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Video- City of Glen Rose Swears in New Town Council Members 5/11/2016 (salon) Doug Mitchell, Sandra Ramsay and Robert Marquez  What was also charming was Christy Badilla, city secretary, giving Chris Bryant and Johnny Martin *street sign* gifts.  .....- 5/11/2016 3:03:40 PM
Somervell County Water District Audio from meeting- 5/9/2016 (salon) Selected parts. I wish I had thought to look for this agenda sooner, as I would have enjoyed watching everyone get sworn in. At any rate, here's the agenda on the SCWD site and a paste of it for r.....- 5/11/2016 2:59:47 PM
Somervell County Hospital District Meetings for Friday, May 13, 2016 (salon) - 5/11/2016 11:35:14 AM
Update 5/11/2016 on Turk Lawsuit vs Ray Reynolds and Somervell County Hospital District Lawsuit (salon) Previous post To start, ANYONE can go up on the US Western District's website, read this case and download or print documents. Somervell County Salon is a media outlet, which posts open records.....- 5/11/2016 10:32:44 AM
Update on Elizabeth Ann Morgan: Re DWI - May 2016) (salon) For background, do a search on this site on Liz Morgan, multiple articles. Liz Morgan worked for Glen Rose Medical Center as the HIM director as well as HIPAA privacy officer. She stole a signifi.....- 5/11/2016 8:17:52 AM
Case Set for Karen Shepard June 1 2016 at 9:00 am (Somervell) (salon) - 5/11/2016 7:08:43 AM
Somervell County Fire/EMS Logs for Logs 3/1/2016 through May 8 2016 (salon) - 5/10/2016 10:38:27 PM
Somervell County Jail Logs 3/1/2016 through May 8 2016 (salon) - 5/10/2016 10:20:47 PM
Somervell County Incident Reports 3/1/2016 through 5/6/2016 (salon) - 5/10/2016 9:45:54 PM
Sheriff Doyle Inconsistent and Arbitrary with Mugshot Photos - May 2016 (salon) Since about 8 years ago, the Somervell County Sheriff's Department has consistently denied supplying mugshots for jail inmates, unless the person has been through court and been convicted. In.....- 5/10/2016 11:22:20 PM
Video- City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting 5/9/2016 (salon) Agenda Also a few selected video clips, below. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month Tom Osborne re: Preservation Board Celeste Schmidt. This is with regard to the upc.....- 5/10/2016 8:58:39 AM
Primary Runoff Election for Somervell County Sheriff - Election Day May 24 2016 (salon) via DebAnn Gartrell There is a run off for Sheriff between Jeff Slaton and Allen West. Early voting is Monday May 16 - Friday May 20. 7am - 7pm at the Somervell County Annex Conference Room......- 5/9/2016 4:28:06 PM
Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court May 9 2016=Full and some selected clips (salon) Agenda Somervell County Commissioners Court Haley Baird re: National Mental Health Awareness Month (also Hank Jones) Mark Crawford Lucas CPR Compression machine .....- 5/9/2016 4:14:24 PM
Registered Voters versus Recent Election Voters in Somervell County and the City of Glen Rose (salon) Total City of Glen Rose Registered Voters as of 5/9/2016 (this number subject to change daily due to people moving, new voters, deaths, etc)  1533 Council Member Election held on May 7 2016.....- 5/9/2016 11:30:37 AM
2016 Elections for City of Glen Rose and Somervell County Hospital District (salon) City of Glen Rose (Town Council Members) The results are posted on the front door of the City of Glen Rose Town Hall  3 spots, the top three (to be certified next week) were Doug Mitchel.....- 5/8/2016 9:59:42 AM
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