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One in Four Texas Teachers MOONLIGHT With Second Job - Mostly due to Low Morale (salon) I was trying to decide reading this just what the low morale entailed? What are poor working conditions for teachers? I know a lot of teachers (and administrators) don't like No Child Left Behind. How.....- 4/20/2008 1:23:39 PM
Texas *Top 10 Percent* Rule about College Entrance Penalizes Well Rounded Students. (salon) Also what is wrong with NCLB.With my eldest son now a freshman in high school, my wife and I have been playing the top 10 tango with his grades all year.I can see that it’s the beginning of a fo.....- 4/20/2008 1:13:35 PM
Waco Trib Editorial Says that Bush Should Tell Chertoff to STAND DOWN about the Border Fence (salon) President Bush surely knows how vigorously his fellow Texans along the state’s 1,254-mile Mexican border oppose a border fenceBush, who will move back to Texas in less than a year, should instru.....- 4/20/2008 1:08:17 PM
Article about Cowboys and Ranch Hands, and what Cowboying Means Now (salon) with mention of Tater Paschal and Glen RoseCowboying, like the Old West mythos that spawned the profession, has been dying and reinventing itself, of course, almost since the day it started. Ways of l.....- 4/20/2008 12:52:06 PM
Waco Trib Says Chet Edwards District is Safe For him-Solidly Democratic (salon) But political winds have shifted over the last four years, causing national and local political handicappers to forecast that the race for Edwards’ district — Texas’ 17th Congression.....- 4/20/2008 12:46:32 PM
Chelsea Clinton And the Terrified Seven and Eleven Year Olds (Snicker) (salon) Yuppers, I guess the Younger Clinton is also a prevaricator just like her parents.During a long day of campaigning in Oregon on Saturday, she mentioned at two different stops that during the course of.....- 4/20/2008 7:57:02 AM
Heh! NPR Makes Fun of John and Cindy McCain re: the Plagiarism of Food Network Recipes (salon) Pretty funny. Audio at link<<<<So until a few days ago, if you had checked on Cindy McCain's page on the McCain campaign website, you would have found some, quote, "McCain family.....- 4/20/2008 7:50:30 AM
When is a Governor NOT a Governor? (pstern) Answer:  When the governor is Rick Perry! Gov. Rick Perry has been lying to Texans for the past 7 years.  He makes endless promises to relieve various economic "stresses&.....- 4/20/2008 5:02:12 AM
When will Hillary tear up, Sunday or Monday? (joe) It's about time for Hillary to show us a few tears again...it's days before a Primary election.Hillary Clinton has pulled this stunt a few times and had some success so we shall see if she tries .....- 4/19/2008 2:45:10 PM
Video-Barack Obama's Ad in PA That Talks about All His Newspaper Endorsements (salon) - 4/19/2008 2:25:05 PM
Video-Obama's Ad on Health Care (Showing in Pennsylvania) (salon) - 4/19/2008 2:22:10 PM
Clinton Trashes Move-On and Repeats Karl Rove Lie About Afghanistan (salon) Frankly, I myself am not a big fan of Move-On.  Last year, apparently before they endorsed Obama, they misled about Clinton's stance on Iran. At the time, they said that Clinton's speech was much.....- 4/19/2008 2:17:01 PM
Does Clinton STIll Feel this way? In 1995 She Said *Screw 'Em* About Southern Working Whites (salon) During the past week, Sen. Hillary Clinton has presented herself as a working class populist, the politician in touch with small town sentiments, compared to the elitism of her opponent, Sen. Barack O.....- 4/19/2008 2:06:48 PM
McCain's Cheap Joke Trashing Chelsea Clinton-And Why Does Hillary Follow His Lead? (salon) from Huffington PostMcCain made the joke at a 1998 Republican Senate fundraiser. "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" he asked. "Because her father is Janet Reno." Chelsea was a lovel.....- 4/19/2008 2:04:36 PM
Why Doesn't Clinton Just Go and Join the Republican Party Already? More Slime From her Campaign (salon) Obviously, if Clinton WERE a Republican, she would have been one of the Swift Boaters. How Nice Of Her Followers to Channel Karl Rove and help out the Republicans with slime tactics NOW.Sloan con.....- 4/19/2008 2:02:16 PM
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