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Oh. So those Earthquakes in North Texas ARE Because of Nasty Waste Injection Wells (salon) Didn't we say so? Doesn't EVERYBODY think so> Well, guess what....Researchers believe that when wastewater from the gas extraction process was injected into that disposal well, it could have affec.....- 3/10/2010 6:17:54 PM
Separation Of Church and State? Oh, Kenneth Copeland and his Private Jet Believe in That! (salon) I actually do, too (believe in separation of church and state) , but it really grates on me that a church gets a big ole tax exemption FROM THE STATE while flying around in a 2.8 MILLION dollar Cessna.....- 3/10/2010 5:54:59 PM
Check Register February 2010 for Somervell County Texas (salon) Via Darrell Morrison, thank you! Here, for reference is what I asked for via email on March 9, 2010 to Darrell Morrison. Hi, Darrell I am requesting 2 items. 1. a check register for.....- 3/10/2010 12:59:47 PM
Is There Any Hope Here? (humanbeing) I am continually amazed that a small group of private citizens control what may be taught in our schools and terrified by the fact that since Texas is one of the biggest customers to the textbook publ.....- 3/10/2010 11:22:54 AM
What a Treasure We Have in Barnard's Mill & Museum in Glen Rose (salon) I had been to a 4b meeting in which Pat Barrow asked the board for money to help restore the museum. She came very well prepared, with a thick notebook full of plans and details, and I was very impres.....- 3/10/2010 11:46:07 AM
Is the Barnett Shale worth it? (humanbeing) - 3/10/2010 9:19:30 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for March 10 2010 (salon) You know how GOOD it feels when you get long projects done and somebody ELSE is the bottleneck? Whoo-hhoo, all kinds of energy freed up today. Corey Haim is dead. I just watched  movie with him i.....- 3/10/2010 10:21:56 AM
In Palestine from NY Times (humanbeing) JERUSALEM — Having been removed in favor of Israeli nationalist Jews, members of the Palestinian Ghawi family have been sheltering this winter in a tent on the sidewalk opposite their home of mo.....- 3/10/2010 9:02:11 AM
Introducing Gov. Rick *Toll Roads & Eminent Domain* Perry (pstern) Another Gubernatorial Election Year of Eminent Domain Issues   Gov. Rick Perry:  proponent of endless toll roads, stealing eminent domain and "flim-flamming" Texans    .....- 3/9/2010 10:48:19 PM
Oakdale Renovations So Far-Before and After Shots (March 8 2010) (salon) Heard Billy Huckaby's glowing report on the progress of Oakdale Park I had been out there in January and took some video, so thought it would be interesting to see what it looks like now.  J.....- 3/10/2010 9:27:22 AM
I Don't Get It. What Was In it For the Enprotec Folks and Why Didn't Glen Rose Town Council Have More Questions? (salon) From the March 8 2010 meeting. I like to record the meetings and sometimes when I'm listening to the presentations made, I'm waiting for one of the council people to ask a question I have. Not that ev.....- 3/9/2010 7:14:59 PM
Audio and a Few Pics of the City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting March 8 2010 (salon) I have a few things I want to talk about in the meeting but will do that on an upcoming post. For now, here's the audio of the whole thing. And here's the agendaMore pics on Somervell County Salon's F.....- 3/9/2010 12:40:47 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for March 9 2010 (salon) Proving that Lindsey Lohan is not only So Over, but that too much drugs rots your brainGeez. Your battery charger could leave your computer vulnerable to hackers! YOUR BATTERY CHARGER! Ugh. Free speec.....- 3/9/2010 12:36:24 PM
Kip Averitt (TX SD 22) DEFINITELY Resigns-Here Comes a Special Election in May (salon) - 3/9/2010 11:40:37 AM
Audio-Some Items the Glen Rose Medical Center aka Somervell County Hospital Authority Is Asking For (salon) from the March 8 2010 Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting.Pecan Plantation. (Rough Transcript). Somervell County Hospital Authority Board wants to borrow funds, under contract we limit their .....- 3/9/2010 11:27:14 AM
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