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Quick note- went to the City of Glen Rose Oakdale Park workshop today (7/9/2016) (salon) and recorded it. The meeting lasted till about 2:00 in the afternoon, and I unfortunately didn't get the last 10 minutes but did take some notes. Will be putting up the video on a separate post ov.....- 7/9/2016 3:13:12 PM
Will the Somervell County Expo Center Be Closed at the end of this fiscal year (2016) (salon) Update: 7/11/2016-I went to this meeting this morning and recorded it. Will be putting the video up over the next few days, including citizen comments and the commissioners court deliberations. LINK t.....- 7/7/2016 5:32:50 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/11/2016 (salon) You do NOT have to stand for the pledge of allegiance nor participate. Gross. Do people actually have sex with Roger Ailes? Yug Kansas police department removes Bible verse from patrol vehicle .....- 7/11/2016 3:54:47 PM
James Comey of FBI Says Hillary Clinton was EXTREMELY CARELESS AND... (salon) that there were 110 emails that were classified AT THE TIME THEY WERE SENT.  Hillary Clinton is a liar. She may have skirted an indictment because it wasn't apparently enough evidence to p.....- 7/5/2016 11:42:23 AM
Pretty Cute! Father Delivers Baby in Car in Glen Rose 7/4/2016 (salon) - 7/4/2016 11:26:25 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/2/2016 (salon) Too hot to be outside but otherwise working on the yard in the cool bits. I have some overall plans to make a small covered barn area for my donkey, found some fittings that would work with 3/4 inch c.....- 7/2/2016 5:00:31 PM
Interbank Loan Restructure on Hold for Glen Rose Medical Center - 6/30/2016 (salon) At the May 24, 2016 regular meeting of the Somervell County Hospital District, one of the items was discussed was Interbank restructuring and renewing existing loans.  Ray Reynolds Had some .....- 7/2/2016 4:14:28 PM
Somervell County Water District 4th of July Celebration at Wheeler Branch 2016 (salon) Hoping all our readers have a lovely 4th of July. Wheeler Branch of the Somervell County Water District will be having 4th of July fireworks ON Monday  the 4th, Fireworks show at 9:30 pm , s.....- 7/2/2016 3:16:37 PM
Are the 501a Doctors w Glen Rose Medical Center Taking Salary Cuts and Insurance Benefits Cuts? (salon) In all of the discussions about how Glen Rose Medical Center employees are having hours cut, or being asked to go home if not busy, and now, getting insurance and benefits cut, I have heard nothing ex.....- 7/2/2016 8:46:41 AM
Another Side to the Oakdale Park Complaints - 7/1/2016 (salon) Readers will remember the letters from open records request regarding an Oakdale Park incident about 2 weeks ago.  Here are 3 letters that give a different perspective, were apparently sent in af.....- 7/1/2016 4:52:32 PM
VIDEO- Glen Rose Medical Center CFO Report for May 2016- Becky Whitsitt (salon) - 7/1/2016 1:11:14 PM
About the cuts to Glen Rose Medical Center Employee Benefits (May 30 2016) (salon) - 7/1/2016 1:05:02 PM
Top Posts on Somervell County Salon Last Month-June 2016 (salon)  1  Glen Rose Medical Center Sends Open Letter to Employees (June 24 2016)  6/24/2016-salon    2  Tasha Hatcher and Karen Shepard Ca.....- 7/1/2016 8:37:36 AM
Goober Ron Hankins Never Fails to Amuse - Hospital District Meeting 6/20/2016 (salon) Saw in the Glen Rose Reporter, page A2 of this week's paper, in an article by Travis Smith about how Glen Rose Medical Center is in need of resuscitation, that Ron Hankins "advised Reyno.....- 7/1/2016 11:06:25 AM
Some Interesting Abortion Statistics in 2014 for Somervell County (salon) from DSHS Induced Terminations of Pregnancy by Age  and County of Residence  Texas, 2014 COUNTY TOTAL UNDER 15 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 .....- 6/30/2016 3:06:27 PM
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