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McClellan Says In Book That Bush Personally Authorized Leak of Valerie Plame Identity (salon) Course McClellan said this LAST YEARPerhaps the biggest revelation from Scott McClellan's bombshell book about his time at the White House is that President Bush directly authorized the leak of Valeri.....- 5/29/2008 1:14:08 PM
I'm not buying Scott McClellan*s Book (salon) My reaction to this whole "Guess What, I am Now Telling You How Bush Lied about the War for Political Reasons and I also Know that Rove and Libby Lied about Plame" is... Meh! I don't believe.....- 5/29/2008 11:06:56 AM
So.. Dunkin Corporation JUDGES People on the Basis Of What They*re Wearing (salon) Dunkin Corporation, which has Dunkin Donus and Baskin Robbins,decided on the basis of right-wing nut job Michelle Maikin's pressure to remove an ad from the internet that showed Rachel Ray wearing a s.....- 5/29/2008 10:46:54 AM
Home Foreclosures: A New Population of Financially and Mentally Challenged (pstern) This is an addition to my several articles on my blog re: home foreclosures.It focuses briefly that in addition to being financially stressed Americans are being mentally challenged by the reality and.....- 5/29/2008 8:39:05 AM
Property Tax Time Again: Hunting Season Opens on Homeowners (pstern) I've been getting a lot of letters and phone calls from irate homeowners that their property taxes have shot-up again, so I'm going to post this one that I do every year after I update it.Property Tax.....- 5/28/2008 10:44:48 PM
Foreclosures Grow Despite False Sense of Economic Security in Texas (pstern) Despite my 10 years of writing about skyrocketing property taxes and ever-increasing home foreclosures, I will continue to sound like a "broken record" until more Texans and our legislators .....- 5/28/2008 8:07:06 PM
Video-Mario Brothers Set to Anime Music (salon) - 5/28/2008 7:20:30 PM
What Jane Austen Might Have Said About Clinton*s Assassination Comment (salon) I watched "Mansfield Park" again yesterday on the teevee (the version of the movie that was made sometime in the last 10 years). I, like a lot of women, am a big Jane Austen fan, and I like .....- 5/28/2008 5:09:31 PM
I'm Kind of Bored and Fed Up with the Election Right Now (salon) and I don't feel like talking about it.  I started to watch MSNBC this morning and saw Ron Christie talking about what the DNC ought to do about the Rules Committee and thought, well, WHY do I fr.....- 5/28/2008 3:34:57 PM
Bi-Partisan Congress Provides Small Amount of Relief to Middle Class (pstern) As I've stated many times, during the past decade we have seen our government, via various means that I already have touched on in other commentaries, has been causing the decline of our Middle C.....- 5/28/2008 11:29:21 AM
Fort Worth ISD Looking for Teachers (whitkat) Have you seen this sign?  If you have, you must be in Florida.  The teacher shortage at the Fort Worth ISD has caused it to expand its horizon all the way to the Sunshine State looking for a.....- 5/27/2008 6:41:09 PM
To Avoid Foreclosure, More Homeowners are Trying to Sell (pstern) Selling won't happen easily in the "hardest" real estate market in years.These are hard economic times.  They've been long coming.After continuing to claim that the U.S. econo.....- 5/27/2008 5:57:31 AM
Another Look at the Failure of the 2-Party System of the U.S. (pstern) I've been writing for the past 10 years how the 2-party system has failed Americans.  So, here's some more... A strong 3rd party will have little effect on positive change because the same t.....- 5/26/2008 1:30:25 PM
Just some facts about Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (pstern) As a lifelong member of the GOP, I still like to look at some facts when I hear complaints about Bill Clinton and praises of George Walker Bush. Under Clinton our budget had more than a $123 BILL.....- 5/25/2008 5:08:37 PM
High Prices at the Pumps: More on Oil Company Rip-Offs (pstern) Let's all blame those darned "Liberal Democrats" This article is dedicated to the people who buy into liberal-pointing-finger biases throughout the U.S. who would rather belie.....- 5/25/2008 3:46:56 PM
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