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*She's a Lady* _LOVE This Commercial (salon) From Adweek H&M has created a feminist anthem soundtracked by a classically misogynist song, for a spot meant to redefine how you think women should look, act and think, where they stand in s.....- 9/15/2016 6:14:56 PM
What Does an open records request look like where most info is redacted? Luminant Protest at Somervell CAD (salon) Got this back yesterday. I had attended the Somervell CAD meeting on August 1, 2016 in which Luminant lodged a protest against the appraisal amount from SCAD.  I did an open records request .....- 9/15/2016 10:36:01 AM
Where'd that racist textbook for Mexican-American Texans come from? Cynthia Dunbar's company (salon) In case you have been reading about the textbook that the Texas State Board of Education is considering adopting, "Mexican American Heritage" and how it's chock full of racism, here.....- 9/15/2016 9:59:40 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 9/19/2016 (salon) Weather still hot, heat index today is 103, but it's truly gorgeous this time of year. Great time to get out into Dinosaur Valley State Park and go hiking!  Made the best cookies two days .....- 9/19/2016 12:15:50 PM
Rick Perry really is a terrible dancer-but i'll give him points for trying (salon) - 9/14/2016 6:22:42 PM
I WANT to see this movie- *Manchester by the Sea* (salon) - 9/14/2016 2:31:08 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 9/14/2016-Hillary Clinton (Sicko) Edition (salon) Yes. I remember when George Bush disappeared emails during his administration. He was wrong. But this isn't a case of "LOOK OVER THERE, HE DID IT TOO, HIS WAS WORSE", but Hillary Clinton.....- 9/14/2016 2:05:02 PM
Who Owns Animal Control and What To Charge County Residents? City of Glen Rose 9/13/2016 (salon) from City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting 9/13/2016. I did three vids. First, here is a chop that includes selected parts of the discussion, the second is just the discussion of the fee schedule, th.....- 9/14/2016 11:09:13 AM
Somervell County Apparently in Talks with Luminant re: Property Taxes/Appraisal Value 9/14/2016 (salon) - 9/14/2016 8:53:46 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 9/13/2016 (salon) At the Somervell County Commissioners Court yesterday, a couple of ministers stood up to find out if they could arrange to use the courthouse square for a "Fall Fest". Their festival, which .....- 9/13/2016 12:01:44 PM
Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers Continues to Show Contempt for the Constitution (9/12/2016) (salon) Danny Chambers swore to uphold the US constitution when he was elected to office. And yet, he continues to flout the "establishment of religion" clause by having one of the Somervell County .....- 9/13/2016 9:27:21 AM
Rude Behaviour at the City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting 9/12/2016 (salon) Frankly, I don't like to see actions like this. Sometimes, at any meeting, it's difficult to suppress a laugh at some things, but manners and decorum should win out, and I believe especiallly .....- 9/13/2016 8:54:06 AM
Video- City of Glen Rose Department Reports 9/12/2016 (salon) - 9/13/2016 8:54:55 AM
Video- Sandra Ramsay v Chester Nolan on Budget Adjustments 9/12/2016 (salon) - 9/13/2016 8:20:41 AM
Dennis Moore on Animal Control Stats- County v City - Sep 12 2016 (salon) - 9/13/2016 8:05:48 AM
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