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On Women's Rights Including the Right to Vote-ONLY HAPPENED IN 1920 (salon) I got an email today, one of those ones that goes out to everybody and their dog, but this one I actually liked and didn't delete right away. It was addressed to women of any particular party and ment.....- 9/5/2008 11:41:16 AM
Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Sentenced to 4 Years In Prison (salon) and here's a list of all the people who have been convicted in the Abramoff Republican scandal. Jack Abramoff, John Albaugh, Robert E Coughlin II, Italia Federici, Rep Bob Ney, Steven Griles, Tony Rud.....- 9/5/2008 10:29:57 AM
Senator McCain versus Candidate McCain (salon) from Andrew SullivanOne benefit of this long campaign is that it really does show a person's character. And I realized. We have two men running for president right now. One has stayed true to himself .....- 9/5/2008 10:20:02 AM
Reviews on John McCain's lacklaster speech- And Hello! Opposition Party? Bwahahahahahah (salon) Last night, I was on the treadmill listening to NPR to some show that had some pundits on discussing post-speech. (Not sure which show it was, maybe On Point?) Anyway, the moderator asked one of the g.....- 9/5/2008 9:46:52 AM
The Illusion of Handmade Signs Made by RNC Convention Goers-That was a Scam (salon) It's one thing if they pass out nicely printed signs but when you put handmade signs on chairs AS IF the participants brought them in themselves and had made them, it's a trick. from HuffpoLast night,.....- 9/5/2008 12:06:02 AM
Say It, Mark Thompson. Michael Williams of the Texas Railroad Commission is BOUGHT AND SOLD BY O&G (salon) People who saw one of the only two black guys at the White Party Conference tonight maybe don't know what a bad reputation Michael Williams and the RRC has in Texas (except among Republican Perry cron.....- 9/4/2008 11:36:29 PM
Wonder How Much This Dress for Uppity Cindy McCain Cost? (salon) - 9/4/2008 11:23:13 PM
GWP-Grand White Party- Republicans Don't Represent America-They Represent Only Some Whites (salon) It's pretty sad. And it seems that the Republicans truly have been co-opted by the Religious Right.Whites and a white protesterNope. Nobody of color in THIS pic, eitherIguess that's why they also are .....- 9/4/2008 11:23:26 PM
So.. The Tribute to Cindy McCain Neglected to Mention McCain Was Cheating on His Crippled Wife (salon) I can understand why McCain wouldn't want to bring that up, it's so smarmy and immoral. But, hey, you've got to think that the Republicans at that convention would have cheered about it, they don't ha.....- 9/4/2008 11:09:19 PM
Wow! John McCain Hates Public Education-Whoda Thunk? (salon) We were out in the car and about and heard John McCain allude to school vouchers (used the term "choice") and spoke not only about private schools but charters. He also said something about .....- 9/4/2008 11:04:01 PM
Letter About Sarah Palin from Anne Kilkenney of Wasilla (salon) from the Anchorage newspaper (Incidentally, I notice that the City of Wasilla has about the same population as Somervell County).From David Hulen in Anchorage -- The e-mail below has been bouncing aro.....- 9/4/2008 6:49:10 PM
What? No Republicans Are Community Organizers? The Backlash Against Sarah Palin Continues (salon) Sarah Palin said.Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin touted her credentials as mayor of an Alaskan town. "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you hav.....- 9/4/2008 6:37:10 PM
Ernie Casbeer (Running for TX House Dist 59) Renews Calls for Debates with Sid Miller (salon) CASBEER RENEWS CALL FOR DEBATES IN WAKE OF JUDGE'S DECISION TO DELAY CRIMINAL TRIAL OF AUSTIN LOBBY GROUP TIED TO SID MILLER(OGLESBY)-- Texas House challenger Ernie Casbeer today renewed his call for .....- 9/4/2008 5:52:41 PM
McCain Cancels Appearance at Community Organizer Habitat For Humanity Home Photo Op (salon) As Youtude says.Part of the reason McCain canceled the outing is because last night, his campaign went out of its way to slag community organizers, defaming them for not having any "actual respon.....- 9/4/2008 5:38:34 PM
Another Navy Recruiter (La Marque, Texas) Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 3 Underage Girls (salon) UghThe most recent case in which Bowie was charged stems from an attack alleged to have happened three weeks ago, but other cases are seven years old, Price said.The victims who claimed to have been s.....- 9/4/2008 5:18:00 PM
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