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Mitsubishi Haavy to Boost Nuclear Reactor Production (Comanche Peak) (salon) Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd will boost its production of core nuclear power equipment by investing 15 billion yen ($138 million ) in its key plant, a newspaper reported on Saturday. The na.....- 8/30/2008 12:26:14 PM
Offering Counter Recruiting at the High School in North Carolina -Legal Battle Ahead? (salon) The military have access to your children at the high school. Most high schools also allow counter recruiters that come in to setup a table and talk about non-military options to do so. (GRISD has don.....- 8/30/2008 11:52:27 AM
Obama Acceptance Speech Got RECORD Plus New Ad on McCain (salon) - 8/30/2008 10:37:05 AM
Is there ANY Good Time for a Book BY BUSH????? Bwaahahahahah (salon) I enjoyed this discussion about whether the most unpopular president ought to come out with a book RIGHT AWAY after he leaves office (FINALLY) or wait for a few years to gin up some interest as people.....- 8/30/2008 10:22:24 AM
Gov. Sarah Palin: the woman you'd most likely have a beer with? (pstern) Is that her claim to fame? The GOP gave up the "inexperience card" against Obama when McCain made one phone call to confirm with Palin her agreement to become the second woman in Americ.....- 8/30/2008 9:22:55 AM
WHO WATCHES Sarah Palin's CHILDREN, including the Down Syndrome Child? (salon) I believe, and always have, that if a parent has the chance to be around their kids raising them, that\'s what they should do. I have never understood the attitude that having someone else be t.....- 8/30/2008 9:59:47 AM
McCain To Staff-Get Me a Young Female for VP-Who Cares If I Know Her? (salon) No, No, Not Kay Bailey Hutchison-then we'll REALLY look like the Old Ticket. Can't You Find Me Somebody that the Disaffected Older Women that Are Mad that Hillary Clinton Isn't the Candidate Would Vot.....- 8/30/2008 9:06:27 AM
Uh? Was THIS Meant to Compliment Palin? Women Aren't Insulted Reading This? (salon) I actually laughed when I read this comment from Charlie Black, because it's just stunning that McCain and his buds think that this would appeal to women. Well, maybe repressed Republican women.Mr. Mc.....- 8/30/2008 1:51:12 AM
McCain-Palin America (salon) - 8/29/2008 7:42:18 PM
PEC Still Doubling Electric Costs (pstern) Cost of  gasoline is going down, so why isn't electricity? Answer:  Because Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) is greedy for profits. For the 3rd straight month my electric bill.....- 8/29/2008 6:04:09 PM
Well, I Am Surprised Anti-Female John McCain Picked a Crony-Lovin' Woman to be VP (salon) She sort of reminds me of Ashley Banfield. And somebody went there with a website already. Here's what makes me laugh. Doesn't picking her undercut all of McCain's *experience* baloney he has tri.....- 8/29/2008 2:08:09 PM
On Sid Miller (TX House District 59) and School Vouchers (salon) I had written recently about Sid Miller and school voucher. I did not and do not like the fact that his comments about school vouchers as given a couple of years ago seemed quite disingenuous. He w.....- 8/29/2008 1:27:35 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House Dist 59) Named In Amended Indictment Against Texas Association of Business (TAB) (salon) Remember how Sid Miller had his campaign in 2002 funded by TAB? And it is ILLEGAL for corporations to spend money on campaign advertising? (An excellent reminder of Miller's involvement with Tom Delay.....- 8/29/2008 1:21:33 PM
Students for McCain (salon) - 8/29/2008 10:25:58 AM
Jessica Simpson Wants You To Know How Her Farts Smell (salon) - 8/29/2008 9:56:41 AM
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