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Musing about rituals and elections (2016) (salon) I'm unexpectedly sadder than I thought I would be today about Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic party nomination and Bernie Sanders losing. When you no longer believe in something, there'.....- 7/27/2016 7:41:17 AM
Audio- Somervell County Commissioners Court Budget Workshop 7/20/2016 (salon) - 7/26/2016 3:25:09 PM
Here's what I don't get about Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton on 1st day of DNC convention (salon) I see a lot of people on Twitter who are still for Sanders EVEN THOUGH he has now endorsed HIlllary Clinton. Why? Sanders has already given up and capitulated, has Knelt Before Zod. I read a bit ago t.....- 7/25/2016 12:33:41 PM
Charlie Hunnan as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Comic Con (salon) I love GOT, also loved Lord of the Rings, the THREE Hobbitt movies not so much (sheesh, one would have been more than good). Not so sure I will like this movie. Guy Ritchie movies are always so frenet.....- 7/25/2016 11:47:43 AM
Comic-Con and Movie Trailers - Like WONDER WOMAN (salon) Although I'm not sure who can beat Lynda Carter (happy birthday, yesterday!) , this new Wonder Woman seriously kicks A. (Wonder why the attraction to WWII settings, though? And yes, I know he.....- 7/25/2016 11:37:33 AM
Mood ... (salon)                                                         .....- 7/23/2016 11:29:15 PM
DNC *WAS* Trying to Tank Bernie Sanders -The Hill (salon) Gee. I thought the Democratic party allowed more than one candidate to run. Guess Sanders was messing with the DNC's game plan to foist HIllary Clinton on everybody. #WhyILeftTheDemocraticParty .....- 7/23/2016 3:57:02 PM
Simpsons- Two Party (salon) #JillStein                                                     &nbs.....- 7/23/2016 3:49:07 PM
Somervell Citizens Getting To Hear and Understand how Decisions are Reached? Nope - 7/23/2016 (salon) Somervell County Commissioners Court for July 22, 2016 had an agenda item regarding the Expo Center.  6. Discuss/take action on options regarding the Expo Center. .....- 7/23/2016 12:06:46 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/22/2016 (salon) I thought it was supposed to be much hotter this week. The weather has been hot but milder than usual. I am NOT complaining;) I'm STILL for Jill Stein.  MORE Hillary Clinton emails-the .....- 7/22/2016 5:59:30 PM
Glen Rose Reporter has a new editor Ben Tinsley (salon) I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Tinsley earlier today, when he attended the Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting, and have a very favorable first impression. Besides looking forward to the di.....- 7/22/2016 4:27:37 PM
Video- Somervell County Commissioners Court Including Decision about the Expo 7/22/2016 (salon) Also profit and loss statements on the Expo and the Golf Course. I didn't hear this decision discussed, must have been in the budget meeting the other day, will be posting that later.  .....- 7/22/2016 1:31:38 PM
Hastings Entertainment to Close Down All Its Stores (salon) Presumably since *all* that means the one in Stephenville, too A month after filing for bankruptcy and outlining a plan to find a buyer for its 123 stores, Hastings Entertainment announ.....- 7/22/2016 8:47:20 AM
YEARS of audio (salon) I think I"m going to make it a project over the next few months to get all the audio files (government)  I have for the last 10 years up on Youtube. Not only will that free up server di.....- 7/22/2016 7:42:16 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 7/21/2016 (salon) Can't wait till BOTH the Republican and Democratic conventions are over. Still haven't watched Spotlight, i think it's on Netflix now.  Both parties want you to watch the other.....- 7/21/2016 4:22:49 PM
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