemption for 100% Disabled Veterans. The truth is that .....- 3/25/2008 7:45:16 PM
Bwahahahah-Clinton Says She *Misspoke* About Wrestling Bin Laden (salon) Heh. From Andy BorowitzIn an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, Sen. Clinton told host Tim Russert, "I wrestled bin Laden in his cave in 1998 and had him pinned to the ground before th.....- 3/25/2008 9:40:54 AM
Heh! MORE Video Slam on Hillary Clinton's Bosnia Experience (salon) - 3/25/2008 9:23:30 AM
Geez. Fox News Says John McCain's Repeated Screwups About Iran are a *Senior Moment* (salon) Leaving aside the issue of John McCain, who is a loose cannon hothead, and his age, (and laughing a bit to think that THIS IS HOW FOX NEWS SUPPORTS HIM????? heh) , that was NOT just a *senior moment* .....- 3/25/2008 7:58:50 AM
Two More Mashups About Hillary Clinton's Bosnia Experience (salon) - 3/24/2008 8:00:28 PM
No Longer Going to Watch ANY Show that Pat Buchanon Shows Up On (salon) I've long thought that Pat Buchanan lives at MSNBC under a desk somewhere, where, when they need a racist white guy to spout off about something, they go shrug him awake and trot him out on camera. I .....- 3/24/2008 1:23:46 PM
Why People Might Not Like to Have Gas Processing Plants In Their Neighborhood (salon) - 3/24/2008 12:18:39 PM
Oh, Please. Clinton Says we need a *Commander in Chief* of the Ecomony (salon) Just ... STop. From a speech Clinton apparently gave today in Philadelphia. I can't listen to it because I cannot stand her.Commander in Chief is a title in our peculiar democracy that refers to the M.....- 3/24/2008 12:14:19 PM
I Thought About Getting an E-Book Reader, But I like to OWN Books, not just rent them (salon) I like to read and I've been reading about e-book readers for the past few years. The idea of being able to download a book into a reader and take it everywhere, and have it function like a regular pa.....- 3/23/2008 12:57:11 PM
Is this Hillary Clinton sign appropriate in the GRISD building? (pharper) Received a hot tip that there was a Hillary Clinton sign in a window at a GRISD building so went hunting for it yesterday and here it is:A query has been sent into Wayne Rotan, GRISD Superintendent, t.....- 3/23/2008 1:04:29 PM
Sid Miller (TX House Dist 59) January 2008 TEC Report-Expenditures (salon) Posted a bit ago about the receipts to Miller's campaign. Now for the expenditures, just pulling out the ones that look interesting to me, you can see them all here. Remember when you look at the date.....- 3/23/2008 11:13:05 AM
Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) TEC Report for January 2008-Campaign Contributions (salon) Sid Miller (right) and some other short guyI think it's interesting to see both who's paying to Sid Miller's campaign and what kind of expense receipts he has. Seems that Sid Miller never met a lobbyi.....- 3/23/2008 10:26:52 AM
Clinton has to win 67% of remaining 8 states to catch Obama (joe) States left and number of pledged delegates each state has:Indiana - 72Kentucky - 51Montana - 16North Carolina - 115Oregon - 52Pennsylvania - 158South Dakota - 15West Virginia - 28Total number of pled.....- 3/23/2008 12:54:09 AM
If Obama gains 37 more superdelegates than Clinton, she will have to drop out (joe) Her current claim is that she has more superdelegates...but if 37 superdelegates commit to Obama then Clinton leads in nothing. Obama will then lead in popular vote, states won, and superdelegates...s.....- 3/23/2008 12:16:44 AM
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