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Religious News and Notes from the Distaff Side for January 28 2009 (salon) I didni't realize it was only in 2000 that the Southern Baptist Convention decided to bar women from being pastors. Jesus told Man to Drive His SUV into Planned Parenthood in St Paul, MNAccording to t.....- 1/28/2009 1:06:11 PM
Snow Pics for Glen Rose for Jan 28 2009 (salon) You know, when I LOOK out at this snow, which fell last night, it looks quite different than in the pictures. Maybe it's because I lived in Ohio and that was *SNOW*. But you know, you've got to take i.....- 1/28/2009 11:58:47 AM
In Response to Gov. Perry's 'State of the State' Address (pstern) Perry a big part of the problem  For thinking people, what remains most visible is that Gov. Rick Perry has been the instrumental force for most of our political, economic and social pr.....- 1/28/2009 10:33:49 AM
QUESTION (humanbeing) So, Salon, if you support having a local hospital but do not support its request for the creation of a Hospital District (which may be the best way to keep it viable), how do you feel about our Water .....- 1/28/2009 9:23:46 AM
11:45 PM and it's COLD Outside-Right now GRISD delayed opening 2 1/2 hours tomorrow (salon) - 1/27/2009 11:52:12 PM
Peter Stern's - Bush the Worst President Ever article makes it into a Hong Kong newspaper (salon) - 1/27/2009 9:07:38 PM
Sleet Falling and Icy Roads Starting.... Get off the road! Now! (salon) - 1/27/2009 8:39:07 PM
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Earmarks for 2008- Including Glen Rose Medical Center (salon) List of earmarks, some of which have co-sponsors for Chet Edwards for 2008. Here's the link to the specific one for $315,000 for the GRMC. Wondering. Since the county holds the lease for hte G.....- 1/27/2009 8:23:50 PM
Rick Perry Thinks His Rural Constituents are Stupid (salon) from Acre - read the whole thing.First, he implies that his constituents are stupid. About transportation, he says, “This is an issue that too many people don’t understand.” He .....- 1/27/2009 8:16:05 PM
Trashing Madonna Day- Because It's Fun........-and She's a Skank (salon) There was a brief period of time, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, that Madonna was somewhat cool... before she entered into the brea slime pit with the other wooly mammoths who accepted her into .....- 1/27/2009 3:32:33 PM
E Tu Brute? Republican McConnell Knifes Bush in the Back (salon) - 1/27/2009 3:17:10 PM
Quick Call Back from the Texas AG's Office RE: Hospital District Public Records-Glen Rose Medical Foundation (salon) we mentioned here before that Gary Marks had told us that he was wanting to have the Glen Rose Medical Foundation run the hospital, with the board at the front, and keep information about the hospital.....- 1/27/2009 2:00:33 PM
Rick Perry Says Screw You To People Who Don't Want To Drive on Toll Roads (salon) I am reminded again, the Texas Republicans have in their party platform that they are AGAINST the Trans Texas Corridor et al. But 39 percent of the people (and you KNOW they had to be Republicans) vot.....- 1/27/2009 1:22:29 PM
What Has Texas Outsourced to Private Agencies? Um... Sorry, Nobody Knows (salon) via McBlogger The A-AS has an article talking about PPPs with Texas, that is taking functions that used to be PART oif our government, because Texas government is using our taxes, but are now don.....- 1/27/2009 1:06:04 PM
Texas Secretary of State Filings on Glen Rose Medical et al businesses (salon) I heard earlier today that the entity that is attempting to buy theMeridian Clinic in Bosque County is an LLC called Glen Rose Health Partnership. I looked up on the SOS website and wasn't able to fin.....- 1/27/2009 12:22:32 PM
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