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The SG Club Meets To Discuss Glen Rose Shadow Government (salon) because, you know, it helps when you lose out on your plan to soak taxpayers for a project, to have others to cry in your beer with, as you plot your next round of taking over power in the city. .....- 5/22/2009 1:03:24 PM
Voter ID Bill is the Catalyst for all others (pstern) And so it comes to light...Voter ID Bill is the Catalyst for all others  That's the game the GOP is playing with our tax dollars in Texas.  If you want other bills to get approved agree.....- 5/22/2009 10:28:27 AM
Open Letter to Legislators: (pstern) Open Letter to Legislators: Sorry to be so blunt, but you legislators lied to the People of Texas. You said the TTC was a dead issue.  You said there is a moratorium on t.....- 5/22/2009 9:54:27 AM
One More Video I really like NAIS Listening Tour- Sandra Trawey -Austin (salon) I may be completely spelling her name wrong, but she is one of hte people who spoke yesterday at the National Animal Identification System Listening Tour held in Austin Texas (May 20 2009). She's 74 y.....- 5/21/2009 11:25:32 PM
Texas Legislators-Your Friendly Neighborhood Censorship Board-Only Propaganda for Us (salon) I was amused to see a comment on the ST site about how the Texas Film Commission turned down *tax incentives* (read: Money Giveaway) for a movie that apparently presented the Waco David Koresh de.....- 5/21/2009 9:55:01 PM
Texas Legislators Ramming Through TTC and Toll Roads Behind Our Backs (pstern) Lawmakers Lied to Texans! The equation is simple, the People of Texas do NOT want the Trans-Texas Corridor and Toll Roads, but Gov. Rick Perry, lawmakers and their special interests do.  So .....- 5/21/2009 5:48:52 PM
A Compendium of Articles for May 21 2009 about NAIS (National Animal Identification System) (salon) Gee. Today in Birmingham, Alabama, 30 people came to speak. How many were FOR NAIS?????? TWO. TWO FRIGGING PEOPLE. Same article also mentions the Austin, Texas meeting yesterday. Farm-to-Consumer.....- 5/21/2009 5:26:36 PM
BETRAYAL: Nichols brokers deal with lobbyist to allow Trans Texas Corridor TTC-69 to proceed despite repeal of corridor (pstern) With permission given to Peter Stern to reprint from Terri Hall and TURF:IMMEDIATE RELEASEContacts: Terri Hall, Founder/Director, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), (210) 275-0640EMAIL: ter.....- 5/21/2009 4:02:16 PM
VIdeo Clips from NAIS (National Animal Identification System) *Listening* Tour in Austin May 20 2009 (salon) Phyllis Floyd representing herself and the heatlh of her children.Jim Fluger (might be Pfluger?) who says the Farm Service Agency does this NOW.Loved this one. Kim Alexander about taking alarm over go.....- 5/21/2009 2:27:36 PM
Glen Rose Newspaper FINALLY keeps its promise (pharper) I contacted the mother last month to follow up and she FINALLY received a check from the Glen Rose Newspaper for her childs scholarship. As previously blogged, they had not followed through on their .....- 5/21/2009 2:08:20 PM
VIDEO- Heh! NAIS is technology program-but can't get a 3 minute program to run successfully (Tom Vilsack) (salon) A video compilation I made about the beginning of the NAIS presentation in Austin yesterday (Listening Tour). I want to make clear that I no way fault the very generous and thoughtful guy who was mode.....- 5/21/2009 1:51:29 PM
From Somervell County Sheriff's Logs- Injury to Disabled Individual (salon) I've been out of pocket the last few days and haven't had time to put up the logs from the past little while, but this caught my attention. Somervell County has a usual assortment of burglaries, drug .....- 5/21/2009 11:16:46 AM
Went to the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) Meeting in Austin Texas May 20 Yesterday (salon) I'm going to be putting up some video and audio clips of the meeting over the next couple of days, probably on separate posts, with the video on Youtube. I was pleased to see such a good turnout and, .....- 5/21/2009 11:19:57 AM
You can't trust Texas lawmakers regarding Texas roadways (pstern) There are 2 weeks left in the 81st Legislative Session.  It is the time when lawmakers try to push through absurd issues ontop of other bills.  It's call "piggy-backing" amendments.....- 5/20/2009 4:33:11 PM
Washington Cattle Ranchers Speak Out Against NAIS (National Animal Identification System (salon) - 5/19/2009 3:32:02 PM
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