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Update on my Open Records Request for a few years of Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Appt Calendar (salon) Background here.As I mentioned before, the Texas Attorney General's office made a distinction in cost between an electronic record and paper copies and it occurred to me that I had not verified with M.....- 4/11/2008 3:52:03 PM
Why did CNN use this picture of McCain? (joe) Makes you wonder doesn't it...he's not the center of the picture. The guy isn't even looking at him, he just wanted to make sure his hat was in the photo. Do firefighters from NY really walk around wi.....- 4/11/2008 1:41:11 PM
Bank of America Stinks- My Tale of Angst (salon) I would imagine that most people utterly despise the system of routing calls that a lot of businesses have now. Unless you have called the number before, you have to sit through menus of options, and .....- 4/11/2008 10:41:05 AM
High Cost of Oil: An April Fool's Day Joke on All of Us (pstern) (feel free to click on links)Last week on April 1st hundreds of independent truckers protested against big oil companies.It's about time!We all know that oil and gas prices during the past year have e.....- 4/11/2008 10:12:05 AM
Public Education: Problems Remain Unresolved (pstern) All seems too quiet at the education frontAfter one decade of legislative squabbling most of the urgent issues regarding public education problems remain.Some of the big issues are: .....- 4/11/2008 10:08:36 AM
Laura *The Lump* and George *The Lesser* Bush Moving Back to Dallas (salon) I've heard for years that Laura hated living out in Crawford. I mean, the shopping is so far away! So today she finally confirmed what we've been talking about here for some time, that she and her hus.....- 4/10/2008 7:59:15 PM
Few Notes from the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper Week of April 10, 2008 (salon) which comes in my mailbox. First up, I see that Colin Hammett finally had his trial in the murder of Cody Day. (Wrote about this last year). His sentence wsa 10 years shock probation for manslaughter,.....- 4/10/2008 5:11:38 PM
Bush To Troops-Nope. You Ain't Coming Home (salon) - 4/10/2008 4:14:48 PM
Energy Future Holdings Corp (formerly TXU) Posts its 2007 Results (salon) Energy Future Holdings Corp. (EFH), formerly TXU Corp., today reported its 2007 financial results in the company´s 2007 Annual Report on Form 10-K (2007 10-K) filed with the Securities and Excha.....- 4/10/2008 3:54:34 PM
Open Records Request for Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Appointment Calendar (salon) Recently I was looking at the campaign finance reports that must be filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, in this instance about Sid Miller, who is our Texas House represenatative and I wondered whe.....- 4/10/2008 3:04:08 PM
Clinton's Lead in Pennsylvania Dropping Like a Rock in A Pond (salon) - 4/10/2008 11:29:41 AM
If Last Night's Storm Wasn't a Tornado, Then How'd That Telephone Pole Snap in Two? (salon) The weather radio was going off all day long but earlier in the day the warnings were about Jack and Wise County (Wise County ALWAYS gets tornado watches and warnings). I was sleeping peacefully at ab.....- 4/10/2008 11:08:02 AM
Obama Up 10 Points Nationally Over Clinton (Gallup Poll) (salon) - 4/9/2008 2:30:05 PM
Confused Gramps McCain Needed Lieberman Behind Him to Help Him Out at Petraus Talks (salon) I feel sort of sorry for McCain. He obviously isn't in shape to remember or know how things really are. I've wondered if tha'ts why his wife (you know, the bimbo he cheated on his first, faithful.....- 4/9/2008 12:07:53 PM
John McCain and Hillary Clinton's Surrogates That Love To Bring up Race Issues (salon) Saw this on the teevee last night, where the man introducing McCain at a "We Love War-For 100 Years" Rally equated Barack Obama with Tiger Woods. Well, hell, one black man looks about like a.....- 4/9/2008 12:00:49 PM
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