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Buh-Bye To Head of Texas DPS- He's *Retiring* To be With his family (salon) The tip was a hoax. The man was heavyhanded in what he did. BYE! The head of the state agency that removed more than 400 children from a West Texas polygamist sect is retiring.Carey Cockerell, commiss.....- 6/27/2008 12:19:25 PM
Heh. Your Right to a Handgun (salon) Pretty funny(Let me mention that we have guns here, a snake charmer to kill the rattlers, a rifle for the varmints and a handgun for burglars. So I have no opinion on the ruling by the SCOTU yesterday.....- 6/27/2008 12:11:57 PM
If John McCain DID Have to get his own gas, He's SURE TO REMEMBER WHAT IT COSTS (salon) You know, heh, you only have to go ONE TIME recently and fill up your vehicle to remember what it cost to do it. I remember when it cost about 30 bucks to fill up the pickup and that was only a few ye.....- 6/27/2008 11:54:03 AM
Campaign Finance Reform: What is that? (pstern) As long as there is little regulation re: campaign financing, the U.S. public will remain in dire straits.  After all, how can we compete with the wealthy special interests who continue to ".....- 6/27/2008 11:36:45 AM
Who Knew? You Have to Get A Private Investigator License to be COMPUTER TECHNICIAN! (salon) Makes me laugh. But not laughing are the computer techies who are suing the State of Texas about a dumb rule that has apparenlty been misinterpreted.The bill specifies that "the review and analys.....- 6/27/2008 11:10:33 AM
Bush Administration Wants to Expand Satellite Spying Powers on... YOU (salon) ....NGA is "providing analysis, unclassified commercial imagery of flooded areas and geospatial intelligence products to FEMA and emergency responders in the affected areas to aid in rescue and r.....- 6/27/2008 10:37:01 AM
My Beef with Brookshire's Grocery Store-Loyalty Cards (salon) Yesterday I was at Brookshire\'s buying some items. I used to shop at what is now Brookshire\'s when it was a different named grocery store, but on the very first day of Brookshire\'s t.....- 6/27/2008 9:42:44 AM
Heh! Man Puts *I Hate Bank Of America* Sign on House (salon) Link via consumerist. Now, I have to repeat that I also think Bank of America stinks. Here's my story I wrote a few months ago. It's funny because I am on Bank of America ONLY because I needed to.....- 6/27/2008 9:09:20 AM
Video in Parts of Chris Dodd's Floor Speech About Bush's Spying Program and the FISA Bill (salon) First, read this from ArsTechnica which again points out the amount of money that the telecoms have paid Congress.That explains WHY corrupt Congressmen on both sides of the fence are so willing to sel.....- 6/27/2008 9:01:16 AM
Stephenville and Those UFOs-The Los Angeles Times Recaps (salon) and so do we!Soon, scores more said they had seen the same thing. Stephenville, a ranch town 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth, became home to the biggest mass UFO sighting since the 1997 Lights Over P.....- 6/27/2008 8:37:39 AM
O the Life of a Texas House Legislator-Sid Miller of Texas House Dist 59 (salon) As readers know, I requested the calendar files, since the beginning of 2007, from Sid Miller, our legislator. Shortly after I got them, my computer went south and I didn't get much of a chance to loo.....- 6/26/2008 7:03:06 PM
Should the Military in Uniform Be Part of Christian Broadcasts? (salon) the Millitary Religious Freedom Foundation doesn't think so and has entered a lawsuit against Trinity Broadcasting.The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has raised objections to 20 minutes of the .....- 6/26/2008 6:06:29 PM
3 Female Cheetahs From Fossil Rim Are Now at The Central Florida Zoo and Botonical Gardens (salon) From the Orlando Sentinel paper"The three girls are littermates and were born in September 2006," said zoo chief executive officer Joe Montisano. "As siblings, they are very bonded to e.....- 6/26/2008 1:21:23 PM
You Don't Have an Oil and Gas Well? You STILL May get a Big Ole Pipeline Running Through Your Yard (salon) From Fort Worth, but the same applies in all of the counties out here that are seeing a gas drilling boom.  Remember recently we read the story in Bosque County of the woman who didn't want some .....- 6/26/2008 10:38:52 AM
Too Many Roosters and a Big Ole Bruise On My Arm (salon) I have thought for awhile that the black Top Hat rooster I have is very good looking. But he's also... EVIL! heh. I have too many roosters and he has scrapped his way to the top of the heap. He also b.....- 6/26/2008 10:23:59 AM
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