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About that Happy Hill Court Case.. and Some Random Facts (salon) I was curious to see what the latest was on the court case being lodged against Happy Hill  I pass Happy Hill quite often and had wondered about how it runs, etc. So here\'s a few details......- 3/16/2009 3:08:14 PM
What is the Nuclear Energy Future Holdings LLC? (salon) I saw in the open record Warranty Deeds last week that Luminant Generation Co LLC has been sold to Nuclear Energy Future Holding LLC, which is a Delaware LLC. Looks like that has somthing to do with l.....- 3/16/2009 2:28:11 PM
What about all the Nuclear Waste from Nuclear Power Plants? Diablo Canyon to Bury It (salon) because nobody knows what the fool to do with it. When you read this, notice that one *solution* was to put it in polar ice caps. Yuh-huh. From Wired.This summer, dozens of workers at the Diablo Canyo.....- 3/16/2009 2:13:18 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for March 16, 2009 (salon) How come this guy, Daniel Smith, in the military who raped a Philipino girl is still being protected? Did King David have a homosexual affair with Jonathan, son of Saul? (look at items 10-14.....- 3/16/2009 2:03:30 PM
Bad Texas Lege Bill O Day- From Phil King - About TCEQ and Nuclear Power Plants (salon) Not sure why Phil King is in on this, since he doesn't have any nuclear power plants in HIS back yard! But anyway, this came from Ken Kramer of Sierra Club.One of the more egregious bills introduced t.....- 3/16/2009 1:41:22 PM
Duh! Obama Admin Bracing for a Backlash about the BAILOUT (salon) I know there are people out there who thought the bailout was Just Fine and Dandy. You'd think from reading various articles that Democrats Love the Bailouts and Republicans Hate Them. Not so cut and .....- 3/16/2009 1:13:26 PM
Why Is Everybody in Glen Rose In Such a Rush To Spend Money? Water Park Redux. (salon) Iwas writing a few minutes ago about an article I saw in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper, about the proposed water park which will, if passed, cost more than 4.2 million bucks. It's still not clear t.....- 3/16/2009 12:49:22 PM
4B Tax Board Prez Suggests You Submit Your Comments about Waterpark to Glen Rose Town Hall (salon) I forgot that we have the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper going to the PO box instead of our home so we were late in looking at the latest issues. The last issue, in particular, from March 12, 2009 is pa.....- 3/16/2009 12:22:04 PM
Picture Showing Proposed Water Evaporation from Comanche Peak's Untested Reactors (salon) click link to see bigger.Notice, as the footnotes show, that right now there's an agreement between Luminant and BRA (Brazos River Authority) to supply water from Lake Granbury. But the biggie is that.....- 3/16/2009 11:41:25 AM
Somervell County Salon Interviewed by Texas Watchdog for Sunshine Week (salon) Thanks, Jennifer Peebles! LINK Citizen journalist lets the sun shine into Somervell public meetings Glen Rose, Texas, is not exactly a town most folks would think of as pushing the envelope. .....- 3/16/2009 11:09:25 AM
Discrepancy on the DADS Website for Glen Rose Medical Center Nursing Home LLC (salon) One of our regular readers pointed out that there is a difference between the violation information that we posted in mid-February, 2009 to what is posted now on the DADS website. I called up DADS to .....- 3/16/2009 9:58:28 AM
Went to the new Netflix Player Last night (March 2009) -UGH! (salon) We don't have the greatest connection because we live in the boonies, but with the older player, we could pause it for a little bit to allow the streaming to catch up, and then watch again. At least t.....- 3/15/2009 7:53:54 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for March 15, 2009 (salon) Best funny title for an article, from Gawker. - Evil Cheney Rears Penguin Head, Still Evil [Evil Live]  - hehLitlte girls reaching for Jonas Brother's junk - from SlogCompare with the print ad Di.....- 3/15/2009 5:59:05 PM
Is religion itself driving people away from God? (salon) I've seen a number of headlines this last week about the study that came out that said less people say they are Christian and more people say they don't have a religion. Some of the places that publis.....- 3/15/2009 4:53:33 PM
Experian move creates 'secret' credit scores (pharper) By Liz Pulliam WestonMSN MoneyExperian wants to keep you in the dark.There's really no other way to characterize the credit bureau's decision to stop selling FICO credit scores to individuals as of Fe.....- 3/15/2009 12:13:06 PM
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