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Sarah Palin Lie O Afternoon-As Mayor, First She Took a Cut And then a HIKE (salon) - 9/19/2008 5:02:46 PM
About the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and Construction Projects (salon) While reading about uranium mining, I came across this in an article from the SA Current.For resisters, changes in regulatory interpretations will make it harder to fight the coming wave. Submitting t.....- 9/19/2008 4:56:42 PM
About South Texas Mining Venture-Uranium Mining In Texas (salon) I noticed that one of the contributors to Kip Averitt this year is South Texas MIning Venture. here's from the Susan Combs at the State of Texas. The Energy Report also examines the other facets of th.....- 9/19/2008 4:55:00 PM
Obama Protested in Florida-Now THIS Is the way to Handle protesters (salon) - 9/19/2008 4:31:52 PM
Bush the Lesser Pops Up Today From Wherever the Heck He Was (salon) You know how it is when your vacay gets interrupted by pesky things like the financial meltdown you and the Republican party created.  That Think Progress link doesn't mention it that I saw but r.....- 9/19/2008 4:08:48 PM
Pondering the Texas Ethics Commission Rules for Campaign Reports (salon) Okay. I may not have this completely accurate, but this is my general understanding of some items I wondered about. Feel VERY FREE to leave a comment correcting me.I have wondered for awhile, since re.....- 9/19/2008 3:51:04 PM
Texas State Senator Kip Averitt (Senate District 22) TEC Report for July 2008-Expenses and Credits (salon) Already looked at the contributors.This is actually the first time I've seen a CREDIT column on a TEC (TExas Ethics Commission) report. I'll put those firstHeather Harward 173.15 Travel reiumbursement.....- 9/19/2008 3:17:19 PM
Texas State Senator Kip Averitt (SD 22) TEC Report for July 2008 -Contributions (salon) Going to do this on some separate posts, starting with who are his highest contributors. You can read the entire TEC report here.  Remember that Kip Averitt is chairman of the Natural Resources C.....- 9/19/2008 2:34:14 PM
Sarah Palin's Favorability Ratings Tumble (salon) - 9/19/2008 2:12:03 PM
Justin Feaster of Glen Rose Mentioned in Article about Hardin-Simmons Jimmie Keeling (salon) It’s even fun when Hardin-Simmons wins on game-ending drives, as it has twice this season. Former Glen Rose quarterback Justin Feaster has a firm grip on Hardin-Simmons’ spread offense, wh.....- 9/19/2008 1:57:28 PM
McCain *I Regret the Negativity*-But I'm Still Gonna Approve Those Sleazy Ads (salon) - 9/19/2008 1:54:17 PM
Luminant Fixing to File Application for 2 more reactors at Comanche Peak (Glen Rose) Today (salon) Luminant, the generating subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corp., the company created in the private buyout of TXU, did not provide a cost estimate or a projected date for the new reactors to start.....- 9/19/2008 1:26:36 PM
Obama Near Record High in the Polls-Must be That People are Tired of Republican Shenanigans (salon) - 9/19/2008 1:25:33 PM
McCain Lie O Day- Raines Is Not an Obama Advisor and the McCain Campaign Knew It (salon) Obama's campaign says Raines is not an Obama adviser and that McCain's campaign knows it because Raines said so in an e-mail earlier this week to Carly Fiorina, a top McCain adviser. Obama's campaign .....- 9/19/2008 12:25:57 PM
Sarah Palin and the John Birch Society Magazine on her Desk (salon) From BagnewsnotesLet's say that this is all perfectly innocent, that, whoopsie, a John Birch society magazine ended up on her desk, randomly, as a passout to everybody and their dog at Wasilla city co.....- 9/19/2008 12:09:58 PM
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