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Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton Brain Dump 2/26/2016 (salon) When Hillary Clinton threw Muslim Americans under the bus. Clinton moves a Friday event in Georgia to a more tightly controlled venue Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton .....- 2/26/2016 9:01:25 PM
*The Public- Not the Candidate- Who Decides How Much Disclosure Is Enough* (salon) NYtimes Editorial Board tells Hillary Clinton to release her transcripts. On Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton further complained, “Why is there one standard for me, and not for everybody else?” .....- 2/26/2016 8:50:56 PM
How is *Interest* on Glen Rose Medical Center's Loan's Budgeted? (salon) - 2/26/2016 6:53:33 PM
New head football coach paid more than any teacher at Glen Rose ISD (pharper) Glen Rose ISD recently hired a new Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, press release by GRISD here. Notice in the press release, Coach Watkins is currently the Head Football Coach and Athletic D.....- 2/26/2016 9:06:35 AM
*We Have To Bring Them to Heel*- Black Lives Matter Activist Calls Hillary Clinton to Account (salon) but notice when you watch the video that HIllary Clinton not only does not attempt to speak with her but at the end says she is going to go back to what's really important. Also, weirdly, she says.....- 2/25/2016 3:27:24 PM
Video-Budget and Finance Committee 2/23/2015- Somervell County Hospital District (salon) - 2/25/2016 12:20:40 PM
Rick Perry Wins Appeal in Texas Criminal Court of Appeal (salon) - 2/24/2016 11:58:34 AM
Weakling Hillary Clinton's Hitman David Brock Asks Bernie To Stop Criticism (salon) - 2/23/2016 5:28:23 PM
Hillary Clinton Flip Flop and Hypocrisy List -2016 (salon) I am a Democrat. I have always voted Democratic party, never Republican. I voted for Barack Obama in the last two elections, and am a woman. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Period. Ever. I believ.....- 2/22/2016 11:06:22 AM
Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton Brain Dump 2/21/2016 (salon) The Nevada caucuses were yesterday and Clinton won (that said, the delegate count for her and Bernie is the SAME) . The process looked truly terrible and fraught with lots of problems and opportunitie.....- 2/21/2016 10:04:37 AM
Bernie Sanders *Our Home* Ad (salon) - 2/19/2016 10:34:20 PM
Have sent 2 complaints re: Public Information Requests to Ray Reynolds of Glen Rose Medical Center to Texas AG (salon) Ray Reynolds has an inconsistent record of responding to public information requests.it's unfortunate, really, but I have gotten, over the years, where, if he doesn't respond within the time f.....- 2/19/2016 9:35:17 AM
Really, Bill Clinton? You REALLY Want to Insult Bernie Sanders Supporters? (salon) I've been seeing for months calls to *Unite Blue*, that is, no matter who wins the primary, ALL Democrats should support the winner for the general election. For my part, I definitely am going to .....- 2/15/2016 9:56:29 PM
John Lewis Clarifies His Remarks about Bernie Sanders (2/13/2016) (salon) Have to say, as a Bernie Sanders supporter as well as someone who has always admired John Lewis, I found his comments the other day about Sanders, and the Clintons to be offensive and misleading. I do.....- 2/13/2016 1:28:45 PM
Ironic for the *Democratic Party* to Use SuperDelegates Which are VERY Undemocratic (salon) What the heck. How Bernie won NH but Hillary Clinton walked out same number of delegates BECAUSE of superdelegates CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Wasserman Schultz on Thursday, &ldq.....- 2/12/2016 5:36:54 PM
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