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Video-Letterman Slams McCain AGAIN- *Ugly Date* (salon) From GawkerNot only did John McCain ditch Late Show host David Letterman for Katie Couric and mislead him about it, it turns out the Republican presidential nominee spent the entire night in New York .....- 9/25/2008 10:15:54 PM
Heh. Video-Steven Colbert Suspends His Show (salon) - 9/25/2008 9:41:48 PM
Lloyd Wirt, Scott May and Alan Steele from Glen Rose went to Montgomery Co To Help with Ike Cleanup (salon) Very, very nice article in the Conroe, Texas paper about these 3 guys (one of whom, Lloyd Wirt, you know is a county commissioner) who brought heavy equipment down to Montgomery County to help the res.....- 9/25/2008 9:15:16 PM
Barack Obama on John McCain's Political Stunt (salon) "John McCain sought to change the subject from his out-of-touch response to the economic crisis with a big announcement that he was 'suspending' his campaign. But the only thing McCain really wan.....- 9/25/2008 8:47:06 PM
What's This? Is Old Grumps McCain Trying to Undermine the Bailout Proposal? (salon) Sounds like he just thinks He'll Ride in On his White Horse and set things straight and get all the credit for fixing the bailout mess. Somebody send his ass home.Oh, and I'm watching the debate tomor.....- 9/25/2008 8:28:07 PM
More of Sarah Palin's Gibberish-Omigosh, I'm Starting to Really Like Katie Couric Again! (salon) You'll find this hilarious, too, if you can even understand what the fool the woman is trying to say. Imagine yourself in Couric's position. I imagine she was pinching herself severely under her chair.....- 9/25/2008 8:25:03 PM
Sarah Palin Joke (salon) from deedeePost Turtle  While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75-year old Texas rancher whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old.....- 9/25/2008 6:34:46 PM
McCain, Who Surrounds Himself with Lobbyists, Has Two NRA Lobbyists Working on his campaign (salon) - 9/25/2008 1:47:43 PM
Number of Banking Bills McCain Introduced this Congress-ZERO (salon) - 9/25/2008 1:39:52 PM
Video-Why Won't McCain Release His Health Records? (salon) - 9/25/2008 1:32:43 PM
Bwahahahah-Sarah Palin Video with Couric on Her Russian Foreign Policy Experience (salon) Who needs a joke book in times like these? Watch Palin work her jaw.Watch CBS Videos OnlineFrom Political WireCOURIC: You've cited Alaska's proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experienc.....- 9/25/2008 1:23:00 PM
Palin Actually Answers a Question from a Reporter and We Say *HUH?????* (salon) - 9/25/2008 1:02:05 PM
Even Bono Doesn't Want to be Seen with Palin (salon) - 9/25/2008 12:49:24 PM
Ooops. Continuing McCain Lies-Rick Davis STILL an Officer with his Lobbying Firm (salon) From NewsweekRick Davis, John McCain's campaign manager, has remained the treasurer and a corporate director of his lobbying firm this year, despite repeated statements by campaign officials that he h.....- 9/25/2008 12:25:48 PM
Bwahahah-John McCain Didn't Even Read the Paulsen Bailout Program (as of Tuesday) (salon) from Wonkette, who says that John McCain will mime his own bailout solution before Congress on Friday during the presidential debate. bwahahahahWhat makes this particularly hilarious, via TPM and NYTi.....- 9/25/2008 12:18:23 PM
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