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Oilfield Equipment Chunk Falling Off Truck Kills Cleburne Woman- Family Suing (salon) Ugh. From the Cleburne paper-the accident happened in Venus.Rhonda Kay Henson, 41, died after a large piece of oil field equipment fell off a passing tractor-trailer crushing the driver’s side o.....- 9/28/2008 11:10:33 AM
Watched *Out of the Past* last night-what a terrific movie (salon) with Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum, film noir. Tonight, going to watch the remake "Against All Odds" which has Jeff Bridges playing the part Robert Mitchum did. Netflix has it as an instan.....- 9/28/2008 10:53:06 AM
Moment of Silence Lawsuit Update-David Croft of Carrollton (salon) The case against mandatory moment of silence in schools is on its way to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.The Crofts' argument, Abbott said, would condemn any law that protects prayer or the right to .....- 9/28/2008 10:48:21 AM
Another Atheist Soldier Sues the Military Over Religious Discrimination (salon) He says he was forced to participate in public paryers and that the military violates reliious freedoms of its personnel.In the lawsuit, Spc. Dustin Chalker, a combat medic with an engineering battali.....- 9/28/2008 10:36:41 AM
Another Reason for Separation of Church and State-the Arkansas Senator's Son Who Got a State-Funded Job (salon) Read this and tell me if you don't agree. EVEN IF this might be perfectly legal, my mama always taught me tht one should avoid the appearance of evil. And that's what this is. A Pine Bluff church with.....- 9/28/2008 10:21:55 AM
WHERE was John McCain's FLAG PIN??? Isn't he patriotic?????? (salon) Bwahahahaha. Hub noticed that right away in the debates. After all the whining and hand wringing from people that insist you must wear a visible sign of being patriotic OR YOU AREN'T, where's the whin.....- 9/28/2008 9:53:59 AM
at the right place at the wrong time? (pstern) - 9/28/2008 9:52:58 AM
Heh! Tina Fey as Sarah Palin Spoofing the Couric/Palin Interview. (salon) - 9/28/2008 1:29:12 AM
On the *National Bible Curriculum in Public Schools*-Remember Ector School District Was SUED Over this (salon) What kind of pinheads are on the Texas State Board of Education? Imagine this. The Ector County ISD (Texas) was sued by some parents who didn't want their kids taught the Bible by the partisan Nationa.....- 9/28/2008 1:12:58 AM
Um. See Anything ODD In this Picture? From the Convenience Station (salon) - 9/27/2008 12:52:47 PM
*What We Have Here is a Failure To Communicate*- Paul Newman is Dead at 83 (salon) I really liked Paul Newman. I liked "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "Hud", "The Long Hot Summer", "The Sting" and "Cool Hand Luke". But here's my all time fa.....- 9/27/2008 11:31:32 AM
So. Karen Hughes is Working for Mark Penn's Company Burson-Marstellar Now (salon) Saw this in the latest Texas Observer (Sep 19 08) in a paragraph about where the heck all the Bushies are going.Last month, Hughes was named global vice chairwoman of Burson -Marstellar, a public rela.....- 9/27/2008 11:25:43 AM
Gallup Daily Sept 27 08 Post 1st Debate Obama 48 McCain 45 (salon) Could it be that people don't think McCain acted very presidential? I mean, how many presidential candidates in a debate think the potential Dear Leader of a country should mutter *horsesh*t*? Or neve.....- 9/27/2008 11:19:39 AM
Um. In a Debate, Agreeing With Your Opponent is Maturity and Confidence (salon) Had to laugh when I read that the McCain campaign rushed out a little ad right after last night's debate ended with *I approved this message-McCain" standing still on the stage and quite unable t.....- 9/27/2008 10:19:50 AM
CBS News Poll of Independents after Obama/McCain Debate-Obama Won (salon) Obama 40 percentMcCain 22TIE 3846% of independent voters said their opinion of Obama had improved55% said McCain would make the right decisions about Iraq49% said Obama would make the right decisions .....- 9/27/2008 10:04:55 AM
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