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Heh-Video-Have YOU Ever Missed a Flight? (salon) - 2/17/2009 9:23:29 AM
Don't Bother to Pay for Call Blocking Services Anymore (salon) No more anonymous caller. From Wired.A new service set for launch Tuesday allows cellphone users to unmask the Caller ID on  blocked incoming calls, obtaining the phone number, and in some cases .....- 2/17/2009 9:18:50 AM
Facebook Changes Terms of Service-We Own Your Content Forever (salon) I nominally have a Facebook account-I created it only to see how it worked and what was on it, but wasn't much interested in maintaining it. Heck, after reading THIS from Consumerist, maybe for sure I.....- 2/17/2009 8:43:05 AM
About the Huge Fireball in North Texas- FAA Says it was NOT Space Junk (salon) I really had to laugh when I read that the FAA said that that big ole fireball in the sky wsa NOT junk coming down out of the sky because of the satellites in space colliding. No.It was a METEOR!Now, .....- 2/16/2009 5:31:32 PM
Excellent Quote about Bi-Partisanship (salon) from Whatever.....when the GOP enforces a party line vote against the stimulus bill and then goes on Sunday morning talk shows to complain about the lack of bipartisanship in the White House, it&rsquo.....- 2/16/2009 5:07:03 PM
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Switches Committee Assignments in new Lege Term (salon) from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. He's no longer on the Ag committee but now on Business and Industry.He said the committee is one of the top three coveted committees in the House and oversee.....- 2/16/2009 1:52:29 PM
How Long Has Rose Beck Been Contracting for the Glen Rose Medical Nursing Home LLC? (salon) At one of the Town Hall meetings I attended, some were very adament that Rose Beck has never worked for the Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing Home as an employee, but as a contractor. Wondering, maybe .....- 2/16/2009 1:50:30 PM
Glen Rose Nursing Home LLC Had 5 Federal and 8 State Violations in 2007/2008. (salon) Reader jojoakaoscar left a comment on the post "What Other Foundations are Related to the Glen Rose Medical Foundation/Medical Center? which says that in January 2008 the GRMC Nursing home was ci.....- 2/16/2009 6:34:39 AM
ROADSIDE TRASH (humanbeing) As many of you may have noticed, our roadside trash problem here in Somervell County (and elsewhere), is epidemic. I walk a lot and often I feel as though I'm wading through a landfill. Sometimes I re.....- 2/15/2009 11:48:00 PM
I'll Be Outside Looking for Space Junk Tonight! No UFOS Here! (salon) heh. Usually, reports around these parts of fireballs in the sky or strange lights are from people who think maybe this area gets UFOS. Not today. Today, it's crap in the sky hurtling towards the eart.....- 2/15/2009 5:55:15 PM
Video-Astronauts Drinking Coffee in Space Without a Straw (salon) - 2/15/2009 4:41:07 PM
Video-Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman-Where was He? (salon) I'm late to the party to watch this video but have to say I don't think this was a put-on. Phoenix should have stayed home because dark glasses can't cover up for bieng zoned out of your mind. Via Dis.....- 2/15/2009 5:43:53 PM
Where does the Obama Administration stand on our Veterans? (pstern) What have you done for us lately?Where does the Obama Administration stand on our Veterans?  We continue to hear about the stimulus package emerging from Congress, but what about our Veteran.....- 2/15/2009 3:21:16 PM
Jessica Simpson Writes Song For Herself-OOOPSS. I mean Tony Romo (salon) - 2/15/2009 2:43:44 PM
Better put up a POSTED-NO TRESPASSING SIGN on your property-or a camera can snoop on you (salon) I couldn't believe when I read this case of a man who was caught on camera killing a couple of red hawks, which are protected species. I do not here address whether he should have done this or not, bu.....- 2/15/2009 2:35:26 PM
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