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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for February 16, 2010 (salon) Ken Starr has been named president of Baylor. REally? He's not even a Baptist. (and he's kind of creepy, too). My parents both went to Baylor, so did my sister, and a lot of my other kin. Say it ain't.....- 2/16/2010 4:55:43 PM
Hey! Maybe Texas Owes YOU MONEY!!!! Unclaimed Property (salon) from Claimittexas.orgTell you what, one time I looked on this some years back and I, at that point, ahd a hyphenated, somewhat more unusual name. I HAD OVER 300 BUCKS coming to me. The Texas Comprollt.....- 2/16/2010 4:39:25 PM
*Mudding* on County Road 2008/2009 in Glen Rose (salon) I was listening to the Somervell County Commissioner's audio and heard them talking about *mudding* and realized that I'd seen what Judge Maynard was brought out to see. In fact, I've seen that for th.....- 2/16/2010 4:31:03 PM
Agenda, Minutes and Audio for Somervell County Commissioners Court Tuesday Feb 16 2010 (salon) - 2/16/2010 8:33:37 AM
Thinking Again About the Glen Rose Medical Center Monies- February 16, 2010 Part 1 (salon) The Somervell County Hospital Authority Board is planning a town hall meeting at, probably, the end of March or beginning of April, but it is not clear to me whether the 7 board members will actually .....- 2/16/2010 10:43:29 AM
Audio-Somervell County Hospital Authority Board Feb 11 2010 (salon) Courtesy Jodi LeighRough Transcript here-if you have a question about something, you can listen for yourself.MP3 of this next section(chunked the meeting) Financial committee-emphasis on receivables. .....- 2/15/2010 4:27:44 PM
Searching for Lobbyists Gifts in Texas -Through Texas Ethics Commission (salon) Saw this on the Texas Tribune site. The particular article was talking about Lon Burnam getting a gift Taser, which cracked me up, because Burnam seeks to regulate Tasers! (Yes!) Anyway there's a link.....- 2/15/2010 2:35:06 PM
Can you Believe it? There are still 15 THOUSAND people in North Texas without electricity (salon) - 2/15/2010 2:09:18 PM
Religious News and Notes from the Distaff Side for February 15 2010 (salon) You know that giant cross The Coming King Foundation wants to put up near I-10 in Texas? And the lawsuit that the Mesa Vista subdivision has against it? Way cleared for a trial.  (Kerrville Daily.....- 2/15/2010 1:59:02 PM
America isn't the only country in the DITCH because of these unregulated CROOKS (Traitors) (humanbeing) From the NY Times: "Wall Street tactics akin to the ones that fostered subprime mortgages in America have worsened the financial crisis shaking Greece and undermining the euro by enabling Europea.....- 2/15/2010 10:23:12 AM
Leaf-All Electric Car by Nissan-What's the Price? (salon) Saw the Leaf commercials during the Olympics and thought it was such a great idea. I watched "Who Killed the Electric Car" a couple of years ago and thought it was more than shortsighted of .....- 2/15/2010 10:08:40 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for February 15 2010 (salon) Been watching the Winter Olympics, really for the first time ever. I think I've watched a little bit of them before but wasn't all that interested. I am now. I don't know what it is-did they make it m.....- 2/15/2010 10:03:28 AM
Thank you, Salon. (humanbeing) - 2/14/2010 11:49:28 PM
Changing the System (humanbeing) - 2/14/2010 10:56:28 PM
The Somervell County Court Website Election Page is NOT Accurate and Reliable (Feb 14 2010) (salon) I noticed the other day when I went to the Somervell County Court website to look for meeting notices that the existing website didn't contain them, nor the other shadow website which supposedly opene.....- 2/14/2010 9:48:40 AM
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