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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 29 2009 (salon) My GD continues to decline while the puppy grows in size (I think he's almost doubled what he was a week ago). I've been debating getting the vet out to the house to put GD to sleep, but you know, he'.....- 6/29/2009 10:36:27 AM
When is a Governor NOT a Governor? When the Governor is Rick Perry (pstern) Texas Governor Rick Perry has a long history of wasting taxpayer dollars while catering to his wealthy special interest campaign contributors.  Perry has called for another on.....- 6/28/2009 8:03:37 PM
Did Billy Mays Die Because He was Hit in the Head While ON a plane (salon) - 6/28/2009 6:19:14 PM
Video-Great Michael Jackson Mashup (salon) - 6/28/2009 6:14:31 PM
Time for Politicians To Quit Shoving Their Supposed Family Values In Our Faces (salon) from Post Gazette's Don't Cry for Him ArgentinaI can't help wondering if his naked swan dive might, at long last, drive home an overdue lesson for the American political system: Our political leaders .....- 6/28/2009 5:53:28 PM
Suicide: A Painful National And Local Community Issue (pstern) Veterans are hit hardest.The media tells us little regarding suicide unless it occurs to a famous individual.The truth is that suicides occur all too frequently within our society. There has been an i.....- 6/28/2009 3:10:20 PM
The Incredibly Sad Tale of Susan Mclendon and Luke Humphrey Or How Does One Lose Visitation? (salon) How does someone go from being sole managing conservator, raising a boy from infancy, to losing guardianship when that now-young-man is disabled? And then finally having one's visitation severely rest.....- 6/28/2009 5:11:26 PM
Video-About Luke Humphrey-Susan Mclendon's Story Part 7 (Glen Rose Nursing Home) (salon) - 6/27/2009 10:09:04 PM
WSJ has an article on Why Sunday Schools are Closing (salon) So I have to tell a quick story about one of my own sunday school teachers, can't remember which church. I suppose we must have been a rambunctious group of little girls, so this teacher would start e.....- 6/27/2009 9:53:56 PM
Video-About Luke Humphrey-Susan Mclendon's Story Part 6 (Glen Rose Nursing Home) (salon) - 6/27/2009 10:03:13 PM
Ooops! Earthquake number SIX hits Cleburne (Johnson Co) TX (salon) from Star-TelegramCleburne is working with a group of researchers from Southern Methodist University to investigate what is causing earthquakes in the area, which had not previously experienced them. .....- 6/27/2009 7:29:55 PM
Boo-Hoo! Bernie Madoff's Widow LOSES THE 80 MILL-Has to Hobble By on only 2.5 Million (salon) What does this say for swindlers and their wives? That the government can't bear to see anyone suffer. Oh, except for all the people losing THEIR HOMES and PENSIONS, etc because they invested with tha.....- 6/27/2009 4:11:13 PM
Video-About Luke Humphrey-Susan Mclendon's Story Part 5 (Glen Rose Nursing Home) (salon) - 6/27/2009 1:38:21 PM
For a Friday Night-This Site Makes Me Laugh (salon) - 6/27/2009 12:50:11 AM
Video-About Luke Humphrey-Susan Mclendon's Story Part 4 (Glen Rose Nursing Home) (salon) Part 1  here   Part 2 here   Part 3 hereWhen Ms Mclendon went to visit Luke, she found that he had been moved without her knowledge to another facility. And Luke was moved des.....- 6/27/2009 12:40:03 AM
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