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EXTRAORDINARY (humanbeing) - 10/17/2012 8:08:34 PM
Mitt Romney's Tax Plan-Get the Details! (salon) - 10/16/2012 2:17:11 PM
MORE ON THE GRASSROOTS FIGHT AGAINST THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE (humanbeing) FROM TRUTH-OUT.ORG by Chris Hedges: "The next great battle of the Occupy movement may not take place in city parks and plazas, where the security and surveillance state is blocking protesters .....- 10/15/2012 4:52:59 PM
Video-Mitt Romney's example of *jobs* is to ship them to China (salon) - 10/13/2012 5:33:14 PM
Former Navy Seal mom tells Romney to cut it out!! (pharper) Romney using a dead Navy Seal as a political prop...just think if he becomes president what he will do..."I don't trust Romney. He shouldn't make my son's death part of his politic.....- 10/10/2012 10:56:54 PM
VIDEO - Romney's stance on abortion and global warming keeps changing (pharper) Flip...Flop...Flip....Flop....Flip...Flop Whichever way the wind blows...but there is always some story behind why...even though they keep changing wait, wait...there's more w.....- 10/10/2012 5:14:45 PM
Mitt Romney-Taking on Our Enemies (salon) - 10/9/2012 11:24:49 AM
Mitt Romney the Liar-He disdains the middle class (salon) - 10/6/2012 10:55:34 AM
I'm Female-And I had a very different perception of the first debate than the pundits (salon) I watched the entire first debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I thought it was a fiasco but was surprised when I tuned into the pundit shows, run by men, to hear the reaction. I definitel.....- 10/6/2012 10:15:43 AM
2012 General Election information (pharper) The registration deadline is in 6 days, so validate you are registered or get it done in person down at the County Annex on the square or online at votetexas.gov. If you do it online you .....- 10/3/2012 1:44:43 PM
THE NINE NANAS FROM TENNESSEE (humanbeing) From Huffington Post by Lori Weiss: Somewhere in West Tennessee, not far from Graceland, nine women -- or "The 9 Nanas," as they prefer to be called -- gather in the darkness of night.....- 9/29/2012 7:17:42 AM
Somervell Central Appraisal District Property Tax bills and a public notice going out the first of next week (pharper) It is that time of year again for property owners to watch their mail for the tax bill. A reminder that this a combination of Somervell County, Glen Rose ISD, and the Somervell County Water Distric.....- 9/28/2012 3:37:24 PM
Mitt Romney's Welfare Olympics-WE Built That (salon) http://deadspin.com/5945741/you-built-that-how-mitt-romney-shook-down-american-taxpayers-for-his-welfare-olympics What they don't talk about is how Romney and his Salt Lake buddies rais.....- 9/27/2012 3:07:02 PM
Video-My Job (salon) - 9/27/2012 9:15:52 AM
Iranian Diplomat Says Iran Offered Deal to Halt 20 Percent Enrichment (humanbeing) From Truthout.org: Washington - Iran has again offered to halt its enrichment of uranium to 20 percent, which the United States has identified as its highest priority in the nuclear talks, in retur.....- 9/25/2012 8:50:50 PM
96 Percent of Us (humanbeing) From the NY Times, By SUZANNE METTLER and JOHN SIDES WHEN Mitt Romney told the guests at a fund-raiser in Florida in May that America is divided between people who pay no income taxes and depen.....- 9/25/2012 7:11:00 PM
Debate Tonight at 7:00 PM between JD Sheffield and Bill Norris in Stephenville (salon) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=473052709381556&set=a.372062776147217.87682.371949092825252&type=1&theater Update: Article about the debate from the ST Empire Tribune &nb.....- 9/24/2012 12:09:46 PM
The 47 Percent- Seniors, Veterans (salon) - 9/24/2012 10:31:58 AM
No Taxes- Romney Trashes the 47 Percent (salon) - 9/24/2012 10:19:56 AM
Teens Should Be Offered IUDs, Top Doctors' Group Says, from ABC (humanbeing) Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.   A leading group of physicians who advise on women's health has issued new guidelines recommending for the first time .....- 9/23/2012 6:57:55 PM
A CORPORATION MASQUERADING AS A PERSON FOR PRESIDENT by RALPH NADAR (humanbeing) From Common Dreams.org: There was something missing from the release of a tape showing Mitt Romney pandering to fat cats in Boca Raton, Florida with these very inflammatory words: “There .....- 9/22/2012 12:24:05 PM
Jon Stewart on the 47 percent and the *Moochocracy* (salon) - 9/21/2012 11:25:54 AM
Mitt Romney's Dad was on Welfare (salon) - 9/21/2012 10:57:26 AM
Rick Perry's Texas- where over 300,000 people from Dallas will be uninsured without Obamacare (salon) Unfair Park Some six million Texans are one health emergency away from financial ruin, and the state of affairs in Dallas County isn't any better. Nearly 30 percent of its residents are uni.....- 9/21/2012 10:42:43 AM
Rick Perry is a Nut O Day -Thinks Separation of Church and State is Satanic (salon) I just know that Perry gets up every day, looks in the mirror and says "I SHOULD BE THE NOMINEE. ME! ME!!!" So all this nutty talk that he's ramping up on is just preparation for him .....- 9/21/2012 9:51:17 AM
Livestock Thief - Somervell County (salon) Message from: Larry Shackelford Family/20 Oaks Farm STOLEN GOATS   A livestock thief stole our precious pet goats from 20 Oaks Farm/5494 CR 2013 on or around Friday September 14.....- 9/19/2012 10:49:11 AM
LET THEM EAT CRABCAKE by Maureen Dowd, NYT (humanbeing) Oh, for the days when we thought Mitt Romney didn’t stand for anything. As a secret video from a Boca Raton fund-raiser with high rollers in May shows, Romney in private stands for so man.....- 9/19/2012 9:42:30 AM
Do You Really Like This Man? I Don't. (humanbeing) A video of Mr. Romney at a fund raiser last Spring has surfaced on Mother Jones. Decide for yourself. (And just for the record, the percentage of taxes I have paid as a lowly wage earner is higher .....- 9/17/2012 8:49:30 PM
On the Growing Mideast Protests, Islam and The Arab Awakening (humanbeing) It's important that we here in America do what we can to deepen our knowledge and understanding of these very complex, world changing events in the Middle East that effect us all. For those who.....- 9/13/2012 1:41:03 PM
REALLY, MR. NETANYAHU? (humanbeing) Today, on the anniversary of 911, Israel's Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu, castigated our government for not setting "red lines" for taking military action against Iran for disobeying .....- 9/11/2012 10:09:11 PM
THE CONVENTIONS ARE OVER, THANKFULLY... (humanbeing) First of all let me say right up front that I'm voting for Obama, again. It's no contest, in my opinion, but then I'm just one American humanbeing among many. While I'm convinced th.....- 9/9/2012 10:26:17 PM
MONEY, POWER AND WALL STREET from FR0NTLINE, PBS (humanbeing) This series is about four hours long but you can watch one part at a time. It's worth it. It's the best piece of investigative journalism on the subject that I know of. All of us need this .....- 9/2/2012 3:32:24 PM
Water Amoeba (silenceisgolden) Answers:or amoeba (both: symbolm bsymbol) , common name for certain one-celled organisms belonging to the phylum Sarcodina of the kingdom Protista. Amebas were previously classified as members of t.....- 9/1/2012 11:18:24 PM
Private Equity Investment (humanbeing) The New York attorney general is investigating whether some of the nation’s biggest private equity firms have abused a tax strategy in order to slice hundreds of millions of dollars from thei.....- 9/1/2012 8:48:44 PM
How Romney Made His Fortune -- It Ain't Pretty (humanbeing) From Alternet.org, Interview with Amy Goodman and Matt Taibbi: August 31, 2012  |     US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Ro.....- 9/1/2012 7:22:12 PM
FOUND ON FM 202 (humanbeing) - 9/1/2012 11:09:26 AM
A Letter to Mrs Romney (salon) http://thinkbannedthoughts.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/a-letter-to-mrs-romney/ I am a woman, and you don’t know the first thing about me. When you suggest that it’s a “woman&.....- 9/1/2012 9:28:31 AM
Ann Romney's Lack of Gratitude To the American Taxpayer- Her Dad's Use of Taxpayer money (salon) Mediaite One little-noticed portion of Ann Romney‘s much-gushed-about speech at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night was a decidedly political shot in the middle of remark.....- 8/31/2012 11:37:56 AM
The highlight, for me of the RNC was watching Clint Eastwood Rant at a Chair (salon) - 8/31/2012 11:34:26 AM
Best Form of Birth Control? Legitimate Rape (salon) - 8/31/2012 10:21:35 AM
Underfunded Schooling Making Republicans Not Understand What Lying Is? Jezebel Helps (salon) LINk 1. "We don't believe in big government!" You can't say you don't believe in big government when you have the hugest, most expensive army on the entire earth. This.....- 8/31/2012 10:13:10 AM
Paul Ryan- Career Politician-Why, His Own Brother Says So! (salon) - 8/31/2012 10:09:57 AM
Even Fox News Says Paul Ryan Was Lying- RNC Party of Liars Pandering to the GullibleRNC (salon) Sally Kohn of Fox News - Let's repeat that, FOX NEWS, for gosh sakes! the house organ of the Republican party. to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s spe.....- 8/30/2012 10:05:39 AM
'No Amount of Money will Make Fracking Safe' from policyshop.net (humanbeing)   .....- 8/29/2012 8:38:31 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 29 2912 (salon) The Federal bailout that saved Bain (and helped make Romney richer while stiffing American taxpayers The true story of Bain and Romney- GREED And this is where we get to the hypocrisy a.....- 8/29/2012 11:58:14 AM
Ann Romney- Can you REALLY identify with this rich woman? (salon) Poor Poor Ann Romney- She and Mitt were SO POOR during college at one of the best schools that they WERE FORCED TO SELL STOCK!!!!! That happens to me and you, right? The image is adorable,.....- 8/29/2012 11:14:40 AM
Was Michael Williams Being Made Head of TEA a Quid Pro Quo for Not Running in Arlington? (salon) I speculate here. We know that Congressional District 25 in Texas was redrawn to exclude minorities, especially hispanics. We also know that Sid Miller said that his buddies at the Texas Lege redre.....- 8/29/2012 10:07:36 AM
Republican Texas Lawmakers INTENTIONALLY discriminated against minorities in redistricting map (salon) Court ruling. Are you surprised, in a state where Sid Miller said that the his district, CD 25  was drawn with a tip in Stephenville as a favor to him and where Michael Williams was kicked out.....- 8/29/2012 9:40:38 AM
*I don't want to give them the keys back-They don't know how to drive* (salon) - 8/28/2012 11:53:50 AM
Drought Raises Concern at Kansas Nuclear Power Plant (salon) Sacramento Bee The Kansas Water Office projects the John Redmond Reservoir will be almost dry by Nov. 1, if current weather patterns persist. Wolf Creek officials say it would be diff.....- 8/28/2012 11:49:55 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for August 28 2012 (salon) Unbelievable. Selma, Alabama wants to put up a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest- who founded the KKK. What's next, a statue of Hitler? Why are we fighting about educating our children? .....- 8/28/2012 12:34:50 PM
Republicans, Enough with the Death Panels and Independent Payment Advisory Board Lies (salon) Daily Beast Death panels were a lie then, in 2009, in that perfervid summer of town-hall hysteria, and were named the “Lie of the Year” by the independent fact-checking group Po.....- 8/28/2012 10:47:21 AM
What IS it about Republicans and RAPE? Sheesh! Tom Smith Steps into it (salon) Really, Republicans? Rape is equal to an *out of wedlock* pregnancy????????? "Mr. Smith replied that he 'lived something similar to that with my own family, and she chose life. I c.....- 8/28/2012 10:36:11 AM
Hey Mitt Romney and Republicans- I'm a REAL American, JUST LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA (salon) Mitt Romney must have determined he can win no other way than by trashing every demographic that is not an old white male. Otherwise, why in the world is he actively working to divide Americans? I .....- 8/28/2012 9:53:12 AM
Laughing at Mitt Romney O Day (Aug 28 2012) So Dangerous to be in France During the Vietnam War edition (salon) Mitt Romney sure does love his Romneycare At a 2008 event in New Hampshire, Romney was asked by a voter “you supported national healthcare in Massachusetts, are you going to the same .....- 8/28/2012 10:28:26 AM
Parents-Don't Hold Your Children Back with Creationist Crap (salon) - 8/26/2012 5:31:31 PM
Obama not *Real*?- Enough, GOP with the *Real* Americans and the Fake Ones (salon) So, the Republican party really is the party for the Insiders (if you're a white man of privilege) and the Outsiders (if you're female, black, brown, yellow, ie not a White Man) I'v.....- 8/26/2012 2:50:23 PM
Glen Rose ISD using United States Department of Education Funds (pharper) Rick Perry said he would do away with the United States Department of Education, many other Republicans have agreed that this entity is no longer needed. I decided to find out if Glen Rose ISD was .....- 8/26/2012 1:03:08 PM
*Can't You Take A Joke, It Was Just Some Humour*-Why Romney's Birther Comment is Offensive (salon) Mitt Romney, the other day, said something that was the epitome of White Privileged Male regarding whether anyone had ever asked for his birth certificate. The implication was that people HAVE asked f.....- 8/26/2012 1:27:25 PM
Laughing at Mitt *I'm So Unpopular* Romney O Day - August 26 2012 (salon) George Romney braver than Mitt Hahah. Mitt Romney NOW wants to tout Romneycare. The Massachusetts law contained the same central elements as the federal healthcare reform plan, most no.....- 8/26/2012 11:55:28 AM
Mitt Romney Stars in the DO-Over (salon) - 8/26/2012 11:12:36 AM
Sid *Sonogram* Miller-That Shooting Feral Hogs from Helicopters Not Working Out so Well (salon) DMN A year after the law took effect, the hoopla has died down. Shooting hogs from the air isn’t wildly popular and the animals are finding ways to avoid the gunners, meaning helicopt.....- 8/26/2012 11:08:31 AM
How Are US Religious Fundamentalists Any Different Than Middle Eastern Ones? (humanbeing) From Truthout.org by Shirin Sadeghi In the American media, the news from Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan and elsewhere generally runs along the same themes: scary, violent and religious nuts.....- 8/26/2012 7:36:49 AM
COULD MR. ROMNEY STILL OWE TAXES? (humanbeing) From Huffington Post: WASHINGTON -- Tax experts who have begun to examine the Bain Capital documents released Thursday by Gawker are raising questions as to whether presumptive GOP presidential.....- 8/24/2012 8:54:21 PM
How is denying health services to the poor Ďa win for women? (humanbeing) From The Washington Post: ON TUESDAY, a federal appeals court lifted a preliminary injunction against a measure that excludes Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas from receiving state funds. In .....- 8/24/2012 8:47:44 PM
Hahah. So much for Mitt Romney's Character or Credibiliy-He goes Birther (salon) Wow. It's one thing for Mitt Romney to pal around with Donald Trump and Ted Nugent, even though both those things in itself show a lack of integrity and character. It's quite another for hi.....- 8/24/2012 12:26:10 PM
We might ask the same thing about EFH that people are asking about Bain (salon) "Is there any fairness in a system where a group of people can borrow a bunch of money to buy a company and pay themselves millions of dollars in dividends and fees, while the company itse.....- 8/24/2012 11:23:45 AM
Mitt Romney and Bain- He'll Give you Nothing (salon) - 8/24/2012 10:29:16 AM
RNC Extreme Position on Abortion-No Exceptions-Does Romney Agree? (salon) The platform that the RNC wrote is DIFFERENT than Romney's stance is DIFFERENT than Paul Ryan's extreme stance CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien points out that the party's abort.....- 8/24/2012 9:56:30 AM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused August 24 2012-Mitt Romney Still Unlikeable (salon) Well, no wonder. He STILL doesn't want anyone to know what he paid in taxes and how he hid his money. Gawker got a document dump from Bain. 7 Takeaways from Gawker's Bain/Romney dump He.....- 8/24/2012 10:19:00 AM
Er-Is Mitt Romney Just Stupid? Said the Same Thing about Business He Panned President Obama For (salon) Big Businesses are doing fine. Romney did add that it's because they are able to invest their money in *tax havens*. "They know how to find ways to get through the tax code, sa.....- 8/24/2012 9:24:29 AM
TransCanada: Here We Come! From the NY Times (humanbeing) PARIS, Tex. — The Canadian energy company TransCanada can take over land owned by a Texas farmer to build its Keystone XL pipeline, a county judge ruled on Wednesday night. In a 15-word rulin.....- 8/23/2012 10:44:52 PM
Romney's Welfare Ad is False -So Why Does Romney Keep Saying This Bullchit? (salon) - 8/23/2012 4:16:10 PM
Lamar County Judge Harris Rules by IPhone TransCanada Can Take Our Land! (humanbeing) August 23, 2012 From IndyTexans: "Lamar County Judge Bill Harris really took the cake yesterday evening.  His 15 word ruling, sent via his iPhone (and likely blind copied to a member .....- 8/23/2012 1:24:48 PM
Glen Rose ISD Concussion Protocol and Concussion Management Protocol (pharper) In following up to a post I did before about Glen Rose ISD concussions, I wanted to see if they did anything to help reduce this number so I sent in this Open Records Request on July 23rd .....- 8/23/2012 12:20:31 PM
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