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Overturned 18 wheeler on Hwy 67 West with spilled lime bags- June 10 2010 (salon) Heard this on the scanner. From Glen Rose, traffic is being rerouted down 2008 (road that goes to Fossil Rim) to 2009, from Erath, after Chalk Mountain, rerouted to 51. Want to make sure lime dust .....- 6/10/2010 12:55:16 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 10 2010 (salon) Why was this Mexican boy shot for throwing a rock? Mexican security officials mad, chase off US border patrol who are trying to come into Mexico. At least one rock came from behind the agen.....- 6/10/2010 11:46:39 AM
Quick Site Reminder (salon) Comments with personal attacks don't get posted. We don't take the time to edit posts to take them out, particularly when it's clear on the comments that is the case. Spam doesn'.....- 6/10/2010 10:57:13 AM
Senate vote today on Murkowski resolution to strip EPA's authority to regulate Greenhouse Gas emissions (humanbeing) Call your Senators to vote against this resolution. Sen. KB Hutchinson: 202-224-5922 and J. Cornyn: 202-224-2934 From NY Times: The House is often overlooked in the battle over federal clim.....- 6/10/2010 9:52:13 AM
Drilling Down Into That Certificate of Obligation Money from Glen Rose City Council (salon) I've been wondering EXACTLY where the money went. As mentioned yesterday, Glen Rose has on the Town Council agenda that they want to get another million dollars financed with Southwest Securiti.....- 6/10/2010 9:48:45 AM
Toxic, Toxic, EVERYWHERE (humanbeing) As Fort Worth moves closer to commissioning independent air quality tests around natural gas drilling and production facilities, it's clear that City Council members are strongly behind the eff.....- 6/9/2010 9:05:04 PM
GRMC Payouts to 501a (Glen Rose Medical Center) January Feb 2010 (salon) - 6/9/2010 8:40:25 PM
Glen Rose Medical Center Bank Accounts as of January/February 2010 (salon) - 6/9/2010 8:38:49 PM
Israel and Nuclear Weapons. Why don't they have to tell? (humanbeing) From the Federation of American Scientists: "Israel has not confirmed that it has nuclear weapons and officially maintains that it will not be the first country to introduce nuclear weapon.....- 6/9/2010 8:10:20 PM
The Nukes will be next. (humanbeing) From Common Dreams by Harvey Wasserman: As BP's ghastly gusher assaults the Gulf of Mexico and so much more, a tornado has forced shut the Fermi2 atomic reactor at the site of a 1966 melt-d.....- 6/9/2010 5:59:54 PM
Interview with VICE magazine (humanbeing) "This interview with Helen Thomas was conducted in March. We were holding it for an upcoming issue of Vice magazine, but in light of what’s going on with her now, we’ve decided to .....- 6/9/2010 3:49:53 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 9 2010 (salon) Younger farmers in Texas a dwindling number Um. Ick and Ugh I relate to this-about BP And here's someone else who agrees with me that the BP disaster is not a *spill*. M.....- 6/9/2010 2:02:01 PM
UPDATE VIDEO- Why Does City of Glen Rose Want to lower pool rates for Oakdale Park? (June 2010) (salon) One more thing I noticed for the agenda of the meeting coming up next week. Discuss and possibly lower pool rates at Oakdale Park. Why? Are they not getting enough people coming in to.....- 6/9/2010 10:31:01 AM
Restructuring Personnel Positions at Oakdale on the City Council of Glen Rose Agenda for June 2010 (salon) The Agenda for June 14, 2010, item 7 Discuss and possibly restructure personnel positions for Oakdale Park.  What does this mean? This is in the same meeting where the City of G.....- 6/9/2010 10:28:04 AM
Money Pit? City of Glen Rose Wants Another One Million Dollars for Oakdale to add to CO (June 2010) (salon) I didn't go to the 4b meeting the other night, but I heard second hand that Mr Prykryl mentioned that the city was going to ask for another million bucks to add to the certificate of obligation.....- 6/9/2010 9:40:26 AM
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