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Did Bristol Palin Marry Her Baby-Daddy? (salon) - 9/16/2008 2:21:16 PM
Parent PAC backs Chris Turner in Texas House District 96 (salon) - 9/16/2008 1:40:05 PM
Sarah-Palin-Book-Censorship-Wannabe Gets Her Outrage On in Stephenville (Erath) Texas (salon) From the Stephenville Empire-Tribune."Graphic Books Stun Local Mom"Keep this in mind when you read this article-should the narrow-minded view of some who think they should be the arbiters of.....- 9/16/2008 1:17:40 PM
Bwahahahah-John McCain Invented the Blackberry (salon) - 9/16/2008 12:23:35 PM
Merck Not Doing So Well with Their Gardasil Attempts (salon) from PRWatchMerck has suffered a regulatory setback of its owh this year, when the FDA rejected its application to legally extend the ages for which Gardasil can be marketed. Currently, it is approved.....- 9/16/2008 12:10:16 PM
Hah! Video Goodness of McCain's Spokesman Being Told Off On ALL Three Cable Networks (salon) - 9/16/2008 11:50:54 AM
Wow! Richard Cohen Blasts John McCain for Lying (salon) You know, it's almost getting sad to read the articles about how betrayed these journalists feel once they see for themselves how John McCain has sacrificed any honor code and decided to lie to win th.....- 9/16/2008 10:35:29 AM
SHAME on John McCain-Attempting to Circumvent an Independent Investigation of Sarah Palin (salon) Last night, astonishingly, I saw that John McCain's campaign is attempting to bypass the independent investigation of Sarah Palin that the state of Alaska is running (who does this remind you of? Bush.....- 9/16/2008 10:25:47 AM
Hypocrite John McCain Voted for the Deregulation that Led to this Financial Meltdown (salon) Via McBlogger's But You Voted for it SenatorHere's the thing, John. You VOTED, over and over again, to deregulate. Because you thought that would free up the Invisible Hand and we'd all be better off......- 9/16/2008 10:16:24 AM
About Vicki Iseman-Since McCain has been Caught Lying About Everything Else (salon) and since he has been trying, with great effect to abuse the tire-swinging media, who's to say that he didn't lie about an affair with Vicki Iseman? What happened to her anyway?Let's review. McCain is.....- 9/16/2008 10:00:01 AM
the Great and P.O.W. -Picture (salon) - 9/16/2008 9:39:56 AM
Video-John McCain and *My Friends* (salon) - 9/16/2008 9:18:02 AM
So... Do Alaska Taxpayers Pay For Palin's Tanning Bed or Electricity to Run it? (salon) Let's see. WHO is ELITE? Must be Sarah Palin for getting a dang tanning bed installed in the Alaska governor's mansion! And this from Narco NewsWetherell of the Department of Transportation and Public.....- 9/16/2008 9:15:42 AM
Video -Obama Smacks McCain For McCain's Cluelessness About the Economy (salon) - 9/16/2008 8:54:37 AM
Yesterday Galveston Mayor Thomas Ordered City Employees Not To talk to Media (salon) What in the fool is Galveston hiding? Before the press conference Monday, LeBlanc asked reporters whether he could go off the record. Some television crews agreed and turned their cameras off. LeBlanc.....- 9/16/2008 8:34:47 AM
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