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The Third Depression (humanbeing) "It’s almost as if the financial markets understand what policy makers seemingly don’t: that while long-term fiscal responsibility is important, slashing spending in the midst of a.....- 6/28/2010 10:06:45 AM
Video-Robert Byrd Dead - From a Few Years Ago *The Little Chap That Follows Me* (salon) - 6/28/2010 9:01:21 AM
The Fourth of July (humanbeing) The use of fireworks should be banned in this country, and around the world, except for organized, public displays. Allowing anyone to use fireworks any way they want and as much as they want is a .....- 6/27/2010 10:14:23 PM
LOVE Watching the FIFA World Cup-Germany v England fixing to start (salon) Streaming it online. Football (or soccer as we call it) is such a great coordinated team sport. I really enjoy watching the passing game between players, the balls bounced off heads, the expert.....- 6/27/2010 8:50:20 AM
L-3 Wants to Use Airspace Around Gatesville to Test Unmanned Planes (salon) They want to use constricted Fort Hood airspace. The aircraft, a Viking 400, is the largest unmanned vehicle created by the BAI Aerosystems division of L-3, and weighs roughly 500 pound.....- 6/27/2010 8:45:33 AM
Teenage US Girl Rescued-Sail Around the World... What the Fool is Wrong with the parents? (salon) Really. It isn't just that she's 16 years old. Her family has rejected criticism of the decision to allow her to make the attempt, saying she was prepared and mentally well equipped.....- 6/26/2010 12:22:47 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 26 2010 (salon) It actually rained yesterday. Everything in the yard looks perkier. WORLD CUP! Streaming online on ESPN Can there really be fairness in the dairy industry with associations like DFA? .....- 6/26/2010 10:18:19 AM
Toothless TCEQ Has No Problem With Keeping Radioactive Waste With Company Violating License (salon) Pfffttt. Waste Control Specialists strikes again; you know, the place that all the low-level radioactive waste is slated to go, and for some gawdawful reason Andrews County wants it. Anyway. EVEN T.....- 6/25/2010 7:02:56 PM
Spill it! Which Commercials on the Teevee Can't You Stand? (salon) We didn't watch teevee for a long time but now I am back to sometimes watching Judge Judy in the afternoon. And there's one commercial that I try to hurry up and skip because otherwise I al.....- 6/25/2010 5:10:19 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for June 25 2010 (salon) Wow! Is it almost July? And it RAINED TODAY. okay, it didn't rain a long time but it did soak the ground enough so I don't have to water everything tonight. And it's still overcast so i.....- 6/25/2010 5:03:15 PM
Agenda for Somervell County Commissioners Court June 28 2010 (salon) Thank you, Mary Ann M ****** COMMISSIONER’S COURT MEETING OF SPECIAL SESSION OF SOMERVELL COUNTY   TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: PURSUANT TO THE TEXAS OPEN MEETINGS.....- 6/25/2010 9:52:49 AM
Agenda for Glen Rose ISD School Board Meeting June 28 2010 (salon) Thank you, Dana R LINK to the Agenda Packet which includes materials to be discussed. ********** Notice of Regular Meeting The Board of Trustees Glen Rose Independent School Distric.....- 6/25/2010 9:50:26 AM
Jurassic Park Comic Book Features Cadre of Dinosaurs Corralled in Glen Rose, Texas (salon) link The artwork’s pretty much ruined this for me, but let’s hash the plot anyway. It’s 13 years after the events of the first movie. Lexx Murphy is the CEO of Lexxcrops (.....- 6/24/2010 9:05:39 PM
Agenda for City of Glen Rose Town Council Meeting June 28 2010 (salon) Thank you, Peggy B ************ NOTICE OF MEETING CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GLEN ROSE JUNE 28, 2010 - 5:30 PM COUNCIL CHAMBERS – TOWN HALL   THE CITY COUNCI.....- 6/24/2010 8:36:52 PM
Glen Rose Medical Center's contract with ESS (for the Emergency Room) -June 2010 (salon) via Open Records Request. I had heard that the emergency room is not staffed by GRMC but rather through a contract with Emergency Staffing Solutions. That includes the physicians. This is, of cours.....- 6/24/2010 8:31:37 PM
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