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Special Meeting Notice for City of Glen Rose for September 21 2009 (salon) - 9/17/2009 11:20:53 AM
Video from Senator Kip Averitt's Town Hall Meeting in Glen Rose on September 16 2009 (salon) Audio and some pics here.  (On the Chalk Mountain attendance-video from a previous meeting where TCEQ talked about how it tests- with tape.K Kip AVeritt on Rick Perry and the Trans Texas C.....- 9/17/2009 10:04:50 AM
Video Funny-Drunk Orson Welles (salon) - 9/17/2009 9:38:43 AM
Teen birth rates highest in religious states (pharper) By Jeanna BrynerU.S. states whose residents have more conservative religious beliefs on average tend to have higher rates of teenagers giving birth, a new study suggests.The relationship could be due .....- 9/17/2009 12:52:57 AM
Video from City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting September 14 2009 (salon) Audio hereFirefighters recognizedThe next part below the jump is about the hearing regarding rezoning the Osborne property on Barnard St.  From the minutes 3.     &n.....- 9/17/2009 9:58:31 AM
Is the Taxpaying Public Going to be Invited to Apply to be on the Somervell County Hospital Board? (salon) When I was at the clerks' office a few weeks ago, I noticed an application form for anyone to fill out to put his or her name in the hat to be on the water district, rather water conservation board th.....- 9/16/2009 4:46:52 PM
Looks like Americans have shot themselves in the foot once again. Very disappointing. (humanbeing) HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff appeared on the Ed Show to discuss the latest on the fight for health care reform, and took the opportunity to blast Sen. Max Baucus and the bill he is scheduled to release .....- 9/16/2009 3:29:34 PM
City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for September 14 2009 (salon) Going to put up some pictures and audio on this post and will clip some video on an upcoming post. Here's the minutes from that meeting. MP3- right click to download to your drive to listen .....- 9/16/2009 4:15:26 PM
Health care cost rise again for workers, firms. (humanbeing) For those of you who feel secure with what you've got, think again. Thanks to Congress, looks like the public option got dumped so here's what we can look forward to:"Family premiums increased to.....- 9/16/2009 3:21:25 PM
Texas Senator Kip Averitt (SD 22) Was Here in Glen Rose Today for a Town Hall Meeting-Sept 2009 (salon) The meeting was very well attended; in fact, every seat in the commissioner's courtroom was full and some people were standing on the sides or even in the hallway. I liked very much that he came, that.....- 9/16/2009 2:46:39 PM
What Do Other Local Texas School Districts Do About Open Records Requests for Emails (Retention Policies) (salon) As readers know, I have been astonished at the GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) procedure (not policy, has not been approved by the school board) of admonishing teachers to delete their emails, as well as tellin.....- 9/16/2009 9:24:54 AM
Meeting Minutes for the Somervell County Water District Meeting of September 14 2009 (salon) - 9/16/2009 9:13:18 AM
Have a Nice Day by Thomas Friedman, NY Times (humanbeing) Applied Materials is one of the most important U.S. companies you’ve probably never heard of. It makes the machines that make the microchips that go inside your computer. The chip business, thou.....- 9/16/2009 8:53:17 AM
Why are Glen Rose ISD Taxpayers Paying for Teachers To Have TWO Free Periods? (salon) Teachers, according to the GRISD manual, get a conference period, to be at least 45 minutes per day and 450 minutes per two -week period. That's not only codified but great and a good use of teacher's.....- 9/15/2009 11:29:26 PM
Chet Edwards Did Pre-Plan His Visit to Glen Rose ISD In Plenty of Time to Have Also Had a Town Hall Meeting (salon) Readers know that I have wondered why Chet Edwards showed up on Glen Rose on August 17 2009, with no notice to anyone, nor notification in the newspapers, etc, to meet with two different groups of peo.....- 9/15/2009 10:49:18 PM
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