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Musing about Donald Trump, Fake News and other Faux Outrages (salon) Quite a few people I know have been in mourning since Hillary Clinton was not elected, and Donald Trump was. I can understand that feeling because I had it when John Kerry didn't win. I swore off .....- 2/10/2017 5:42:04 PM
Jan 16 2017 is Religious Freedom Day (salon) Barack Obama's Presidential Proclamation (emphasis in bold mine)  RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DAY, 2017 - - - - - - - BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION .....- 2/10/2017 5:39:13 PM
DIY Projects In the near term -Pallet Shed and Fence (salon) Appears to me to be pretty quick work to make fences and sheds with pallets. in the case of fences, probably a good idea to have some shorter t-posts to help shore up the placing of the pallets, putti.....- 2/10/2017 5:35:36 PM
On American *exceptionalism* and hypocrisy regarding Russia's possible interference in US elections (salon) I've been appalled at the red hysteria going on, largely thumped by the Democratic party, about the allegation that Russia helped elect Donald Trump. They sheer hypocrisy of the Democratic party p.....- 2/10/2017 5:36:38 PM
Religious News and Notes from the Distaff Side- 1/14/2017 (salon) salon   From DaylightAtheism- It is never good to believe in falsehoods I’m an anti-theist because I believe that truth matters. Fundamentally, theism isn&rsq.....- 2/10/2017 5:34:59 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for 1/14/2017 (salon) Mid-January already and I've made progress on some of my long term goals to get done. Started organizing the garage right before the cold snap, I think I'll be able to get quite a bit done on .....- 2/10/2017 5:34:19 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused - 1/13/2017 Free Speech Lawsuit edition (salon) Saw that the free speech lawsuit waged by Mohamed ("Clock Boy") has been dismissed by the Texas 162nd Judicial District pursuan to the anti-slapp law (TCPA). Here's the PDF of the m.....- 2/10/2017 5:33:24 PM
Chambers and Hulsey Continuing unconstitutional prayer actions in 2017 of Somervell County Commissioners Court (salon) Background  Danny Chambers actions. Chambers decided in July 2016 to be a bigot. - August 8 2016  Did Somervell County Commissioners Court have prayer before Chambers .....- 2/10/2017 5:31:50 PM
Presenting Case for Progressives to go forward- JT Laramore of Glen Rose on Buzzfeed (salon)   Excellent commentary regarding post-election *fighting for our vaues*. Although I myself was not for Hillary Clinton, I am completely on board with what Mr. Laramore said, including this exc.....- 2/10/2017 5:30:55 PM
Farewell to President Barack Obama- I Am Going to Miss him (salon) I watched the live feed of his farewell address in Chicago last night. Despite many objections I have to some actions President Obama took during his 8 years, overall I am still happy I voted for him......- 2/10/2017 5:24:34 PM
How Important is Freedom of Speech and of the Press? FIRST guarantee of our democracy (salon) I've been thinking tonight, especially after watching President Obama's inspiring farewell speech, how lucky I feel to be living in a country that supports citizens being able to express thems.....- 2/10/2017 5:23:03 PM
Thank you to Doug McClure- Audio on newly revamped Somervell County website (salon) Was going to go listen to a few recent Somervell County Commissioners Court meetings the other day on audio and discovered that the website had changed. Has a very nice interface but I wasn't able.....- 2/10/2017 5:21:52 PM
Letter Grades in 2017 for Glen Rose ISD and Brazos River Charter Schools (salon) Read about the A-F letter grades in this Austin-American Statesman article The new A-F letter grade rating system is based heavily on state standardized test performance. While the fi.....- 2/10/2017 5:20:22 PM
A couple of hilarious things Dr Steven Vacek Said Re: Being Lumped in with other employees (salon) Have said before that I don't understand why Dr Vacek is even on the Somervell County Hospital District board, sure looks unethical. However, he does provide some unintentional hilarity .....- 2/10/2017 5:17:46 PM
So.. Glen Rose Medical Center Doctors PAID by Somervell County Hospital District board (salon) as have said all along. Remember when Ray Reynolds said the purpose of the 501a was for the shortfall money? Turns out that even using the term 501a is not only old but completely out of dat.....- 2/10/2017 5:16:37 PM
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