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City of Glen Rose Votes Against Architect Who was the Recommended Choice of Preservation Board (salon) That's who did the presentation at the last city council meeting. I question whether the procedure of one-at-a-time interviews is correct-if a council had a lot of different entities to intervi.....- 7/29/2010 12:58:29 AM
Video- Red Letter Day- City of Glen Rose Opens Bids in Public! July 26 2010 (salon) We here have long wondered why the bid process was so secretive and flawed. For example, the City of Glen Rose did not list a time and date for when the bids would be publicly opened. When we asked.....- 7/29/2010 12:48:05 AM
Video-Wes from Somervell County Appraisal District Talks to Glen Rose City Council (salon) - 7/28/2010 11:47:44 PM
Video-What About a *Park Host* for Oakdale Park for the 24x7 Problem? City of Glen Rose Town Council (salon) - 7/28/2010 11:45:22 PM
Texas and Teen Birth Rates (humanbeing) AUSTIN, Texas — Texas has the third highest rate of teenage births in the country, an improvement over last year's worst-in-the-nation ranking, according to the annual Kids Count report r.....- 7/28/2010 10:33:47 PM
Video- Signs for the Glen Rose Riverwalk AND Where's Helen Kerwin's Sign? (salon) From City of Glen Rose Town Council meeting July 26 2010. The part that interested me here was not so much the discussion about how big the signs should be or how tall the lettering, but why the si.....- 7/28/2010 9:56:02 PM
The Hooter's REceipt That Will Not Die- One Last time on the Hooter's Receipt that Somervell County Salon Dug Up (salon) First we published the receipt (and others) that we found by going down to city offices and looking at the check register credit card receipts. As we said at the time (July 9th) My question.....- 7/28/2010 9:31:58 PM
Are You Sure You Want to Build That Swimming Pool? (humanbeing) From the Natural Resources Defense Council: http://www.nrdc.org/globalWarming/watersustainability/ Climate change will have a significant impact on the sustainability of water supplies in the c.....- 7/28/2010 7:36:33 PM
Video- Costs and Methods of Upgrading Light and Electric Poles for the Riverwalk - (salon) - 7/28/2010 4:14:27 PM
Gratuitous Sorrow For Children in Summer Post- July 2010 (salon) Every single summer it happens. Somebody leaves a baby or toddler in a hot car with the windows rolled up. Every single summer. I remember that man who went to work and forgot about the sleeping ba.....- 7/28/2010 4:12:58 PM
Bwahahah! Who Said Brian Birdwell Voted TWICE in Same Election? Attempts to Avoid the Residency Issue (salon) Had to laugh when I read this Texas Tribune story in which Brian Birdwell of Granbury denies something that I don't think anyone was accusing him of. . Basically, this news story would .....- 7/28/2010 3:46:03 PM
Video-Golf Carts Needed for Oakdale Park? City of Glen Rose July 26 2010 (salon) - 7/28/2010 3:32:07 PM
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 28 2010 (salon) Mind Meld! The researchers found considerable synchronization between Silbert's brain-activation patterns and those of her listeners as the story unfolded. For example, as Silbert spok.....- 7/28/2010 2:45:38 PM
Transmission Lines-Public Hearings Versus Open Houses-Lone Star Transmissions (salon) Saw a very good article from Florida on transmission lines that reminded me. When I see adverts for companies or utilties, etc that want to have open houses, I wonder why there aren't public he.....- 7/28/2010 11:51:35 AM
Nuclear Power News and Notes for July 28 2010 (salon) Ugh. Seems that the regulators missed this design flaw from the AP1000 In Canada, report says that constructing a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan would triple consumers power bills and not dec.....- 7/28/2010 11:47:06 AM
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