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Got Back a Reply From Request to Texas Senate Media Services about their Budget (salon) My central question here is: why is media produced by the Texas Legislature copyrighted when the taxpayer pays for the whole thing..  As mentioned in that post, I had asked the Texas House f.....- 10/10/2009 2:57:25 PM
Is Glen Rose Planning and Zoning Being a Rubber Stamp for the City of Glen Rose? (salon) I don't have time right now to say all I would like about this but plan to update or add to this over the weekend. If you have a point of view or more to add, please feel free to add comments.I notice.....- 10/10/2009 3:43:06 PM
More on Open Records Requests-RE: The GRISD (Glen Rose ISD) School Board Meeting in September 2009 (salon) Readers know that we are very much interested here in access to records that our taxes pay for. That's why, on a federal level, there is a Freedom of Information law (FOIA) and on the state level-the .....- 10/10/2009 1:34:06 PM
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for October 12, 2009 (salon) - 10/10/2009 10:52:33 AM
Audio and Minutes and Agenda for Somervell County Commissioners Court Regular Session Oct 13 2009 (salon) - 10/9/2009 4:53:14 PM
Video-The Office does that wedding dance video (salon) - 10/9/2009 1:28:50 PM
Trip to Glen Rose by BurbMom (salon) - 10/9/2009 11:49:36 AM
Agenda for Somervell County Water District Meeting - October 12 2009 (salon) - 10/9/2009 11:39:50 AM
On Making Hub-Bubs Out of Baloney Crap Every Single Day.. and Obam's Nobel Peace Prize (salon) I've long thought that, for political junkies, the equivalent of the National Enquirer is listening to people on the radio like Rush Limbaugh or watching Glen Beck on teevee and then, on the other sid.....- 10/9/2009 11:21:27 AM
Texas Only Uranium Mine in Encino Scaling Back Production- No Nuclear Renaissance (salon) From the Austin-American Statesman and it's not that people are more concerned about the dirty uranium, it's MONEY.But the economic crisis and changes in supply appear to have had a lot more to d.....- 10/9/2009 11:12:46 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for October 9, 2009 (salon) WHERE is the month going? Raining again today and I put out bluebonnet seeds yesterday to add to the sprouts that are already coming up all over the place. Tomorrow night is the Friends of the Brazos .....- 10/9/2009 11:00:04 AM
E Tu, Patrick Leahy? Democrats in Power Now But Cannot Reverse the Poisonous Patriot Act (salon) Washington Independent.Three provisions of the law will expire by the end of this year if they’re not renewed, and have been the subject of recent hearings. Those are: the “roving wiretap&.....- 10/9/2009 9:58:27 AM
David Dulcie of Glen Rose showcased in Baylor Lariat article (salon) LinkHowever, starting college slowed things down until about a year ago when he auditioned and earned a spot on the first Uproar Records album, featuring his song "Be No More." David, along .....- 10/9/2009 12:24:03 AM
Amazing OLED Technology Television Coming (salon) - 10/8/2009 3:13:00 PM
Audio- Somervell County Commissioner's Court Oct 5 2009 (salon) Courtesy Judy NPart 1 MP3-right click to downloadPart 2 MP3- right click to download After Executive Session. 2 people nominated. Marty McPherson and Eddie Pollack. Seconded and approved.-for Pra.....- 10/8/2009 2:22:14 PM
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