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Hillary Clinton Deathwatch number for May 7th- 4.2 percent (salon) - 5/7/2008 1:53:49 PM
Turn Out the Lights... The Party's Over... George McGovern Tells Hillary to GET OUT! (salon) - 5/7/2008 11:24:38 AM
Clinton is Like Your Party Drunk that is the Last To Leave.. And You Want to GO TO BED (salon) but you're trying to be polite, even though it's your party and even though she is parked on the couch and is ranting about how she wants to obliterate the people across town and she Knows What To Do .....- 5/7/2008 11:22:31 AM
Will the Outsourcing of American Jobs to Overseas Cheaper Labor Come Back to Haunt American Companies? (pstern) There is much discussion and concern about American jobs being outsourced to cheaper overseas employees. While it is true that paying overseas employees is much cheaper than hiring U.S. work.....- 5/7/2008 3:01:08 AM
Pompous Clinton *Self Declares Victory* for Indiana (salon) Bwahahahahahah. How full of herself IS this woman? We just heard that the results aren't even going to be out until at least midnight tonight and the networks right now say it is TOO CLOSE TO CALL (ex.....- 5/6/2008 9:51:43 PM
Obama is SO Inspiring-Wins North Carolina, a BIG STATE and Clinton's Lead in Indiana bitty (salon) - 5/6/2008 9:10:29 PM
On the Horizon: Another Fraudulent November Election? (pstern) Americans Need To Learn From Haitian Politics — Quickly!Americans need only look to Haiti to be reminded of what power politics and voter fraud can do to a nation. Voter fraud is an issue that s.....- 5/6/2008 5:56:52 PM
One Last on Erik Slaughter of GRISD-Got my Open Records Request the other day (salon) You may remember that, during the episode with Erik Slaughter, I asked, via an Open Records Request, for a copy of the letter that was given to Slaughter that placed him on administrative leave. The a.....- 5/6/2008 4:11:30 PM
Pffttt! Yeah, EVERY Rich Burb, Prestigous School Going, Corporate Lawyer is FIRST a Populist (salon) or, at least, puts on that populist robe when running for president.The New York Times looks at Clinton's transformation into the working-class candidate. “Whatever the results of the primaries .....- 5/6/2008 10:23:42 AM
Made-Me-Laugh O Day- The Teacher WHO IS A WIZARD! (salon) - 5/6/2008 10:19:17 AM
Speaker Tom Craddick Wants Us to Believe He and Legislators 'Walk on Water' (pstern) Who does Craddick think he's fooling?  According to a 5/05/08 statement made by Craddick,  "Five years ago we faced a $10 billion dollar deficit. Rather than raise taxes to br.....- 5/6/2008 9:32:07 AM
Ooops! Hillary Clinton Left Out 24 MILLION BUCKS of her husband's income from financial statements (salon) - 5/5/2008 9:53:39 PM
Video-Hillary Clinton Schooled on Obliteration-From 1951 Cold War Days (salon) On This Week, I heard Clinton say, very blithely, that she remembered crawling under a desk during the Cold War but wondered "What was THAT about?". Sheesh. No wonder she has no problem reck.....- 5/5/2008 7:03:47 PM
Hillary Clinton v Barack Obama on Nuclear *Obliteration* (salon) - 5/5/2008 2:16:31 PM
Gramps McCain Booed at Baseball Game (salon) - 5/5/2008 12:09:28 PM
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