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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/24/2016 (salon) Well, Better figure that Somervell County Salon is going to be mostly presidential primary politics for awhile. I'm consumed with hoping that my candidate Bernie Sanders wins the primary nod over .....- 1/24/2016 12:28:59 PM
Bernie Sanders *America* Ad (salon) - 1/24/2016 12:05:47 PM
In 2008, Hillary Clinton ran an under-the-cover racist campaign against Barack Obama (salon) Saw today that the Clinton campaign is bringing out the establishment media to gripe about Bernie Sanders and, for example, having Cornel West as a spokesman. Cornel West has criticized Barack Obama a.....- 1/23/2016 12:34:59 PM
Bernie Sanders in October 2015 Talking about Citizens United (salon) - 1/21/2016 4:53:07 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/21/2016 (salon) Interesting article about how parents need to be taught how to use digital learning materials in schools.  Under state law, Leander ISD must allow parents to check out hardcover textbooks, w.....- 1/21/2016 1:03:55 PM
17 Things Bernie Sanders Believes (salon) - 1/21/2016 9:03:28 AM
Yay! An Iowa Town Hall w Sanders, Clinton, and O'Malley on Monday Jan 25 2016 (salon) - 1/21/2016 8:39:18 AM
Hillary Clinton's Gun Hypocrisy-Hah, I forgot Obama Called Her *Annie Oakley* (salon) So funny but not surprised because she will say ANYTHING to try to win. Before attacking Sanders on guns, Clinton waged a battle for Democratic nominee against another more progressive challenger.....- 1/20/2016 6:52:16 PM
Some Doctor Contracts from Glen Rose Medical Center (2016) (salon) Taxpayers pay the salaries of the following Glen Rose Medical Center doctors (see the Somervell County Hospital District budget). Along with this, Glen Rose Healthcare Inc also supplies OSA money, als.....- 1/20/2016 2:35:16 PM
Political Brain Dump for Jan 20 2016- Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton (salon) I am so fired up to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Texas primary. Can definitely tell that Hillary Clinton underestimated Bernie Sanders appeal and is now doing everything she can to undermine his sup.....- 1/20/2016 5:52:18 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/19/2016 (salon) Immigration law not applied fairly- Cubans have it easier Consider the bizarre situation at our southern border. A wave of migrants is expected to appear there, hoping for safe passage .....- 1/19/2016 2:45:40 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/18/2016 (salon) Bernie Sanders was extraordinary in the Democratic debate last night.  Bernie Sanders pledges to a crowd of 7,000 in Alabama to carry on King’s legacy “It is absolutely impera.....- 1/18/2016 10:13:01 PM
Puzzled about City of Glen Rose Citizen of the Year Award (2016) (salon) I don't live in the city, but in the county, so I have no specific skin in this game, could not have voted one way or the other for anyone, but am an interested observer. I have fairly regularly o.....- 1/18/2016 3:16:04 PM
Somervell County Jail Logs/Incident Reports/Fire EMS for Jan 1- Jan 18 2016 (salon) Somervell County Salon has, for years, put up jail logs, incident reports, fire/ems reports, and occasionally, mug shots, from open records. I have done it by posting into a searchable database but go.....- 1/18/2016 2:36:39 PM
Hey, Hillary Clinton! I voted for Obama TWICE and I'm voting for Bernie Sanders (salon) Had to laugh last night when I saw, in the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton repeatedly referencing President Obama. Transparent that she is attempting to pick off the voters who voted for Obama befo.....- 1/18/2016 11:55:44 AM
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