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*Rats Are Treated With More Dignity*-Al Jazeera Photo Released from Gitmo After 6 years (salon) Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Hajj has hit out at the US treatment of detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison where he was held for nearly six and a half years. Saying that "rats are .....- 5/2/2008 5:54:36 PM
Gee! How About ALL the candidates for president call themselves *President* in their ads? (salon) - 5/2/2008 4:54:05 PM
Hillary *You're Either With Me Or Against Me* McClinton Blasted by Mark Udall on Gas Tax Holiday (salon) I saw earlier that Clinton was channeling Bush's *With Us Or Against Us* Bully Boy attempts bytrying to make Congress toe HER line. (Maybe having someone say that she has testicles went to her hea.....- 5/2/2008 4:51:54 PM
Sid Miller's Calendar for 2007 and part of 2008 -from Open Records Request (salon) Thanks to Sid Miller for answering this Open Records Request which took a while to sort through. I don't have time today to start looking at the calendar, but if you're a reader in Tx House Dist 59 an.....- 5/2/2008 2:00:20 PM
Former Ohio Nuclear Plant Worker Fined For Hiding Worst Reactor Corrosion in US History (salon) That was at the Davis-Besse plant. Wrote about this before.A former nuclear plant worker in Ohio received three years' probation and was fined $7,500 for concealing the worst corrosion ever found.....- 5/2/2008 1:20:12 PM
ARG Poll-Obama Ahead in North Carolina (salon) - 5/2/2008 1:14:15 PM
Texas Supreme Court Helps Bob Perry Stiff Defenseless Homeowners (salon) - 5/2/2008 12:49:38 PM
Boom! Well, that scared the crap out of me, the whole house shook! (salon) About 5 minutes ago, there was this huge BOOM and the house shook like it was an earthquake. I called the Sheriff's Dept and they heard and felt it, too. Don't know what it was... I suppose it might h.....- 5/2/2008 12:40:21 PM
Video-Obama's Ad on Clinton's Gas Tax Hypocrisy (salon) - 5/2/2008 11:44:45 AM
Hypocrisy Alert! Clinton Dumping Bill for Cheating -versus Walking out of church for comments (salon) I've been thinking since yesterday how much I admire Barack Obama and how truly presidential he is, how down to earth. As on this earlier post, I was thinking about how he was asked why he didn't dump.....- 5/2/2008 11:38:05 AM
Obama Was Asked Whether His Denunciation of Wright was *Politically Expedient* (salon) Boy, I really really admire this man. He was asked by Meredith Viera on TODAY if he took so long to finally cut off Wright because of poltiical expedience. He said, IF I had been trying to do that, I .....- 5/2/2008 11:30:14 AM
Congress-FIX THE VOTE- The Supremes DO NOT HAVE IT RIGHT on VOTER ID (salon) - 5/2/2008 11:05:09 AM
What Clinton's People REALLY Think of Indiana-Calls them *sh*t* (salon) Alright. I know that this is from that movie that was made in the 1900's about Bill Clinton's campaign. But consider this. THIS IS THE MAN THAT WAS THE CHAIRMAN OF BILL CLINTON"S CAMPAIGN. The SA.....- 5/2/2008 10:53:49 AM
Dan Savage to Hillary- WRONG PARTY (salon) From Slog Hillary Clinton to ABC News: "If we had the Republican rules, I would already be the nominee." Well, then maybe you should've run as a Republican—I mean re.....- 5/2/2008 10:41:43 AM
Heh. Funny Comment about Hillary *The Elitist* Clinton Who Can't Get Her Own Coffee (salon) laughed when I read this.Some suggest the incident shows Clinton doesn't quite have the common touch - or at least, has not spent a lot of time drinking coffee at Indiana gas stations. One video carri.....- 5/2/2008 10:23:03 AM
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