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Trump Keeps on Lying about the Tariffs (Sucker Born Every Minute) (salon) or is it if he lies every day with the same thing, his cult followers will nod their heads? First, this is a lie.  Second, China is not paying for the tariffs, US citizens are. .....- 5/14/2019 8:04:38 AM
Danny Chambers Puts Up Sign Trusting Mohammed? (Somervell County Commissioners Court) (salon) Saw that Somervell County Commissioners Court has removed the secular sign in the commissioners courthouse with a sign that says, in part, "In God We Trust". I would bet that whoever painted.....- 5/13/2019 6:04:25 PM
Glen Rose Medical Center not getting reiumbursed for outside lab work- Why? (salon) Back on July 31, 2016, I attended and video recorded a meeting of the Somervell County Hospital District in which the board, along with Ray Reynolds and Michael Honea, discussed signing a contract wit.....- 5/13/2019 1:02:40 PM
Shouldn't Press Releases be identified as such in newspapers? Texans Wearing Pink (salon) Saw a press release that was sent out by Texas Health and Human Services about women wearing pink next week. This appears to by funded by the Texas Legislature and its marketing budget for HHSC. Here,.....- 5/11/2019 2:51:47 PM
Checking in on Trump's Dishonest and Corrupt Administration for 5/10/2019 (salon) Donald Trump the Liar Trump’s rambling, deceptive Q&A with reporters, annotated (May 9 2019 -WaPost) Donald Trump the Cheat Cheats at golf Virtue — who wouldn’t spe.....- 5/10/2019 12:32:43 PM
Audio-Somervell County Commissioners Court-April 2019 (salon) Audio interspersed with agenda items to better figure out where on the audio the item is discussed April 8, 2019 Agenda 1. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE .....- 5/11/2019 4:19:35 AM
Audio Somervell County Commissioners Court March 2019 (salon) Audio has the agenda interspersed to make finding relevant sections earlier March 11, 2019  Agenda 1. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAGS. 2. COU.....- 5/10/2019 10:13:54 AM
Always Amuses me when christians want to claim they're persecuted when they're being bigots (salon) I saw an article that showed Mike Pence standing with Jerry Falwell, who is so far below being a paragon of virtue he has to stand on rocks to try to see the light in the tunnel. I have never understo.....- 5/9/2019 9:18:32 PM
Surprise Out-of-Network Medical Bills at Glen Rose Medical Center - 2019 (salon) Interesting report from Center for Public Policy Priorities. Basically, suppose you go to Glen Rose Medical Center in an emergency situation. The chances are that the doctor or staff that treats you m.....- 5/9/2019 2:19:23 PM
Audio from Somervell County Commissioners Court -February 2019 (salon) Audio from Somervell County Commissioners Court site, with agenda items placed in audio to make it easier to follow Feb 11 2019 Agenda 1. COUNTY JUDGE: SOMERVELL COUNTY JUDGE: PLEDGE OF ALL.....- 5/9/2019 12:04:57 PM
Somervell County hasn't been breaking the law, they're just *Inconsistent* w regard to payroll checks (February 2019) (salon) Interesting discussion from the Feb 11 2019 Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting. The question coming up was whether Somervell County Commissioners Court was legally required to vote on payrol.....- 5/8/2019 4:58:33 PM
Bluebonnet Season and Fossil Rim Visitors Parking in the Middle of the County Road 2008 (salon) I'm going to sound like a sourpuss and I don't mean to. I love bluebonnets. I love seeing them by the side of the road, in the highway dividers, and of course, on people's lawns or sides o.....- 5/8/2019 9:00:15 AM
Guess What.. I STILL do not agree with Somervell County taxpayers paying for clinic in Hood County's hospital district (salon) and P.S. What Somervell County Hospital District is doing by opening up for profit clinics outside district territory looks blatantly illegal.  Minutes from the 3/28/2019 Somervell County Hosp.....- 5/6/2019 7:38:38 PM
How Much Does Ray Reynolds, CEO of Glen Rose Medical Center Make? $175,000 (salon) - 5/6/2019 4:39:12 PM
How much has Somervell County spent since Nov 2017 on Andy Lucas' ongoing case State of Texas ex Rel Darrell Best v Paul Harper? (salon) Look like over $9,900. The item dated 11/9/2017 is for when Andy Lucas brought in his attorney to argue for him in the oral arguments at the Texas Supreme Court. (Paul Harper won at the Texas Supr.....- 5/6/2019 12:19:19 PM
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