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This Story Just Gets Worse (humanbeing) AUSTIN, Texas — A far-right faction of the Texas State Board of Education succeeded Friday in injecting conservative ideals into social studies, history and economics lessons that will be taug.....- 3/12/2010 10:41:40 PM
Getting Back On-Track (pstern) Making Politics Work Better for the People   Level the Playing Field a Bit More     by Peter Stern     The two things we urgently need to move this nation forward towar.....- 3/12/2010 8:27:10 PM
Part of the Amended and Restated Glen Rose Medical Center Lease -December 2009 (salon) PDF-not all pages here but the ones that interested me- the rest are at the county clerk\'s office.. page 1. County owns the asset known as the Glen Rose hospital. It had previously leased it t.....- 3/12/2010 7:26:53 PM
February 2010 Check Registers for Somervell County Water District (General and Debt Service Fund) (salon) From the Somervell County Water District website, courtesy Kathy BGeneral Fund Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-.....- 3/12/2010 4:48:40 PM
Audio of the Somervell County Water District for March 8 2010 Online (salon) at the Somervell County Water District Site. P.S. have to say, the sound is great on it.Rough Transcript81,000 monthly payment to F&N (Freese and NIchols) per fixed contractGosdin-park contractApp.....- 3/12/2010 4:14:12 PM
Ruminations for the Easily Amused for March 12 2010 (salon) Beautiful day. I hear the female guineas in the yard and the female geese are looking for where to lay eggs and nest. I'll have to put a chair with a sign at the top of the driveway to warn people. On.....- 3/12/2010 3:19:18 PM
'I am voting for Rick Perry' (pstern) That's what a lot of people would say, if given the chance.Could someone out there tell us why he or she is voting for Rick Perry?  I promise not to bash you for it if you are honest about .....- 3/12/2010 2:16:29 PM
What About *Under God* in the Pledge? 9th Circuit Court in CA Rules It's All Patriotic, Baybee! (salon) For some bizarre reason, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that *Under God* is okay in the Pledge because the overall tone is patriotic. From Circuit Judge Bea, p 5. The Pledge of Allegiance.....- 3/12/2010 2:47:23 PM
Quick Housekeeping Note for Somervell County Salon-March 12 2010 (salon) Have had this as a request for awhile from several people, and finally got around this morning to adding this. Some days we all post a lot and some days not so much but, even with 7 slots for storie.....- 3/12/2010 11:05:46 AM
The Real Fix (pstern) Public Education:  The Real Fix   Light at the end of the Tunnelby Peter SternI have a simpler solution.  It will save a ton of tax dollars and achieve better learning outcomes.  .....- 3/11/2010 10:49:17 PM
You call this Education? (humanbeing) AUSTIN – Republicans on the State Board of Education Thursday soundly rejected a Democratic-backed proposal to require that Texas students be taught the reasons behind the prohibition of a st.....- 3/11/2010 8:32:13 PM
Agenda for Glen Rose Economic Development 4b Board for March 16 2010 (salon) Courtesy Peggy B   Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 classid="clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D" id=ieooui>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieo.....- 3/11/2010 5:56:00 PM
Somervell Armoured Vehicle-OF COURSE I can see what my tax money got spent on. (salon) The other day I saw an article in the Texas Tribune that was talking about how US Homeland Security grant money was dished out to various counties. In particular, there was a paragraph about how Somer.....- 3/11/2010 5:49:22 PM
Another Reason to Dump Perry (humanbeing) "Alaska and Texas are the only states that declined to participate in the standards-writing effort. In keeping his state out, Gov. Rick Perry argued that only Texans should decide what children t.....- 3/11/2010 9:05:50 AM
Oh. So those Earthquakes in North Texas ARE Because of Nasty Waste Injection Wells (salon) Didn't we say so? Doesn't EVERYBODY think so> Well, guess what....Researchers believe that when wastewater from the gas extraction process was injected into that disposal well, it could have affec.....- 3/10/2010 6:17:54 PM
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