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Video-CFO Report- Becky Whitsitt on Glen Rose Medical Center Finances/Dashboard July 2016 (salon) Rough Transcript (watch video for exact) Whitsitt: Look at power point, for June. Down just a couple admissions. Financial Decisisons, savings on salaries, benefits, net revenue down Hospital 9.....- 7/31/2016 8:28:17 AM
Video- Ray Reynolds (Glen Rose Medical Center) CEO Report-Finances-Cut Backs July 2016 (salon) Rough Transcript (watch video for exact)  Reynolds: A follow up of where we are with trying to get our operating expenses in line with our expected revenue. The reductions, either throug.....- 7/31/2016 8:27:05 AM
Ron *Bully* Hankins Doesn't Like it When He thinks Others are Bullies Too (Luminant) (salon) Don't you know? Only HE gets to be a hotheaded bully! Get in Line, Luminant! (Haha, to remind he recently called Luminant Evil and invented a new language to describe them. :) One can only la.....- 7/30/2016 12:39:13 PM
Ron Hankins Leads the Way to Find out about GRMC Bankruptcy (July 2016) (salon) Rough Transcript (watch the video for exact)  Hankins Discuss and if necessary take action on letter of engagement, retainer agreement with Norton Rose Fulbright Reynolds: Let me .....- 7/30/2016 12:07:42 PM
William Cox, Former Somervell Deputy, Drunkenly Shot a Gun into a Church in Ellis County (Texas) (salon) Fox News, which you'll note misspelled Somervell in their article Cox was mad about the ambush to the Dallas police, was drunk and shot his duty gun into the air and into a church, while shou.....- 7/30/2016 10:09:11 AM
Hillary Clinton Trivia O Day (July 29 2016) (salon) Apparently the Clinton campaign is fighting this ad being shown   The phrasing about Clinton's speech is pretty hilarious NY Post (hate to admit my grandma also made this sort .....- 7/29/2016 6:15:00 PM
Goose Story O Day (July 2016) (salon) Had a lot of geese hatch out this year. There are now two gangs of geese, one that has an assortment of different breeds that all hang together after working out their Who's In Charge differences,.....- 7/27/2016 1:40:12 PM
Luminant-Property Taxes and Actual Value (Texas Observer July 2016) (salon) Texas Observer-Excellent article well worth reading in its entirety that includes other communities dealing with the same property tax issues Somervell County is with Comanche Peak. Overnight, mo.....- 7/27/2016 12:49:53 PM
Jill Stein on Broken Democracy, 2 party system and Lesser of Two Evils (Video) (salon) - 7/27/2016 11:16:12 AM
Luminant Document Filed with NRC in March 2016 Creating New Company (salon) LINK As a side note, spoke to Wes Rollen, tax appraiser, about whether/if there are tax liens against Luminant. According to tax code, when property tax bills go out each year on January 1, by.....- 7/27/2016 12:41:04 PM
Fear and the Lesser of Two Evils Argument re: Hillary Clinton (salon) Saw this via Brains and Eggs re; You're not voting for HIllary Clinton to protect me If you’re going to vote for Hillary to stop Trump, at least be fucking honest and stop pretendi.....- 7/27/2016 9:09:23 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/27/2016 (salon) Will I regret not getting another load of mulch for the trees and bushes? Maybe, but hard to get motivated to be out in this heat putting it around. I hope for rain in the next week. There is a lar.....- 7/27/2016 8:49:08 AM
Video-Glen Rose CVB meeting with NBC5 Digital (salon) From CVB meeting today at the Holiday Inn Express REMOVED. Although I specifically called the CVB before the meeting, specifically asked if it would be okay to record this meeting, and was told by .....- 7/26/2016 7:16:36 PM
Musing about rituals and elections (2016) (salon) I'm unexpectedly sadder than I thought I would be today about Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic party nomination and Bernie Sanders losing. When you no longer believe in something, there'.....- 7/27/2016 7:41:17 AM
Audio- Somervell County Commissioners Court Budget Workshop 7/20/2016 (salon) - 7/26/2016 3:25:09 PM
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