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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 21 2010 (salon) Lignt posting from me through the first of the year. I have a project I must get done this week, will be standing by the stove making pecan brittle after Thanksgiving, and generally just involved i.....- 11/21/2010 9:08:31 AM
Stranger-Danger For Children- UNLESS IT*S the TSA (salon) Excellent article in the Guardian by Jennifer Abel entitled "Get Your Hands Off Me, TSA" Brian Sodegren calls for all Americans to refuse the nude scanners and insist the patdown .....- 11/20/2010 12:29:13 PM
Congressman John Boehner Gets To Skip the I-See-You-Naked Backscaller Machines or Being Groped (salon) You can't be the Common Man and still be Privileged Enough to Avoid the Line. He makes good money-why doesn't John Boehner just drop the phony "I'm One of You" act and fly via.....- 11/20/2010 7:20:26 AM
Earmark Spending in Texas 2010 (salon) - 11/19/2010 6:34:37 PM
Hilarious Sharon Angle Video that Was Too Terrible for her campaign to air (salon) - 11/19/2010 5:37:04 PM
Video- TSA Grope Story O Day -Drop Your Pants! From March 2010 (salon) From the Wewontfly.com website. Here's a bonus- TSA makes cancer survivor remove prosthetic breast-via Boing Boing "She put her full hand on my breast and said, 'What .....- 11/19/2010 1:49:18 PM
Agenda for Special Session of Somervell County Commissioners Court Nov 22 2010 (salon) Thank you, Mary Ann Million ************************** COMMISSIONERS’ COURT MEETING OF SPECIAL SESSION OF SOMERVELL COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: PURSUANT TO THE TEXA.....- 11/19/2010 8:55:24 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 19 2010 (salon) Still busy with the fall cleaning. It's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate over time, but then, when you want to find something, you can't. Well, at least *I* can't. One of my cu.....- 11/19/2010 11:22:03 AM
Nice to wake up to no water (silenceisgolden) Thought it was going to be a lovely day until we woke up to no WATER!!!  Called Town Hall and a construction company hit the water main this morning. Do they not realize that it can be ISOLATE.....- 11/18/2010 8:37:44 AM
Tom Delay's Trial? Reminder to Watch Documentary *The Big Buy*- Sid Miller connection. (salon) - 11/18/2010 7:58:19 AM
What are Earmarks Anyway? Using the Trinity Parkway Toll Road as Example.. (Nov 2010) (salon) Unfair Park An earmark is what happens when somebody calls up Kay Bailey Hutchison and says, "Hey, Kay, we want to build an illegal rail line with tax money to make ourselves rich. Sti.....- 11/17/2010 9:25:55 PM
The Glen Rose Reporter and Audio Files from Other Sources (salon) As readers know, Somervell County Salon has been recording, in video and audio, governmental meetings for years. Where we are not at meetings, we either have gone to make copies of government-recor.....- 11/17/2010 7:02:55 PM
Dinosaur Valley State Park is a Fabulous Place to Go Bicycle Riding (salon) Went out there today, got a park pass, and pulled out the bikes. The day was near perfect; sunny, a little cool, leaves on trees changing color. We did look to see if we saw the dino tracks in the .....- 11/17/2010 5:39:40 PM
Check Registers for City of Glen Rose Month of October 2010 (salon) Thank you, Peggy Busch! **************************** Oakdale Park City of Glen Rose CVB As always, if you see something interesting, please post about it in the comments. Also, .....- 11/17/2010 1:03:38 PM
Good Bill-SB2010 82R- Designation Election Day as a Holiday (salon) - 11/17/2010 12:32:10 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 17 2010 (salon) My bangs at the stage where they are super annoying-Must Get Hair Spray. Also see that a duck I thought was a female is actually a male; that's good because he's the ONE male in a group of .....- 11/17/2010 1:30:54 PM
Atheist Christopher Hitchens to Debate at Christian School in Plano (humanbeing) From the Dallas Morning News by Sam Hodges: "If you're a Christian school bent on bringing in an atheist to test students' faith, why not shoot for the stars? That was the thi.....- 11/17/2010 10:06:32 AM
Yup. Why DON'T more people drive or take a train or bus or whatever? (salon) I read a woman's account yesterday about how she didn't want the TSA screeners to be feeling her up either all the way to up to..... you know. If people really don't want to subject the.....- 11/17/2010 8:59:00 AM
All About Dubya (salon) This from the FW Weekly made me laugh. Oh, and my opinion of Bush did change after his recent media rounds. I no longer think he’s an idiot. Now he seems sorta like a sociopath......- 11/17/2010 8:29:45 AM
Interesting bill filed re: Eminent domain in Texas for 82R (salon) Here's link to the text. It has quite a few elements in it. I haven't had a chance to read the entire thing thoroughly and consider it, I'd like to know, as a discussion point, wha.....- 11/16/2010 12:42:47 PM
What is Dan Flynn? The Texas Taliban? Bill to Display Ten Commandments in Classrooms (salon) Here's the text of the bill.   82R57 EAH-D     By: Flynn H.B. No. 79 .....- 11/16/2010 12:38:39 PM
Irony O Day-Even CIRA's website tells Counties to Post Meeting Notices on their websites (Texas) (salon) TO BE COMPLIANT WITH TEXAS LAW Readers know that I have long found it puzzling that Mike Ford, who bragged that he heads the technology committee at Somervell County, and has said he champions .....- 11/16/2010 11:38:25 AM
Thinking Ahead-the Direction of Somervell County Salon for 2011 (salon) Here it is, already mid-November, and I have quite a few things on my plate from now on until the beginning of the year. (That includes getting a bunch of pecans and making a treat for those I appreci.....- 11/16/2010 8:34:16 AM
Saying the Pledge is a Choice-One Can Demur From Saying It Without Having to Give a Reason (New Hampshire) (salon) Our writings yesterday on the 1st US Circuit Court's Pledge decision. An interesting part of the 1st Circuit Court decision. Under the New Hampshire Act, both the choice to engage i.....- 11/16/2010 10:19:55 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 16 2010 (salon) More from Adam Eyres in Africa (from Fossil Rim)- Made me laugh-especially the photos. Gee. Women don't like TSA groping them either. This made me laugh, too. -South Texas Chisme ab.....- 11/16/2010 9:04:58 AM
Audio and Minutes from Somervell County Commissioners Court Nov 15 2010 (salon) Thank you, Judy N ******************************** If you hear something interesting, please share it in the comments along with about where it occurred in the audio. Agenda was here. .....- 11/15/2010 4:56:32 PM
Another Fall Picture of Glen Rose Trees-Because They are GORGEOUS! (salon) - 11/15/2010 4:27:38 PM
To Be A Patriot Does Not Require a Belief in God - The Pledge of Allegiance Case in New Hampshire (Nov 2010) (salon) Saw that a federal appeals court decided that having a voluntary time in schools in NH to have children say the pledge with the phrase Under God inserted, does not violate student's constitutio.....- 11/15/2010 4:00:45 PM
1000 Years of War in Five Minutes (humanbeing) - 11/15/2010 9:45:03 AM
Citizen Journalists in DFW area- *Journalism Ethics in the Digital Age* at UTA (Nov 20 2010) (salon) From Texas Watchdog The Fort Worth chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and Texas Watchdog are teaming up to provide panel discussions and training for you on Saturday, Novemb.....- 11/15/2010 9:34:05 AM
Really? People with RVs can Just Pull Up Anywhere and Park Overnight? (Glen Rose) (salon) I saw an entry about a couple who are travelling around in their RV and their trip to Glen Rose. I don't have an RV so maybe this is what they all do. That is, if you don't want to have to .....- 11/15/2010 9:08:18 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 15 2010 (salon) Gorgeous day!  Leonid Meteor Shower this week. before dawn on Nov 17 and 18. The moon should be set by then a few hours before dawn. If you can see all the stars in the Little Dipper you h.....- 11/15/2010 9:28:42 AM
Adam Eyres of Fossil Rim is in Niger- PHOTOS of giraffes (salon) - 11/15/2010 8:11:46 AM
What if it was up to you to fix the Budget? (humanbeing) From the New York Times: Today, you’re in charge of the nation’s finances. Some of your options have more short-term savings and some have more long-term savings. When you have clos.....- 11/14/2010 10:22:54 PM
For End of Day- Some Yard Pictures of Glen Rose (Nov 14 2010) (salon) It's about near perfect today-a little chilly but not overly so (at least until after the sun goes down) and the leaves on trees, due to the cold, actually have some color! Not like it is up no.....- 11/14/2010 6:19:18 PM
Is the Phone Call Dead? (salon) This is pretty interesting-. I use Skype as well, don't usually talk on my cell phone because the reception is spotty out here, but I do text. A lot of people I know aren't on Skype yet.....- 11/14/2010 1:21:12 PM
You! You Better Submit to Fondling at the Airport Or You'll be Fined $10000 Bucks. (salon) Man didn't want to go through the I See You Naked Scanner and was told he'd have to submit to being fondled. Boing Boing He told the screener, "if you touch my junk, I'll h.....- 11/14/2010 1:07:54 PM
Video O Day- Youngest Fashion Designer (salon) - 11/14/2010 1:04:54 PM
Why I'm Now An Atheist- Part 3- Why Even Say Anything Publicly? (salon) Part 1 Part 2 In the last few years as I have been doing extensive reading and thinking about the premises for the existence of god, I've written here with some examples that illustrated my.....- 11/14/2010 1:00:03 PM
Does Your Dog Talk? (humanbeing) - 11/14/2010 9:43:16 AM
That was the 2nd GREDC/4b Meeting That Wasn't Recorded - Nov 9 2010 (salon) First off, KUDOS again to all the entities in government that have audio recordings and are making them available in a timely manner so that ANY CITIZEN can go listen to a meeting after it happens. Th.....- 11/14/2010 9:35:02 AM
Why I'm Now an Atheist- Part 2- Feminism and Women in Religion (salon) Part 1 here. Part 3 I've always believed I am a competent female (not perfect by any means but competent). Also that I am not in second place compared to a man, nor should I be subservient.....- 11/14/2010 12:26:12 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 14 2010 (salon) LOOK OUT!!!! KILLER TURKEYS ON THE LOOSE! Truth is stranger than fiction. What kind of mother IS that????? Idiocracy From Jobsanger Pretty cool-home automation server from a ro.....- 11/14/2010 10:05:38 AM
Dang! Here's The Answer to What Happened to One vs 100-Microsoft KILLED IT (salon) I... am... female. Maybe there are a lot of women who love the shoot em up games like Halo, but not me. What I DID like, in fact everyone in my family did, (including males) was One vs 100 on the X.....- 11/14/2010 7:33:50 AM
I Hate Taxes But (salon) - 11/14/2010 7:03:36 AM
A Few More Side Notes about the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) (salon) I've spoken before about my background, being raised as a Southern Baptist. There are a few points that I have long wondered about, as a matter of perception. For example, I was raised to believe .....- 11/13/2010 6:47:33 PM
Adam Eyres of Fossil Rim has arrived in Niger (salon) - 11/13/2010 9:09:51 AM
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Opinion Column Re: Veterans Mental Health Services (salon) from the Austin American Statesman. As we prepare for the 82nd Texas Legislature and its unique budgetary challenges, I will be asking my fellow lawmakers to pay special care in preserving fund.....- 11/13/2010 8:12:51 AM
Interesting Stats on Solar Water Use Versus Coal or Nuclear (salon) from Texas Vox/Jim Hightower- in the comment. Private interests now want to build four new, water-sucking power plants in our state – even though Texas already produces far more elec.....- 11/13/2010 7:56:51 AM
Video O Day- Bad Romance By Russian Office Workers (salon) - 11/12/2010 4:04:31 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 12 2010 (salon) Raining this morning. Refreshing! Going to have to get a dog gate for the stairs. The new pound pup I got is really great but for some housebreaking reasons I need to keep her from going upstai.....- 11/12/2010 11:32:12 AM
Agenda for Special Session of Somervell County Commissioners Court for Nov 15, 2010 (salon) Thank you, Mary Ann Million *********** COMMISSIONER’S COURT MEETING OF SPECIAL SESSION OF SOMERVELL COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:   PURSUANT TO THE TEXAS OP.....- 11/12/2010 10:30:56 AM
UPDATED: Why Did the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce Take Over the Downtown Association's Christmas on the Square? (salon) I have this video clip included in this other post, but wanted to bring it up to a top level to expound on it a bit. Sandra Ramsey brought this up. Rough transcript: As always, both the full au.....- 11/12/2010 10:19:54 AM
Celebrate Somervell ! (SomervellSally) PUC yesterday made the final decision on Lone Star Transmission Lines. They are going south of Somervell County. Much procedure, much funds, and much care by the peoples of Chalk Mountain and .....- 11/11/2010 1:58:29 PM
Glen Rose -Do You Listen to the Police or Fire Scanner? Want to Twitter About It? (salon) I'd like to have a citizen powered way to share what's going on via the scanners. What would be great is this. You? Listener? Get a twitter account and when you are around and hear something i.....- 11/11/2010 1:26:05 PM
Cute Video O Day- Grumpy Baby turns to Dancing Fool (salon) - 11/11/2010 1:18:51 PM
A Reminder: Oakdale Park is not making any money (salon) From City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting Nov 8 2010 (Peggy Busch) So if it's not making any money anyway, why doesn't it just get shut down until it's all fixed and inspecte.....- 11/11/2010 12:45:37 PM
Sid Miller (TX House District 59) Support Joe Straus as speaker (salon) - 11/11/2010 12:29:26 PM
Nother Comment on the Newest Plan for Oakdale Park (Nov 2010) (salon) Video from the City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting of Nov 8 2010 in which yet another consultant was hired. Let me do a count. Plan for Oakdale Park for when it was purchased. N.....- 11/11/2010 12:40:24 PM
*Let the Market Decide*-That is Just Not True for Glen Rose and Somervell County (Nov 2010) (salon) I was at the City of Glen Rose meeting the other night, at which part of it was a hearing on CPAC (zoning standards). One man, Guy W, stood up and said that he wasn't for CPAC passing, talked a.....- 11/11/2010 10:17:44 AM
Video-Ken Prykryl With Status On Bridge Over Paluxy Costs -Nov 9 2010 (salon) - 11/11/2010 9:45:53 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 11 2010 (salon) I'm growing out my bangs and they are just at the not-quite-so-annoying stage where I can sort of keep them in place with some hairspray or gel-for a long time I've had bangs and am going t.....- 11/11/2010 12:38:00 PM
Sick Around The World, Frontline, PBS (humanbeing) - 11/10/2010 8:25:51 PM
Sick Around The World, Frontline, PBS (humanbeing) - 11/10/2010 8:25:02 PM
Sick Around The World, Frontline, PBS (humanbeing) - 11/10/2010 8:24:15 PM
Sick Around The World, Frontline, PBS (humanbeing) - 11/10/2010 8:23:16 PM
Sick Around The World, Frontline, PBS (humanbeing) - 11/10/2010 8:08:14 PM
Texas Horse Teeth Floaters- Court Victory Over Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (salon) Via Sid Miller (US House Rep District 59) **************** Institute for Justice 901 N. GLEBE ROAD SUITE 900    ARLINGTON, VA 22203     (703) 682-9320.....- 11/10/2010 4:43:03 PM
Check Register for Somervell County October 2010 (salon) - 11/10/2010 2:56:50 PM
Plenty of Room for Theft With Oakdale Park Monies - Nov 10 2010 (salon) Readers remember that I wondered awhile back about what kind of controls Oakdale Park had on its accounting system. That is, how were receipts being handled versus cash, and how were the amounts be.....- 11/10/2010 2:17:14 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Nov 10 2010 (salon) I heard on the radio there was ANOTHER earthquake in Cleburne the other day. And that it may have been gas drilling causing it. I love kind of thing.-From Instructables. Let the water .....- 11/10/2010 9:36:07 AM
Audio and Some Pics- GREDC/4b (Glen Rose Economic Development Board Meeting for Nov 9 2010 (salon) - 11/10/2010 6:56:20 AM
GREDC/4b Wants to Use 4b Tax Money To Fund Chamber Of Commerce Position - Nov 9 2010 (salon) The GREDC/4b Board talked last night about using 4b tax money to fund a position for an events coordinator for the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce. Full audio of the meeting is here. I'm goin.....- 11/10/2010 10:18:38 AM
Natural Gas Leaks at Oakdale Leading to Conversion from Gas to Electric (City Glen Rose Nov 8 2010) (salon) - 11/9/2010 8:48:52 PM
Video-About Proposed Walking Trail on Texas Drive-Nixed by Glen Rose City Council Nov 8 2010 (salon) from City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting Nov 8 2010 At an October, 2010 City Council meeting, the council talked about striping not only the middle of the road but also an area on the sides .....- 11/10/2010 5:22:13 AM
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