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Earthquakes Getting Closer to Glen Rose-Tuesday there was one in Cleburne (June 2 2009) (salon) from the Waco Triband the Cleburne Times-Review, which also has audio of 911 calls.“I called my husband right after and told him it sounded like a car ran into our house or something fell on the.....- 6/3/2009 6:37:15 PM
Loveland Colorado NAIS *Listening* Session-Keep Animal ID Voluntary-Nebraska Farm Bureau (salon) I notice that all but four of the people were OPPOSED to mandatory NAIS.AND The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund calling on the USDA to find a *true* solutionActing Fund President Pete Kennedy, not.....- 6/3/2009 6:31:46 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 3 2009 (salon) Really busy this week, including mowing mowing mowing. All the rain we've had recently has been making everything grow like crazy and it's very satisfying to be making the yard shape up.The Bayou talk.....- 6/3/2009 4:42:10 PM
YOU CAN HELP CLEAN UP OUR BRAZOS (humanbeing) Howdy Friends of the Brazos, Our next meeting will be at Mary Lee Lilly’s house (1347 CR 401, Nemo 76070) on 6/20/2009. Coffee will be served at 8:30 and breakfast at 9:00. Please rsvp by e.....- 6/2/2009 8:51:05 PM
NAIS (National Animal Identification System) Would Hurt Industry Competition (salon) from AgweekBILLINGS, Mont. -- Inherent to every competitive industry is proprietary information. If one competitor gains access to the proprietary information of another, then any competitive advantag.....- 6/2/2009 6:23:23 PM
Minutes of the 4b Tax Committee Meeting for June 1 2009 -Glen Rose (salon) Courtesy Mygnonne T   MINUTES OF MEETING CITY OF GLEN ROSE 4-B TAX ADVISORY BOARD JUNE 1, 2009 - 6:15 PM COUNCIL CHAMBERS – TOWN HALL   PRESIDENT CONNALLY MILLE.....- 6/2/2009 6:20:16 PM
4b Tax Commitee Notice for June 11 2009 6:30 pm -Glen Rose (salon) - 6/2/2009 6:19:01 PM
Riverwalk Committee Meeting Notice Glen Rose for June 5 2009 (salon) - 6/2/2009 4:11:29 PM
Lawmakers Continue to Let Down Texans (pstern) "It ain't over til the fat legislator sings"  While there were some small victories during this 81st Legislative Session, for the most part the people of Texas were let down again .....- 6/2/2009 8:26:26 AM
NO NAIS (National Animal Identification System-Tom Vilsack-TIME OUT PLEASE (salon) and quit trying to force mandatory NAIS down the people's throats.I liked this article from Capital PressIf ever there was a good idea gone bad, it is the National Animal Identification System.In fact.....- 6/1/2009 5:04:12 PM
In an Unethical and Despicable Move, Lawmakers Cover the Governor's Butt (pstern) Lawmakers Cover the Governor's Butt They change the law to overturn the court decision that Perry must open his travel records to the public. According to an article in the Austin .....- 5/31/2009 9:44:33 PM
Phone House Representatives to KILL HB 300 after 12 PM Sunday [today] (pstern) BREAKING NEWS!!!URGENT!!!Phone House Representatives to KILL HB 300 after 12 PM Sunday [today]  .If you don't want infinite and costly tolls all over Texas I'd advis.....- 5/31/2009 11:53:26 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for May 31 2009 (salon) I have poison ivy all over me. Now, I don't know where the fool I got it, but I was walking in it last Sunday so maybe it was on my shoes, which I have now washed but TOO LATE! Here's how I treat it (.....- 5/31/2009 12:46:03 PM
Everybody Knows that the 9/11 Terrorists Were Mostly Saudis, Right? (salon) I was reading this morning that a group of 9/11 victims are angry that the Saudis are wanting to be removed from a lawsuit that is suing them. And it's not only that. Obama's Justice Department suppor.....- 5/31/2009 11:44:57 AM
Nice Article on Fossil Rim (Glen Rose) in the Austin-American Statesman (salon) LinkIt's dusk, time for the nightly show at the Safari Camp at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, where I've got a front-row seat at the watering hole.The sandhill cranes open the performance, warning nosy i.....- 5/30/2009 7:41:53 PM
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