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Fake News *Medialink* Going Out of Business? (salon) Everybody knows what video news releases are, right? That's when you're watching the *news* and really you're watching a video that some PR company sent over to push a product, but it's not properly l.....- 8/18/2008 10:57:16 AM
Grand Canyon Evacuation After Flash Flooding and Dam Break- August 2008 (salon) But, you know, there was a flash flood warning so why were all those people down there? Some are still unaccounted for.  (Reminder of great book "Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon&quo.....- 8/18/2008 10:53:40 AM
Borowitz; Obama Not Doing So Well Among Racists (salon) hehThe poll, conducted by Duh Magazine, suggests that Mr. Obama faces an uphill battle in his effort to win the votes of dyed-in-the-wool bigots."We wanted to know, why isn't Barack Obama closing.....- 8/18/2008 10:37:24 AM
Found an interesting fossil rock this weekend (salon) I don't know from beans but figured this is a good opportunity to find out what the process is if you think you have a dinosaur footprint. The print itself is roughly the size of my own handprint so i.....- 8/18/2008 10:15:00 AM
Fake Military Claimants of Medals of Honor or Disabled Veteran Benefits (salon) Saw this via the Killeen paper.HARKER HEIGHTS – About two dozen members and guests of the Armed Forces E9 Association, Inc. gathered at the association's national headquarters Saturday to hear M.....- 8/18/2008 9:47:57 AM
Some Residents in Lingleville (Erath County, Texas) Fighting Wind Turbines (salon) LINGLEVILLE -- Johnny and Tesa Whitley bought 350 acres in rural Erath County to raise horses and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, but their view is now marred by something they never expected: two doz.....- 8/18/2008 9:44:26 AM
Barnett Shale Rig Report Somervell County Aug 15,2008 (salon) - 8/18/2008 9:35:03 AM
Bill Gordon of Erath County Texas Calls Out TCEQ over Liberty Pressure Pumping in Bluff Dale (salon) From the Stephenville Empire-TribuneEven more disturbing to locals was the outcome of a June 26 public meeting where representatives of Liberty, including an environmental consultant, and a slew of re.....- 8/18/2008 9:33:47 AM
What Gave Glen Rose (Texas) a State Park? Dinosaur Tracks! (salon) As this article from the Waco Trib indicates, Dinosaur Valley State Park didn't just happen but because people had community pride and pushed for state-park funding and status. That happened in 1968. .....- 8/18/2008 9:13:31 AM
What? Dinosaurs in the Glen Rose Logo Aren't *Professional*? (salon) Saw an article in the Waco Trib that was contrasting tourism in Glen Rose with tourism in Waco (particularly with the upcoming Mammoth attractions in Waco). Usual stuff about who comes here and why an.....- 8/18/2008 9:07:47 AM
All Your Roads Are Toll-Two More Instances of Riding For A Fee (salon) In this first article, about managed lanes in Houston, shall we call them *Lexus Lanes* since they're for the rich, the writer of the story says people have a *learning curve* to get used to the idea .....- 8/18/2008 8:32:10 AM
Get Rid of Medicare Enrollment Penalties (pstern) Lifetime Penalties?Many newspapers recognize the absurdity that seniors are being forced to pay penalties for late enrollment under the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan; however, th.....- 8/16/2008 10:52:47 AM
George W. Bush: The Hypocrite (pharper) Quotes of George W. Bush for the past week:"the Cold War is over,''“bullying and intimidation.”“Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected,”Le.....- 8/15/2008 10:27:56 PM
John McCain: You don't speak for all of us because we are not Georgians, we are Americans!! (pharper) John McCain recently spoke to the president of Georgia and told him "I speak for all Americans when I say that today, we are all Georgians"Ummm....John McCain, I am an AMERICAN...not a Georg.....- 8/15/2008 10:06:30 PM
Video-Approval Ratings-The Public Versus McCain (salon) - 8/15/2008 9:02:38 PM
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