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Hey, Hillary Clinton! I voted for Obama TWICE and I'm voting for Bernie Sanders (salon) Had to laugh last night when I saw, in the Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton repeatedly referencing President Obama. Transparent that she is attempting to pick off the voters who voted for Obama befo.....- 1/18/2016 11:55:44 AM
Somervell Breaking News -Besides on Facebook, Also on Twitter Now (2016) (salon) Here is the link for Somervell County Breaking News/Scanner on Facebook. (Group is named somervellbreakingnews) Come join us!  And here is the link for the scanner posts, primarily, on Tw.....- 1/16/2016 11:07:45 PM
Creating a Photo List of All March 2016 Candidates Somervell Can Vote For (salon) On Facebook page Somervell County Breaking News Here is the link to the photos, so you can see what the candidates look like. All are not necessarily in order, and all photos may not be up yet, but.....- 1/16/2016 12:52:21 PM
Somervell County Hospital District Planning to Spend Money on a Senior Psychiatric Center? (salon) - 1/16/2016 10:56:44 AM
Safety Concerns at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose Texas (1/15/2016) (salon) When I was at the City of Glen Rose meeting on Monday night, David Eyman, who is now the manager at Oakdale Park, made reference to a report concerning safety concerns. Here is that report. The rep.....- 1/15/2016 4:09:06 PM
City of Glen Rose v Ernest and Shirley Reinke Appeal Update January 2016 (salon) Previous post On January 11, 2016, The 7th District Court of Appeals "directs appelants to show why we have jurisdiction over the captioned appeal. Of the various claims alleged by Ernest and .....- 1/15/2016 3:05:02 PM
Very Useful Candidates March 2016 Election by County Page on the Texas SOS website. (salon) Link Both Republicans and Democrats Office Sought Term Ballot Name Party Mailing Address Filing Status .....- 1/14/2016 7:40:05 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/14/2016 (salon) Tired today after making a trek to Austin yesterday to watch at movie. First time I've ever been to the Alamo Drafthouse, love the concept of being able to get snacks while watching a good movie. .....- 1/14/2016 4:27:24 PM
Went to see *The Big Short* last night- EXCELLENT MOVIE! (salon) The movie is about the bank crash of 2007/2008. As you might imagine, there's a lot of exposition that's necessary in this movie to explain the concept of betting to short the mortgage market .....- 1/14/2016 3:50:08 PM
Hillary Clinton is SUCH A HYPOCRITE on Health Care (salon) I'm voting for Bernie Sanders- Hillary Clinton flip flops on health care.  Hillary Clinton in 1993 2008 when she was running against Barack Obama and incidentally, Chelsea Cl.....- 1/13/2016 2:22:26 PM
Should Democratic Liberals Give Hillary Clinton a Pass About Bill Clinton? (salon) I don't think so. A few Hillary Clinton supporters seem to believe that one must be a Republican to find Hillary Clinton's disingenuous remarks about "Every survivor of sexual assaul.....- 1/12/2016 1:47:57 PM
Video-Full City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting - January 11 2016 (salon) Agenda for the meeting-actual agenda at this link which goes to the City of Glen Rose, partial agenda posted below. 1. CALL TO ORDER A. Invocation B. Pledge of Allegiance .....- 1/12/2016 12:07:01 PM
Video-Wade and Summer Redwine Citizen of the Year Award at Glen Rose Town Council 2016 (salon) - 1/12/2016 10:13:17 AM
Video-Open Carry at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose Discussed at Town Council Meeting (2016) (salon) - 1/12/2016 9:51:14 AM
Video-Open Carry? Guns? Policy from Somervell County Commissioners Court Meeting 1/11/2016 (salon) regarding bringing guns (sans concealed carry) into any part of the Annex. This, from the Somervell County Commissioners Court site, is the policy regarding guns; the vote today only applies to.....- 1/11/2016 12:23:12 PM
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