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Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Feb 23 2010 (salon) Okay, WHO is this talking about that is going to present an Academy Award? Snark. from Crazy Days and Nights."Hi ya'll. Like this year I was like asked to like present an award and I was like to.....- 2/23/2010 3:02:00 PM
Audio from City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting for January 22 2010 (salon) Agenda was here. MP3- (right click to download to your drive) includes the auditing report which I am not going to vid clip separately, trash pickup, money spent on Oakdale, who repairs the sidewalks?.....- 2/23/2010 3:46:13 PM
Video-Jaw Dropper-Air Evac Glen Rose Wants To Make Memberships MANDATORY for all Glen Rose Citizens (Feb 2010) (salon) So, let's see. My business needs some more participation. How about I go ask the Mayor if she will bring up forcing everyone to have to pay for an emergency helicopter subscribership that would appear.....- 2/23/2010 5:29:31 PM
Agenda for GRISD School Board Meeting for Feb 22 2010 (salon) I didn't get a notice like I usually do for the GRISD meeting but don't think I could have made it anyway because I went to the City Council and then P&Z meeting. Going to paste in the info from t.....- 2/23/2010 1:39:12 AM
Audio Podcasts of GRISD School Board meetings now on Glen Rose ISD School Blog (salon) - 2/22/2010 11:59:32 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for Feb 22 2010 (salon) Again so much stuff to do that I Must Get Done. Real Men Marry Weomen. heh. and let's add to that, heh.Oh. Ooops. All the children that were kidnapped by those Baptist missionaries had parents. And we.....- 2/22/2010 3:59:52 PM
Winter Weather Comes Again to Glen Rose? Feb 23 2010 (salon) Winter weather COMING BACK! BLARGH. Noticed that GRISD has a twitter account now. Got a notification from GRISD that they're putting a winter storm warning letter on their website. Due to the possibil.....- 2/22/2010 2:59:31 PM
Nice! Glen Rose ISD has a Twitter Account (salon) Twittter account here P.S. I have added their twitter to a list I have which is seen on the right hand column of this page. If you have a twitter account related to Glen Rose and you want to add it, s.....- 2/22/2010 2:51:29 PM
FCC Order Allowing Schools To Open After Hours for the Public To Use School's Internet Access (salon) Very interesting document re: schools that get funding from the E-rate program.This action will leverage universal service funding to serve a larger population at no increasedcost to the E-rate progra.....- 2/22/2010 2:22:42 PM
Agenda for Somervell County Hospital Authority Board Meeting for Feb 25, 2010 (salon) - 2/22/2010 1:31:53 PM
NRC Flouts ALJ Ruling re: Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose (salon) From SEED /* Style Definitions */p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:""; margin:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New.....- 2/22/2010 1:02:22 PM
Project O Week-Asking About that Bike Path on Tx Hwy 144 in Meridian Texas (salon) Pretty obviously, last week I spent a significant amount of time looking at safety features for my bicycle. Where I live there is NO way to get to town without travelling on a highway, either Hwy 144 .....- 2/22/2010 12:12:50 PM
Hays, Blanco, Caldwell County Voters: Rep. Patrick Rose does NOT deserve your vote (pstern)   Rep. Patrick Rose does NOT deserve your vote   We need a REAL leader   by Peter Stern     Patrick Rose has a lot of potential as a leader.  It's too bad he do.....- 2/21/2010 11:46:44 PM
Check Register January 2010 for Somervell County (salon) - 2/20/2010 3:57:58 PM
No Shadow Government! If you Don't Like What Your Local Government is Doing, Hold Their Feet to the Fire (salon) Just a quick thought. Rather than running out and creating your own group to do things you think the city or county (or chamber) ought to be doing, why not first exhaust all the options by holding gov.....- 2/20/2010 4:08:02 PM
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