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Nuclear Power Plants News and Notes for April 19 2010 (salon) Should ratepayers have to cough up the money to pay FOR construction of nuclear power plants? Court case in GA. The state approved a law last year allowing Georgia Power, a Southern Co. sub.....- 4/19/2010 12:35:56 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 19 2010 (salon) Have you seen The Producers movie? Well, that explains the scam that the SEC is busting with Goldman Sachs. And This American Life. Suicide isn't funny-but this is. You Klll lIke a Girl.....- 4/19/2010 11:56:14 AM
What the Fool? WHAT Data did the NSA Just *Voluntarily* Quit Collecting on Americans? (salon) And why has it taken so dang long for the FISA court to ASK about it? The NSA voluntarily stopped gathering the data in December or January rather than wait to be told to do so, the offici.....- 4/19/2010 12:04:21 PM
Heh! Bill Clinton Sez He's Too Old For the SCOTUS-WHO WAS ASKING? (salon) I laughed when I read this article in which Bill, speaking also for his WIFE, says they are both Too Old. I'm sure Hillary Clinton loves him making a comment that places her, as Secretary of St.....- 4/19/2010 9:09:15 AM
Check Register for Somervell County Commissioners Court for March 2010 (salon) - 4/18/2010 2:01:36 PM
Amended Lease Document for Glen Rose Medical Center with Pecan Plantation (April 2010) (salon) PDF I have also requested a copy of the arrangement/agreement in which GRMC has exclusive clinic rights, as mentioned by the GRMC board at the Town Hall meeting. As noted, this is the addendum to t.....- 4/18/2010 1:44:02 PM
Check Register for Glen Rose Medical Center -February 2010 (salon) - 4/18/2010 1:36:57 PM
Check Registers for Glen Rose ISD for February 2010 (salon) - 4/18/2010 1:23:16 PM
Audio from Glen Rose ISD School Board Meeting for March 2010 (salon) - 4/18/2010 1:18:20 PM
What do YOU Think about GRISD Wanting to Spend $20 Million-Bond Election on May 8 2010 (salon) From Charley Thomas Well, folks, the big time spenders are clawing at our wallets again! I note that the upcoming $20M school bond election is proposed for construction of another gym.....- 4/18/2010 10:27:40 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 18 2010 (salon) Still watching *The Wire*-almost at end of season 3, waiting till Monday now for the last 3 episodes. Saw a talentless person on Saturday Night Live last night named Kesha or something like tha.....- 4/18/2010 10:24:48 AM
Video-Riverwalk Glen Rose-Compilation of Shots from April 2010 and April 2007 (salon) - 4/17/2010 10:50:03 PM
Jerry Patterson *Never Knows* If Anyone Is OUt to Get Him - Hence the 22 Magnum in his Boot (salon) Heh. Made me laugh. Saw this via Bay Area Houston, whose comments also made me laugh I guess the only answer to all of this is for ALL of us to be Rootin-Tootin Cowboys who pack plenty of heat and .....- 4/17/2010 11:00:56 AM
In Vs Out Groups-The National Day of Prayer Decision Also Has Parts that Apply to the Pledge of Allegiance (salon) In ruling that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, Justice Crabb made this comment: § 119 cannot meet that test. It goes beyond mere “acknowledgment” of religio.....- 4/17/2010 11:43:00 AM
Okay for the US Government To Create A National Day of Fasting for Ramadan? (salon) Imagine if the President and Congress passed a day in which everyone was exhorted to fast during Ramadan. Let's say that the law said “[t]he President shall issue each year a proclama.....- 4/17/2010 9:56:51 AM
On the Fred Phelps/Westboro Baptist Church Free Speech Case That Is Before the SCOTUS (salon) I'm in completel agreement with this editorial regarding the freedom of speech issue that the Supreme Court is currently hearing from those (I consider them ) wackos who are protesting military.....- 4/16/2010 6:40:18 PM
I don't CARE what the sexual preference of any Supreme Court nominee is (salon) I was reading this Slate article in which the question is posed as to whether it should matter, if a man, if the man is single or married as criteria for having a position, particularly a position .....- 4/16/2010 5:54:37 PM
Um. Remember Minority Report? Florida Using Crime Prevention Software for Children (salon) UGH  -from Gizmodo Florida State Department of Juvenile Justice will use analysis software to predict crime by young delinquents, putting potential offenders under specific prevention .....- 4/16/2010 3:33:31 PM
Creepy O Day- Because You Don't Expect Your Child To Be Secretly Surveilled AT HOME By His School (salon) Wrote about this before. More on this today According to the latest filing by the Robbinses, officials first activated the tracking software on a school-issued Apple MacBook that Robbins to.....- 4/16/2010 3:28:11 PM
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power PLant Event Notifications for April 12/13 2010- Alcohol and Transformer Failure (salon) From the NRC site. Power Reactor Event Number: 45833 Facility: COMANCHE PEAK Region: 4 State: TX Unit: [1] [2] [ ] RX Type: [.....- 4/16/2010 12:54:05 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 16 2010 (salon) Mugged by an octopus! From Buzzfeed 52 Worst Photoshop mistakes-funny! recipe for minty cookies-just so I don't forget where I saw it! And this recipe for a lookalike Snicker.....- 4/16/2010 12:45:03 PM
Dairy Farmers of America Part of DairiConcepts Joint Venture with Foreign Fonterra (salon) While looking at local filed civil cases I noticed that Cooper/McKay vs Graham is still ongoing. I noticed an update to the suit which has Zia Milk Producers, a foreign company, added to the list o.....- 4/16/2010 11:23:23 AM
A Few Interesting Civil Cases in Somervell County (April 2010) (salon) and updates The civil case against Happy Hill continues. UPDATE: 9/9/2011. Case set for trial on Feb 27 2012 Underwood vs Colorado River Authority from 2009 went to mediation April 5 2010. .....- 4/16/2010 11:45:32 AM
Agenda for Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Session for April 19 2010 (salon) Thank you, Mary Ann M   COMMISSIONER’S COURT   MEETING OF SPECIAL SESSION   OF SOMERVELL COUNTY       .....- 4/16/2010 9:03:09 AM
Comanche Peak Nuclear Reactor Issues Argued Today in Granbury (April 15 2010) (salon) Here's Seed Coalition's Press Release about it. "Despite limitations on what was allowed to be presented about clean and safe energy alternatives to more reactors, we were abl.....- 4/15/2010 6:49:25 PM
Federal Judge Rules that National Day of Prayer is Unconstitutional (salon) - 4/15/2010 6:44:44 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 15 2010 (salon) Heh. Journalism has Come So Far Sometimes, Stein seems admirably forward-thinking. He writes, "The door is no longer closed against you, girls, and you can often compete with men for t.....- 4/15/2010 12:47:59 PM
Video-Irony O Day- RVS in Glen Rose - The Competition With Private Companies Bothers You? Really? (salon) From the Somervell County Commissioners Court April 12 2010. It's one thing to make up reasons why it's okay to have RV spaces at a county owned facility that would compete with private.....- 4/15/2010 11:05:44 AM
Video-Property Taxes in Somervell County To Go Up if RV Spaces Go In -Maynard (salon) from Somervell County Commissioners Court April 14 2010 Rough transcript: Maynard: Just wanted to comment about the deep pocket. When we put this into next year's budget, it will cost a thi.....- 4/15/2010 8:49:53 AM
Video-Danny Chambers Speaks Up About the RV Spaces at the Expo Center (Somervell County) (salon) from the April 12 2010 Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting Rough transcript: Only speaking for myself. Maynard: Heard a rumour that I removed him from court. Chambers. Maybe somebody s.....- 4/15/2010 12:10:15 AM
Video-Judge Maynard Says Not interested in Glen Rose 4-B Loan for RV Spaces (salon) from Commissioners Court meeting April 12 2010 Rough transcript: Maynard: Clarify something that i said several times back. I inquired about a partnership between local businesses and the count.....- 4/14/2010 8:56:48 PM
Your Property Taxes Raised If Somervell County Puts in RV Spaces at the Expo Center (April 2010) (salon) So. You, the Somervell County taxpayer, are subsidizing the Expo Center and Amphitheatre to the tune of over $600,000 per year. Let's repeat that another way. The Expo Center and Amphitheatre a.....- 4/15/2010 11:28:23 AM
Duckling and Chicks Picture- April 2010 (salon) Got some ducklings this morning via the post office from Ideal Poultry in Cameron. All female so the next one I get in a future order needs to be a male! Anyway, there are cayuga ducks, a couple cr.....- 4/15/2010 9:48:30 AM
Videos-The Contract for AJRA was LOWER than usual? Somervell County Commissioners Court (salon) April 12 2010 Rough transcript: Maynard: When I supported you going to 4b, it was my understanding that it was going to be some type of agreement where they received part of the revenues and ov.....- 4/14/2010 6:51:26 PM
Video-Did the CVB Cut a Deal with AJRA To Have Them Move Their Headquarters Here? (salon) Maybe this is talking more about them having their organizational meeting? From the Somervell Commissioners Court meeting for April 12 2010 rough transcript: Dooley: Well, also the CVB is p.....- 4/14/2010 7:23:48 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 14 2010 (salon) Something came through the yard last night and almost got one of the geese-I'm going to force her to go in at night. Likely suspects might be a bobcat, a coyote, a fox, but I don't think a .....- 4/14/2010 11:47:53 AM
Video-Maynard-*No One Seems To Realize That We're Spending 600,000 A Year To Bring Business In* - Glen Rose (salon) from the Somervell County Commissioners Court on April 12, 2010. Rough Transcript: Mike Dooley giving his report. Mike Ford asked me some questions this last week about the AJRA and the expansi.....- 4/14/2010 5:31:54 PM
No Wonder We Can't Afford to Take Care of Ourselves (humanbeing) From Common Dreams by Dave Lindorff:  http://www.commondreams.org/view/2010/04/13-4 "The 2011 military budget, by the way, is the largest in history, not just in actual dollars, but i.....- 4/14/2010 8:40:21 AM
What Do the Boy Scouts Of America, Mormons, and the Catholic Church Have In Common? (salon) All found to have leaders who are sexual abusers of children AND cover it up. Yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America, which organization is based in Irving, Texas, was found negligent in a scoutm.....- 4/14/2010 9:10:16 AM
Video-Rod Hale's Lakequarium Presentation to the Somervell County Water District Board April 12 2010 (salon) I saw on the Somervell County Water District's board agenda that Rod Hale was doing a presentation and thought I'd go watch the meeting. Rod Hale did not disapoint-he is such a charming guy.....- 4/14/2010 11:05:52 PM
Rob Curnock Out-Now It's Chet Edwards vs Bill Flores (US House District 17 Race) (salon) Central Texas Now Curnock says he will vote for Flores in the general election. As for what the future holds for him, he says he will not shy away from the a future opportunity, but he.....- 4/14/2010 12:33:56 AM
Are you sure you want to renew that gas lease? (humanbeing) From WFAA, http://www.wfaa.com/news/Tests-detect-Barnett-Shale-emissions-toxins-in-Dish-residents-blood-urine-90770229.html DISH – Blood and urine samples taken from residents of Dish by .....- 4/13/2010 10:00:05 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Member of Independent Conservative Republicans of Texas (salon) Link to that website. Looks like they want to link themselves to the Tea Party movement.  And, um, heh. Dan Patrick is the founder of it And, even though this is a PAC, they don't want.....- 4/13/2010 12:48:42 PM
Television Or Web-Which Are You Watching? (salon) Techcrunch has an article about how 800,000 US households have abandoned their televisions for the web. We ourselves ditched our satellite contract last year and haven't looked back. However, w.....- 4/13/2010 11:59:50 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 13 2010 (salon) Excited about tomorrow as I believe I will be getting some baby ducklings. Going to make sure the baby house I have for them is snake proof, is warm, with a heater and water, crumbles, etc. I have .....- 4/13/2010 12:08:13 PM
Omigosh-So Cool Video Clip of 472 People Remaking Star Wars (salon) - 4/13/2010 11:11:43 AM
Some Baby Goat Pictures- Neighbor's Goats All Having Kids (April 2010) (salon) - 4/13/2010 11:20:04 AM
Agenda for 4b Tax Advisory Board Meeting April 19 2010 (salon) Thank you, Peggy B NOTICE OF MEETING CITY OF GLEN ROSE 4-B TAX ADVISORY BOARD APRIL 19, 2010  – 7:30 PM COUNCIL CHAMBERS – TOWN HALL   THE 4-B TAX .....- 4/13/2010 8:59:20 AM
Pillaging a Riverbank (humanbeing) Over a week ago, I dropped by to visit a friend who lives close to the square in Glen Rose, on the banks of the Paluxy. The sound of a bulldozer across the river, ripping out trees and everything e.....- 4/12/2010 11:06:55 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 12, 2010 (salon) Bush was complicit in imprisoning innocents jobsanger Obama approves killing American What the FCC could do to get internet for EVERYONE Interesting article about Galveston's school.....- 4/12/2010 6:29:46 PM
Audio from Somervell County Commissioners Court April 12 2010 (salon) - 4/12/2010 6:07:23 PM
Mygnonne Thomas Passed Away Yesterday (April 11 2010) Glen Rose (salon) I walked into the Somervell County Commissioners Court and heard Judge Maynard telling someone something about Mygnonne Thomas. I asked him what he had said, as I thought I had heard him say Mygnon.....- 4/12/2010 12:53:18 PM
Video-Employee or City of Glen Rose Residents Discounts on Oakdale Park? (April 2010) (salon) - 4/12/2010 8:41:35 AM
Video-What Are the Costs of Oakdale? (Glen Rose) (salon) Rough transcript: Miller: When we look, from our 3 millions we're down to less than a million so we're hoping we can get everything done. Stricklin-that 3 million millioins wasn't a.....- 4/12/2010 8:39:45 AM
Video-Oakdale Plans About to be Shown Tomorrow Night (Monday April 12 2010) (salon) - 4/11/2010 11:38:24 PM
Roundup on some Nuclear Power Plants and Radiation Materials for April 2010 (salon) List of Active Nuclear Power Plants List of Nuclear Power Plants Undergoing Decommissioning. South Carolina would be happy to get foreign nuclear materials waste. Browns Ferry Nuclear .....- 4/11/2010 4:12:19 PM
Videos -A Few Selected from Somervell County Hospital Authority Board (GRMC) April 2010 (salon) - 4/11/2010 2:20:58 PM
Tea Party Jesus Plus Warning Sign (salon) - 4/11/2010 1:34:08 PM
Video-What To Do About Odor from Glen Rose Water Treatment Plant? (April 10 2010) (salon) In case there were some changes to the treatment plant. Side note: I believe this should have been on the agenda, as a specific line item,  so that citizens of Glen Rose could hear these issue.....- 4/11/2010 3:45:37 PM
WHERE Would the RVs Go? Billy Huckaby Says Now on County Land Instead of Next to the City Water Treatment (salon) seconded by Pam Miller. In case you haven't been following this, here's the background. The CVB (Conventions and Visitor's Bureaus) made an RFP to host a rodeo in 2011 and 2012. The dea.....- 4/11/2010 3:44:45 PM
Open Meeting Violation City of Glen Rose? (April 10 2010) -Okay to Have Vague Agendas? (salon) Why are government agendas posted before meetings, at least 72 hours before? The obvious reason is so that citizens can know what is going to be discussed and plan if they want to be there to hear......- 4/11/2010 12:00:52 PM
About Salaries of Public Employees (Paid for by Taxes). (salon) Saw this via the El Paso Times about open records re: salaries ...a large part of the salaries they're paid come from people like you who pay taxes. More often than not, the public want.....- 4/11/2010 10:53:55 AM
Solar Panels in Flower Mound (Texas) and the HOA Who Tried To Sue (salon) Saw this via DMN Basically, a homeowner in Flower Mound put solar panels on their roof. The HOA contract they signed had said that they couldn't do that, but the homeowner's contention .....- 4/11/2010 10:25:17 AM
More Proof of How Ineffectual TCEQ Is-Most Barnett Shale Gas Facilities Release Emissions (salon) Dallas Morning News Months after companies told the TCEQ that they had fixed any problems the state's cameras detected, other scientists found chemicals wafting into the atmosphere. .....- 4/11/2010 8:57:26 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 11 2010 (salon) Video interview from Pegasus News of Tom Huckabee, whose movie "Carried Away" was filmed, in part, at Cherokee Rose in Glen Rose. Is Our Universe in a Wormhole? According to P.....- 4/11/2010 9:09:25 AM
Video-Worst Mother of the Year Award Goes to...Sarah Palin (salon) Here's link to that Willow reference and When Sarah was confronted with Willow’s involvement she at first said that it was impossible since Willow was out of town. Howeve.....- 4/10/2010 5:44:36 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 2010 (salon) I am generally observant but sometimes I don't notice stuff until the lighting changes. I was at the City Council meeting this morning and noticed, for I think the first time, the article and a.....- 4/10/2010 12:07:07 PM
AUDIO and Agenda for Somervell County Water District Meeting on April 12 2010 (salon) Thank you, Kathy B UPDATED TO PUT IN LINK TO AUDIO FROM SCWD site. Also link to video of Rod Hale's Lakequarium presentation Somervell County Water District Notice of Meeting of B.....- 4/10/2010 12:19:41 PM
Former Chief Executive Officer of Alvin Medical Facility Arrested, Charged with Two Felonies - Medicaid Fraud (pharper) http://www.oag.state.tx.us/oagNews/release.php?id=3292 Former Chief Executive Officer of Alvin Medical Facility Arrested, Charged with Two Felonies Nancy Benefield operated Alvin Community .....- 4/9/2010 1:04:06 PM
TCEQ and Tommy Davis and Slick Machines Rock Crushing in Chalk Mountain Texas (April 2010) (salon) Saw the article about it in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper week of April 7 2010. TCEQ has apparently said  No Prob pending their next meeting in April 2010. (Here's one of the many stori.....- 4/9/2010 10:21:16 AM
Up Against the Wall- Outdoor Movies in Glen Rose Starting in May 2010 (salon) Saw this via an article in the Glen Rose Reporter Newspaper (official newspaper for Glen Rose) Separately, Best also announced plans to launch the “Up Against the Wall Theater,”.....- 4/9/2010 2:30:29 PM
Nice Article in the Glen Rose Reporter about the Glen Rose Neo-Relix Film Festival (salon) - 4/9/2010 9:20:35 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for April 9 2010 (salon) May pick up on this again in the next few days but what about if you're rural and you want broadband AND GOOGLE DIDN'T PICK YOU? I absolutely love the show The Wire. On Season 2 have a.....- 4/9/2010 9:10:57 AM
Glen Rose Needs a City Manager, NOW (humanbeing) I just read an excellent editorial in the Glen Rose Reporter today by managing editor, Kathryn Jones, expressing her opinion that now is the time for the city of Glen Rose to hire a city manager. I.....- 4/8/2010 8:34:32 PM
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